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  1. Anybody know what this Notice of Variance Request is about? Edit: This is restaurant related.
  2. ekdrm2d1

    5656 San Felipe: New 17-Story Condo High-Rise

    From the press release
  3. Went onto the HV garage to get a photo before it starts.
  4. ekdrm2d1

    Braes Heights...

    Molina's knocked down a wall and placed glass instead. Looks nice. Lots of natural light for a bar atmosphere though
  5. ekdrm2d1

    UTHealth Continuum of Care Campus for Behavioral Health

    My mom went with me to the preview. She's a LMSW. Had mentioned this project is composed of three partners TMC for the land The state of TX for funding UTHealth for staffing I must have misheard. The existing parking lot belongs to UTHealth? Or is it property of TMC? For what it's worth, the barricades had TMC on them Also, Texas only gave a small donation to kick off the project. Wonder if my mom is slightly mistaken.