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Saint Nicholas Place: Mixed-Use Development At 12115 South Main St.


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OkieEric has come across a mixed-use development proposed near the Menninger Clinic at 12301 South Main:





Taeken, Ltd. is purchasing a 46.82 Acre tract on South Main next to the Menninger Clinic for the purpose of developing a new campus for Saint Nicholas School, in the midst of a nature related multi-use and multi-generational community. It is a wooded tract with a planned lake and nature theme. Nature trails, biking, and golf cart paths are planned, according to Margot Heard, General Partner. CDA Architects, Ray A. Duerer, President, are the architects for the project.

The anchor school site will be developed on 25 acres with a planned building of 38,000 sf, including a gym and chapel. The classrooms will have individual courtyards. The planned enrollment is 375 students through middle school. The school is designed to be small for personal attention and quality of teaching.

The main school garden will be based on the 18th century English gardens, a ferme ornee, or “ornamented farm”. This farm concept is classical from Roman times and Thomas Jefferson took these ideas from English gardens to Montecello.

The school will have fields for elementary and middle school students for soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, track and field, and cross-country. The gym will provide space for basketball, ballet, tennis, and martial arts. Facilities can be made available to other private schools and homeschool groups.

The chapel will seat 250 and will be designed to support a Choir School of students and faculty in the English tradition. Daily sung services will be available to the community. A pipe organ is being designed and built for the chapel by Fritz Noack in Andover, Massachusetts. The organ will have a glassed interior wall with walk-through space for students, organists, and visitors to see the working parts of the organ. Only one other organ in the world, located in the Netherlands, is known to have this feature.

A developer will offer mid-rise Condominium space with valet parking, package handling, and other personal services. Single family townhomes will offer garden layouts, playgrounds, pools, and a pet park.

Multi-use space will be available for restaurants, professional offices, retail, and multi-family. Included will be a small indoor Farmer’s Market featuring fresh produce and eggs, as well as Certified Grassfed Beef from the Lazy A Ranch, from both British White and Akaushi cattle. Cooking demonstrations and activities will be offered.

Currently in design, the project is scheduled to open the new Saint Nicholas School campus on or before December, 2018.




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It does sound pretty great - they must have made a killing on the sale of the current land


The description is vague enough, but sounds oddly specific in some instances.  I couldn't help but grin at this part:




...a small indoor Farmer’s Market featuring fresh produce and eggs, as well as Certified Grassfed Beef from the Lazy A Ranch, from both British White and Akaushi cattle. Cooking demonstrations and activities will be offered.


If they've got these details ironed out, surely there is a rendering floating around out there somewhere!  lol

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Saint Nicholas School plans to build a campus that anchors 47 acres along South Main between Hiram Clarke and South Post Oak. Opening is set for fall 2018.


The new campus will consist of a 38,000-square-foot building, including a chapel that will be used for music training.


The design includes classrooms with access to outdoor courtyards, language labs, art studios, a music room, two science labs, a special purpose room and a gym.


The school will be developed on 20 acres and a portion will be set aside for detention. The remainder is available for development, Heard said, and it will likely be residential.

There will be sports fields and other outdoor amenities.

"We like to have gardens for the children," Heard said. "The concept that we're working on is a ferme ornee, laying out your flower beds in raised beds in sort of a geometric pattern, growing different fruits, vegetables and flowers in an ornamented way."

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Permits were issued for the school on 05/09 



Project No: 17025148
Date : 2018/05/09 00:00:00
Owner/Occupant : *ST. NICHOLAS SCHOOL
Job Address : 12115 MAIN ST 77035
Valuation : $ 7,200,000
Permit Type : 13
FCC Group : Schools & Other Educational Bldgs
Address : 12320 BARKER CYPRESS 60213 77429
Phone : (713) 539-3143


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Haven’t included a pic from my phone before but hopefully this works  - per the school’s website, they will be moving to an interim campus.  This FB post mentions they will be listing several parcels with JLL but sounds like the new campus is proceeding.


Also note the mention of developers who own current school “proceeding with development.”  That’s 7200 Main.  At this point could just mean demo of school but...who knows


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On 3/5/2016 at 10:23 PM, Urbannizer said:



The school will be developed on 20 acres and a portion will be set aside for detention. The remainder is available for development, Heard said, and it will likely be residential.


I’m looking at a Q2 2019 multifamiy development map. 


Alliance Residential is planning a 336-unit M/F project at 12301 S. Main.

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Apartment community to rise in Houston private school's 47-acre village





Alliance Residential Co. has purchased land in Saint Nicholas Place, a future mixed-use village that will be anchored by Saint Nicholas School.


Phoenix-based Alliance will develop a 336-unit multifamily project on the 13.08 acres of land it purchased at 12115 Main St., south of the 610 Loop, according to a press release from JLL. The three-story garden apartment community will offer one- and two-bedroom units.


The land Alliance purchased is part of a 46.82-acre tract owned by Taeken, a Houston-area limited partnership connected to Saint Nicholas School Headmistress Margot Heard. Taeken will operate as the landlord, and Saint Nicholas School will have full control over what happens with the entire tract of land, except for some restrictions that Taeken has laid out, the Houston Business Journal reported in 2016.


Saint Nicholas School will occupy 19 acres, according to the JLL press release.

Within the Saint Nicholas Place property, about 5.1 acres fronting Main Street has been set aside for commercial use and is being marketed by JLL, per the release and a site plan from Houston-based CDA Architects. About 8.27 acres have been set aside for two large detention ponds.



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  • The title was changed to Saint Nicholas Place: Mixed-Use on South Main

Trailer is at the site



Went on a trek to the end of the property today. There are some beautiful trees in there.  Only saw 1 or 2 tagged with tape










The fencing line with Menninger on the other side



Pretty trees





Closer to the edge of the property



There was a drop below the small hill.  Property separation from the housing development on the other side?



The other side of the hill.  Not included in the 46-acres.




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1 hour ago, Highrise Tower said:

Prose at South Main Apartments.  14 multifamily buildings.  Looks like Prose is Alliance Residential's lower line of multifamily. While Broadstone would be the luxury units.




The ultra-luxury line could be “Iambic Pentameter.”

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