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  1. The Carter: 20-Story Apartment Tower

    Hey thanks.
  2. Highland Village Shopping Center

    Yikes. Please move to https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/forum/17-west-loopgalleriauptownmemorial/
  3. Highland Village Shopping Center

    Ra Sushi expanded right? That store went out of business and Ra Sushi took their area. Here was construction.. 6 months ago Tonight:
  4. Stairs

    Joked to my friend about driving around Meyerland to take photos of all the different stair designs. Whole neighborhoods had to elevate with stairs. One staircase actually caught my eye. Did not take a photo at that time. Maybe tomorrow I'll drive by
  5. Stairs

    I searched and HAIF does not have a dedicated thread for random stair photos. I've cross-posted this twice now but here's a quick photo to start off the thread. BHP Billiton's stairs
  6. Went to Cavo's "light opening" a few weeks ago. Very cool! Love the interior and coffee equip
  7. I'm enjoying Cavo Coffee. They present themselves as a luxury coffee house. https://www.cavocoffee.com/ Their main business is in the Regions Financial Bank building in GWP. They had a pop-up location at ROD but since changed to a more permanent location in West U on Bissonnet. Friendly staff, high end equipment, great coffee.. and surroundings.. If I had Cavo Coffee in the lobby of the building I work at..
  8. Boxer Property Purchases St Joseph Professional Building

    I've been looking for this thread. Thank you for bumping! Drove by on Thursday.
  9. On paperwork, I see a lot of River Oaks Elementary School, The Kinkaid School, and The Awty International School. Seems to be some of the schools wealthy people send their kids to. Lamar High School should be more appealing in a year. That is HISD though, so not as inclusive like Memorial/River Oaks private schools.
  10. New Garage with Retail Next to Lyric Center

    Very well done.
  11. Modern Houses

    I've been seeing a lot of modern homes go up since Harvey. Thought about starting a thread to post photos of the modern homes I come across. Dislike the term McModern but I wonder if "McModerns" can still go up in expensive parts of town. Can a home off Weslayan be a McModern? The land value a lone, the house can't be cheaply put together. Photos to be added shortly!
  12. Such harsh criticism! Can we all agree it's better than The Mercer Condos at least?
  13. W. Alabama & Alabama Ct.

    With a nice building in the background.
  14. Looks like a project fence went up within the past week. Don't recall seeing it. Any ideas on what's happening here? Always wondered why this was sitting for so long.