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  1. Project Name: UTHealth Houston Public Health Education and Research Building Location Address: 1930 Old Spanish Trail Start Date: 6/6/2023 Estimated Cost: $239,000,000 Scope of Work: Construction of ten story office, education and research building with associated site work. Square Footage: 355,585 ft 2
  2. One Discovery Way: Unknown Street: Parcel E is being worked on: Two Discovery Way: Helix Park, section 1: Helix Park, section 2: Helix Park, section 3: Helix Park, section 4: Collaborative Building: Mixed-Use Garage topping out:
  3. The landscaping a long Grand Blvd has been cleaned and cut!! Might be the biggest cosmetic feature yet. Looks so good! Looks like they are working on a new section/parcel. I also noticed they are replacing Grocer's Supply Company's gate with a new fence. This looks promising for the new phase!
  4. Will MD Anderson via a bridge, be entering, and leaving TMC3? There are two TMC3 renderings that show a bridge extending from 1MC (or TMC3) over to the North Campus. MDACC is also doing a bridge on the opposite side of the Helix Park across OST. The other side:
  5. The 1950 edition of the Sanborn map relieved new information about the Domain Privee. wow!! Sanborn is calling it "Manor Club" and shows an address of 11083 S. Old Main St. Rd. Incredible find here. What an iconic intersection, South Main at Old Main Street.
  6. The 1950 Sanborn map has the amusement park labeled in details! The map includes the name of the rides and attractions. Playland Park Stadium is new to me. I thought that was called Playland Park Speedway? Very cool history here.
  7. wow!! The 1950 Sanborn map was a gold mine! Welch Motel Motor Court - 30 Units at 1300 Old Spanish Trail. I was searching around HAIF for information about this motor motel court and couldn't find anything.
  8. Incredible find on a 1950 Sanborn map! Miniature Golf Links On Old Spanish Trail on the corner of Speer Drive near South Main. Note the road called Speer Drive. I believe it was named after Sim L. Speer, founder of Speer Park which was located on South Main. Don't think we knew about this one. A decade later, there was a golf course and range up the street in the 7000-block of South Main.
  9. I'm confused. Looking at a 1950 Sanborn map and I see a Houston Lighting & Power Co. West Junction Power Plant located on Holcombe Blvd. I believe this is the same parcel of land that had the two Holcombe & Meyer mansions. The mansions predate the power plant? I lined it up, I see Cambridge, Staffordshire, and Holcombe. Cool find!! When was this demolished? They rebuilt on the opposite side near Fannin and Brays Bayou? There's a CenterPoint Energy Plant At 6955 Fannin Street. Current area, presumably.
  10. I just discovered this obscure motel on South Main! It was the Century Motel Motor Court located at 8803 South Main Street. Found this in the 1950 Sanborn map of the area.
  11. I just discovered this obscure motel on South Main! It was the Clover Leaf Motor - Motor & Trailer Court, 16 units. Found this in the 1950 Sanborn map of the area.
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