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  1. View from Buffalo Speedway & W. Alabama. Notice the CBD background.
  2. View from Buffalo Speedway & W. Alabama.
  3. Took a closer look last week. I like the double H logo.
  4. What is this used for? There is a continuous line of them on Almeda.
  5. Madison Reed hair care bar set to open in Rice Village June 1 https://communityimpact.com/houston/bellaire-meyerland-west-university/impacts/2020/05/22/madison-reed-hair-care-bar-set-to-open-in-rice-village-june-1/
  6. Passed by the site a few weeks ago. Looking good.
  7. There are indeed two buildings going up at the same time. The 8-Story apartments at 3540 West Dallas, and the 24-Story tower with an address of 3705 Allen Parkway. Apartments on West Dallas: Tower on Allen Parkway:
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