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  1. Does anyone know anything about the consultants they hired to re-imagine the Metro? http://www.houstontomorrow.org/livability/story/metro-selects-team-for-system-re-imagining-project/
  2. If they push the McD's all the way left (east) and just leave 7 feet for the drive through... I think there's ample room. Photo below to show the footprint of Cosmo, which is not large. I assume this will be similar. Will we get more awesome wall art on Post Oak?!?!
  3. That's pretty interesting. Here's the site... (taken with my phone... it's 8am and I'm feeling lazy).
  4. Re: IBH2's most recent post. 1) I agree the surface street congestion today is not horrific (especially compared to other top-100 cities worldwide), but I believe we will quickly run into serious mobility issues as the inner loop / Uptown area continues to add tens-of-thousands of apartments. I know it's silly... I just wish we were proactive, and not so damn reactive. 2) I think the entire argument about using light rail to boost housing prices is a laugh. Light rail should be used to connect dense population centers, both residential and commercial. Single family homes (even townhomes) shouldn't be the focus. If the city would present and fund a long term (lets go 25 years) plan for light rail, developers, landowners, homeowners, business owners etc... would all benefit as the area densified and property prices increased in advance of light rail construction. This would also add further fuel to the 'we need to build it' fire. Come to think of it, maybe I'm way off base on this. How far in advance were the north & east side lines put down on paper? I haven't lived in Houston long enough to know the full back story. Was there substantial development in advance of the current construction?
  5. Thanks to all for the commentary. I had completely forgotten that the proposed UL jumped 59 (my bad). For the record, I like the proposal to build something down Westheimer, but realize that since bus service is already passable and it's not going to happen. At some point over the past few months there was an article noting that METRO wanted to 're-envision light rail in Houston' (or something to that effect). While I'm not a fan of sim-city pipe-dreams, I do believe this city could do a damn sight better than the north line (don't even get me started on the airport connection thing... who on earth will sit on that train for an hour to crawl out there?). Maybe we can use some of the $8B in new-found state revenue to jump-start a few proposals.
  6. So I'll drag this thread out of the 'expired' basket... what's the real issue with getting the University line done? Is it money? Afton Oaks animosity? Lack of resolve? My feeling is that linking downtown, Uptown, and everything in between is pretty much going to make or break the investment that's already been made for light rail. My (other) opinion, is that once Uptown dedicates some right of way down Post Oak, the city / state / federal dollars will make the University line happy regardless.
  7. I saw a sign that they were moving out. Does anyone know what's coming into the building?
  8. That's the right one... there are people on site moving dirt around already.
  9. This is 100% office-based occupancy. The Renaissance pulls in some extra business with the church, Rice, and Qantas flight attendants (yum) but realistically this will be filled with business use. The site today is not used as a public space, and the corner, in general, could use some love. As someone who goes through there every day, I support this. My only complaint (if you could call it one) is that this isn't happening on the NORTH side of Richmond, which is a site waiting for a bulldozer.
  10. After reading all of this, I'm wishing for a "Don't Like This" button. I like Niche's idea. Why can't we be visionaries anymore? Hong Kong built an airport on a island... custom built and surrounded by mountains, and then connected it with a new highway and bridges that cost billions alone. Are you really telling me Texas couldn't do something just as awesome? Come on man! Show some pride!
  11. Stepping in here may be suicide... but I live near the 59/610 interchange and drive under it several times a day. The way the route is plotted, and the way the 610 frontage Rd / Westpark-to-Post Oak underpass is constructed already has the right of way dropped into it. Post Oak is being redone for BRT (whatever), and assuming that happens, there won't be a capacity drop traffic. However, I have to agree with Mfastx that traffic will be a complete c.f. with trains trundling through all of the intersections (I think there are 10 now) and screwing up the traffic. Where I disagree, is that I think the Post Oak - Westheimer, and Post Oak - San Felipe interchanges will be more impacted than the 610 frontage southbound westpark drive east / westbound legs. Also, could we get some g.d. no u-turn signs on Post Oak? I'm fuc*ing sick of people stacked up sitting in the left lane making u-turns because they took the Westheimer shortcut to Hidalgo and wanted to turn right, in front of the Hilton Americas, and (my personal favorite) because they wanted to get to the dessert gallery / verizon from n.b. P.O. Just go 70 feet further and there's a turning lane you can park your fat ass in.
  12. Great. I work around the corner and watching this grow will be a welcome alternative to paying attention in team meetings.
  13. There is a comprehensive report available on the future of IAH, with plans for additional runways, and a complete re-organization of the terminals. The report is a few years old, but provides all the forward estimates and build out materials your heart could desire. Obviously, the down-turn has had an impact, so if you want to be conservative, just add five years to any projection. (One link... http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/_GeneralPlan/cohPlans.html)
  14. Let's also not forget that the final alignment (south end of post oak) is contingent on the 59/610 interchange partial reconstruction (linked here... http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/26657-59-610-interchange-partial-rebuild/). I was initially also surprised that it would take until 2017... until you consider the tree and utility movements required. Getting that accomplished, alone, by 2015 would phenomenal, with final construction thereafter. That said, it's obvious that the west loop and post oak are both going to be a cluster with existing congestion and construction for the foreseeable future.
  15. Thread with all the juicy details linked below... I try to figure out how they can wedge in an additional 40 odd feet of right of way every day I drive down it, but I still can't sort it out... even if you took 20 feet on each side. http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/27043-bus-lanes-down-post-oak/
  16. A trailer has arrived and been parked on the east side of the site. It looks like this could be starting up soon.
  17. 3009 + the two residential buildings from this weekend. Taken from the Best Buy... which just 'reopened' (though candidly it never closed). It does look better than the dungeon it was before.
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