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It's crane day!


Full site:


Actually (as Skyline View's picture shows) they started the crane yesterday. They got up to the cab before night and have been spending the morning installing the arm.



Forgive my ignorance but have we confirmed if there are two or one residential towers currently being constructed because it looks there's two in the right hand corner.

Currently it's only 1 confirmed that's going up. The other places that look like construction sites are simply being used during the construction to park workers' cars and construction equipment and store a huge pile of dirt.

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In the lower left is that more crane bases or are those sections that they'll use later to make the current crane taller?


Sections to make this one taller. I didn't see any indications of a second crane base when I walked by a few days ago.

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Nice pics and thanks for updating.  Sorry if already posted but what is the eta on completion?




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Does anyone know if when transit is installed down the middle of post oakvif the right of way will be widened? I was thinking maybe that is why they put the parking out front, in order to plan for it. Most likely not...just wishful thinking

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Post Oak will be widened significantly.  The transit down the middle is roughly an additional 30 feet of ROW (accounting for the existing median).  I put some info in another post a while back (http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/27043-bus-lanes-down-post-oak/?hl=%2Bpost+%2Boak).  I'm anticipating they take pretty much every inch available (1200 loses the front lawn, CPK gets a sidwalk right up to their front door etc...).  Part of the plan is better sidewalks, so that is something to look forward to.

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Just got an email from Covill advertising the space. Relevant info from email:

"Occupancy Spring 2014

  • Mixed-Use Development in Heart of Uptown District
  • Frost Bank Regional Headquarters
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Upscale Retailers and Restaurants
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Glass
BLVD Place 1: 100% Leased
BLVD Place 2, Level 3: 12,520 SF
BLVD Place 2, Level 4: 12,520 SF
BLVD Place 2, Level 5: 12,520 SF
BLVD Place 2, Level 6: 12,520 SF"

Were we already aware that it was going to be a Frost Bank regional HQ? I don't remember ever seeing that before.


It also included a link to some detailed floor plans for the office portion of the site:

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Hi all!  Longtime lurker but finally bit the bullet and made a user name...


This isn't about BLVD Place but across the street from it, what I think was a shoe store has now been fenced off.


(Edit: for clarification; I am talking about the NE Corner of Post Oak and San Felipe)


I remember seeing a rendering somewhere on here for a tower on that plot, but can't seem to find it.  Does anyone know what might be going on there?

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Nice pics.  Visually, things really seem to be coming together at a fast click now.  As soon as they finished the concrete pour over the underground parking,  they set up a staging area for steel girders.  From the developer's website, I assume the steel skeleton will extend almost across the entire north side of the concrete garage.  However, in the pics above, you can see that, so far, the steelwork is only going up on the dirt-covered parcel to the west of the underground garage.  If you walk along Post Oak Lane, you can get really a close up look at the construction work.  So close, it almost seems unsafe!


They are starting to install glass windows (smokey-gray reflective type) on SW side of the 6-story building that will anchor the south side of this phase. 


Regarding Hanover's apartment tower, progress seems really slow even though I see workers moving around the site.  Hopefully, it will start changing fast once they get the ground-level work finished.

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There's a good amount of glass going up on this side as well. My computer has stopped reading my SD cards, so I can't upload any pictures until I get some kind of work around or get it fixed. I've got about a 3 week backlog of pictures I've taken. :P

Also, as of about 2 weeks ago, they have the lights in place for the top of the parking area. Again, sorry I can't post pictures. :/

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