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Hilton Home2 Suites/TRU Hotel At 1540 Leeland St.

Paco Jones

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1 hour ago, hindesky said:

Good news!

This will be starting next week according a worker from EE Reed who is the construction company for the project. He said he is one of their layout guys. He showed me the above view orientation on his iPhone. Fencing is up and a construction trailer. He also said the building will be facing Leeland and toward the northeast corner of the property.






One entrance on La Branch and another on Leeland St. Red pickup is the workers that I talked with.



It'll be nice to see some activity on this side of downtown.

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I talked with a worker from Encore Concrete Contractors who is doing the concrete work on this. Asked him where the tower crane would be placed but he didn't know yet but confirmed it will have one. Encore is currently doing the concrete at the Fairmont Museum Park III (he got pulled off it to come here) and he said they also have the contract to do the 16 story Holiday Inn Suites on Texas Ave.


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On 9/23/2023 at 5:56 PM, HoustonIsHome said:

I heard at one time a lot of the lots in that south east side was own by a foreign company. Is that true/still true?

Yes, Taiwan's national oil company owns like 6 of the city blocks around the area. I once made a map of it, but am too lazy to dig it up.

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On 9/26/2023 at 4:42 PM, bookey23 said:

Oh, HAIF actually made it super easy for me to find the map I made:



Pretty sure that small piece on the northern part of the Platinum Parking block was sold. Its set to be part of the Discovery West development. One of the two remaining towers will be built there. 

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