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  1. Really goes to show you how easily the human mind is bamboozled...when I see comments on here that latch onto American car hegemony and say "Well I CERTAINLY wouldn't want to live at a place without a place to park" and I nod sagely, when IN FACT, the project is still surrounded by seas of surface parking and I have PERSONALLY rented a parking spot in a garage within two blocks of this project.
  2. I lived very near this development, nearer to the 610. It always seemed to me that this corridor, that is the narrow band of streets running from the future train station to the already developing center of the heights, would and should densify rapidly.
  3. I'm going to pretend you mean getting New York numbers of people in the street.
  4. Would do! I'm thinking of quitting my job adjuncting. Then I get up there and have a panic attack.
  5. I'm here to say Pasadena does it's best to knock down mid-century stuff too and certainly not for such density as this.
  6. I've heard some bougie things on here too, I'll tell y'all. That "building blocking my view of other building" is the season 2 episode 8 of Fraiser-est thing I've heard.
  7. When I lived in Houston, I ran over this bridge and I could see the tower being more dramatic from that spot than even comes across in photos.
  8. Two things: 1) its residential, that's good in itself. And 2), is that giant 1920s via 1960s tower haunting the corners of that model supposed to be a thing they're going to build? Also, no joke, I like the the little monopoly houses.
  9. Yeah I was thinking about the BRC--as Specwriter pointed out--because something like that is the obvious answer to the question. But if the question is will TMC as an entity displace Rice U--I mean, I don't think so, how would that work? They've got two downtowns of Denver in parking lots to the south.
  10. I'm not sure if I just like the black painted international style buildings (which I do) or because the first few renderings of the garage were so so ominous, but I'm okay with the building.
  11. Ojala que también construyen un edificio.
  12. I guess I'll just hope is while the city envelops the complex, the complex works toward the city from its center outward, slowly erasing the sea of parking.
  13. Looking at it from above it looks like an interesting piece of work, but from the street it's extremely forbidding. I had no idea you could get "into it." I thought you had to pay to go in.
  14. ah I've always said my '99 F-150 with a big dent in it from a too narrow ingress of a taqueria drive through really needs the protection of a big vault.
  15. I think this Structure/Gardens has some synergy (pardon the term) with the Houston Endowment's new building and refurbished Spotts Park.
  16. Folks are all excited and I think we should be. Right down the street there's two massive towers. This spot is destined for a big development.
  17. I remember when 10 was a skyscraper! 16 seems to necessitate solid construction.
  18. Wouldn't the SA river walk portion of Houston be our future island north of downtown?
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