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  1. I was told Post Oak Shopping Center has been sold. The Container Store to Maggiano's. A "city within a city" will be built. Can anyone confirm the sale of this shopping center?
  2. Today I went down Holmes Road to explore the area. There were so many concrete plants. I visited Argos, Cemex, and Allied Concrete! I enjoyed my day
  3. Demolition pictures from today. I was told CenterPoint is rebuilding. I'm not so sure about that though. The forest to the right belongs to Saint Nicholas School's 46 acres.
  4. https://www.medicalcenterrvresort.com/
  5. Construction pictures from today.
  6. We don't have a precise thread for this project. I see this thread mentions both Kirby & Holmes. Here is some updates regarding the Reconstruction of Holmes Road from Main Street to Kirby Drive. Went to the job staging area and talked to some builders.. Located at 1807 Holmes Road
  7. This has been in the works for a while. Finally took a closer look today. Located across the street from UT's Buffalo Speedway campus. I'm disappointed they're using (future) prime real estate for an RV park. Maybe this will help people who travel across the country to visit our med center.
  8. Image to go along with this. From the digital magazine.
  9. Weeks ago I noticed a demolition permit at this address.
  10. Looks like JTB Demolition is done at the site. Wonder what's next? They will have to relocate those power lines.
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