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  1. what’s the odd area between midtown and the museum district? I’m trying to picture it.
  2. That’s true. Why do you think so many of the properties on Montrose Blvd are inactive? I’ve noticed the same thing.
  3. How has this development affected property values nearby?
  4. Heck, there’s a Swamplot article about it and it’s still not anywhere close to being done. Why would a tailoring business invest so much money into a building? Is there more than meets the eye here? Do we have a Walter White situation? http://swamplot.com/memorial-tailors-now-making-alterations-to-the-montrose-blvd-house-kaye-marvins-photography-left-behind/2019-02-19/
  5. They have really started to clean this area up. No homeless congregating around the PPS agency. I know the tents are gone from the 59 south ramp on Montrose side, but how about from the 59 north offramp just west of the Shipley Donuts?
  6. assuming it’s just an “innovation focused” group within the Chevron organization?
  7. Will rents here typically be a bit lower than other comparable buildings in Montrose due to being near the freeway? Or not really?
  8. Who was the previous owner before Skanska bought it?
  9. So you’re telling me that land is worth $215/sq ft?! 😲 Shoot! Will Skanska buy my 5,000 ft lot in Montrose from me?! I’ll give them 50% off !! LOL
  10. I saw a sign for another medical Emergency Room coming to that spot between Smoothie King and Snooze.
  11. haha! I’m a big fan of their strawberry almond cheesecake
  12. milk + sugar has the best ice cream in Montrose and Houston.
  13. Whoever told them that was a good business plan for Montrose is an idiot. I’d expect to see something like that at DisneyWorld or Times Square.
  14. It’s a beautiful house IMO. Would love to see it restored. Corner of Avondale & Stanford.
  15. I vaguely remember there being a Hollywood Video somewhere in the Montrose area. Does anyone remember where?
  16. @hindesky @gene what are your absolute favorite places to ride? I’m looking to switch up my cycling routes. I’m in Montrose , but willing to ride wherever..
  17. How long until some beautification efforts are made to the area in terms of landscaping, trees, etc
  18. I was about to reply that I don’t think Target actually owns that lot, but when I looked up 4323 San Felipe on HCAD’s website....they do! The owner’s registered address is a PO Box in Minneapolis, where Target is headquartered, so I’m putting two and two together. 409,246 sq ft worth $36M!
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