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  1. This is apart of BLVD Place's "utility" area with the same green transformers/generators. The above "Mini Hanover" will just be a utility area? They'll need to build another small bldg for the Hanover Gastro then.
  2. Ingenious & Turning Point Beer's collaboration Fruit with Friends. It's a tart Berliner Blueberry Bramble. Such an amazing beer! Tastes like a tart fruit juice. Nobody else in Houston does this.
  3. Notice of Public Hearing sign mentioning Corridor Mixed Use. Old Transwestern pdf. https://download.transwestern.com/flyers/Houston/retail/flyers/4301Bellaire/4301BellaireBlvd_Flyer.pdf Old Loopnet listing. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/20106147/4301-Bellaire-Blvd-Bellaire-TX/
  4. @keaton Always enjoy your photos. Good stuff
  5. From today. Really looking forward to this one. Will have such a great street presence.
  6. The Allen Sales Gallery. Also spotted a G.T. Leach storage container in the back. Wonder if that means something
  7. Posted these in the wrong thread earlier. They belong here.
  8. Are those transformers in the primary HRO building? There are four of them.
  9. Looking good. Notice the new sales center. Rendering added to the fence
  10. Noticed Big Woodrows was fenced this afternoon. Is there already a thread for this? Picture
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