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  1. Location Address: 1111 Lovett Boulevard Estimated Cost: $50,000,000 Scope of Work: 4-story new construction for mixed-use commercial facility containing business office, assembly and short/long term residential. The primary structures include cast-in-place concrete, load bearing cold-formed metal framing. Square Footage: 104,000 ft 2 Design Firm Name: Gensler
  2. Looks like Morningstar Development Ventures/Owl House Properties is developing a third multifamily building in the medical center. A recent Plan Review Permit was pulled yesterday for 1904 Addison LLC.
  3. Existing parking garage remodel. Adding parking stall LED indicators.
  4. We were asked to get off the train without any notice. No immediate buses were lined up to take us elsewhere. I had to run a few miles. I was just told it was a pedestrian accident. Someone walked in front of the train. A Lyft wanted $20.
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