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  1. The renderings for The District does indeed include a brewery.
  2. The River Oaks High-Rise Renovations

    Silly photo, pardon the flash
  3. The vandalism has been boarded up, and a AD Players sign as been removed. One remaining.
  4. Let's talk about Craft Beer in Houston...

    Here's my last trip to deGarde in Tillamook, OR. My brother is into the whole beer trading scene. Collecting, and trading the rarest American small batch brews. Whales, or White Whales they are called and can reach thousands of dollars on the secondary market. Selling beer is against the cultural rules though. You trade beer, and not sell it for a 500% markup. deGarde is sour wild ales, so you take antacid medicine before you go to a beer event. Sour beers can turn your stomach! Here is our group for the deGarde tasting
  5. Will Houston Ever get a Supertall again?

    Looking at SSP, it's like almost every super tall is in NYC. Nobody builds over 50/60 stories in Houston. Maybe Post Oak is due for a 70-story tower soon
  6. Let's talk about Craft Beer in Houston...

    No, it’s not. You have to trade for it, or buy it on the secondary market. I go there once a year. It’s fun. Saw the Pacific Ocean got the first time last trip
  7. New Dallas Development

    Central Market interests me. Perhaps we could create a separate thread for the upcoming "Central Market Tower"? Either way is fine. A dedicated thread would be cool though!
  8. Meyerland Plaza

    Woah is that an awning at JC Penny? Saw some steel just now. Rushing to go into the office so not in the best mood. Will take photos later.
  9. New HEB in Bellaire

    https://www.instagram.com/theroasterytx/ *I'm not as good as @ CrockpotandGravel
  10. Hanover River Oaks - 39 Stories

    Looks like the awning as shown above
  11. I'm noticing this building more and more as it gets taller. Great addition to our city! Big ups to Caydon
  12. Hanover River Oaks - 39 Stories

    I can see a difference now