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Broadstone Skyline: Multifamily At 707 Saulnier St.


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I saw some survey flags out there today, but I'm not sure if they're new.  Other than that, it's just another couple fenced off lots.


Drove to Barnaby's on West Gray and just noticed them myself. They are new.

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I reread the thread but I'm still a little confused about this project.

There are two buildings on two lots?

Are they 8 and 5 stories or 8 and 10 stories or 6 and 6 stories?

Are both lots currently under construction or just one?

If one, how many stories?


Not positive, but I heard 6 stories on the big lot with up to 4 levels of underground parking and 5 on the L shaped lot.

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There are still a few neighborhoods where a mortgage would be cheaper than rent. Either the Feds can take some of the foreclosures and rent them out at the cost of acquisition (rather than letting them fall into the hands of the Blackstones of the world), or they can flip the foreclosures to prospective tenants, complete with fixed mortgages (since the adjustables are the contracts that blew up).


If the urban planners are going to insist on multi-family developments, they should create numerous small blocks of housing rather than towers. They just have to make sure the properties don't fall into disrepair.


The big problem is land that cheap enough to build on is getting further and further away from the central city.

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