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Plants n' Petals At 3810 Westheimer Rd.

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Has anyone ever shopped at the Plants n' Petals flower shop located at 3810 Westheimer Road?

I always buy my flowers and plants from Central Market across the street. I wonder how they are different? Maybe buying from Plants n' Petals is supporting a local business whereas buying from CM is supporting a billion dollar corporation. Although, HEB/Central Market is a fantastic company to support!

Love the unique grow houses/green houses.


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always wondered about that place as well as i too get mine from Central Market and on rare occasions from Whole Foods on Post Oak since i can walk there. 

i started a thing with friends during covid called Fresh Flower Fridays where every friday i would get flowers for my condo and post them on social media just to make myself feel happy during covid haha...and it spread with other friends posting theirs as well! 

now it's more like Fresh Flowers Whenever Mine Die Day...but whatever ;) 


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One unique thing about PnP is their pot selection. They have hundreds and hundreds of really interesting pots. Including some really large ones. I don't go there for flowers, I go when I need a big pot.

About two years ago I needed four large pots, all matching, but something out of the ordinary. They had dozens of styles to pick from.


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