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  1. Here's the entrance to the Chevron campus from the 610 feeder. My friend works down the street and is not happy with this development. He was especially frustrated the traffic light in the middle of Fourance.
  2. This H-E-B is going to be amazing.
  3. Searched and couldn't find a thread for this strip center. We can keep track of the comings and goings. 4770-4782 Beechnut Street Houston, TX 77096 Kagan Realty Investors. Although, I couldn't find Meyerland Court on their website. https://www.kaganrealty.com/ Fadi's Mediterranean Grill Meyerland has some of the best hummus in the city. Their spicy hummus made with jalapenos is great!
  4. After construction cleaning was happening today. Got to peep inside. Now hiring!
  5. I noticed this while vising Fannin Station. Thought I saw HISD meeting notes detailing this area? It was on a COH agenda last year.
  6. ekdrm2d1

    Fannin Station

    I took a trip to InTown Homes' Fannin Station yesterday.
  7. While driving a long Ardmore yesterday I noticed this new building. Hard to believe this is a COH building. Looks like a small warehouse/office.
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