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Holiday Inn Express/Staybridge Suites Hotel At 1319 Texas Ave.


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6 hours ago, hindesky said:

That height for the tower crane seems awfully high, this must be for a luffing tower crane. It's only a 17 story building but there are tall buildings on 3 sides of it.

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I was thinking this might be the weekend the tower crane is going to be erected. Last weekend downtown was packed with people for the Rodeo Parade and the Rodeo Run. Lets go by and check it out. Sure enough it will go up this weekend. I was heading north on Austin St. and way down south I spot something blocking the street, had to reroute my travels to get to the north side of it. AT crane is set up and 6 sections of the vertical pieces are waiting.  Now I wonder if it will be a luffing tower crane or a flat top tower crane with a small jib.

CraneMasters Inc's crane and Keystone Concrete will be erecting the crane.














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The tower crane will be a regular hammerhead crane but high enough to clear the Cotton Exchange building with a shorter boom so it won't hit the Catalyst apartments.

Morrow Crane is on site to assist in the erection and so is a tower erection crew of riggers who specialize in putting up tower cranes.











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9 hours ago, bobruss said:

These are the kinds of projects that will really have an impact on our density and overall skyline. These smaller partial lot midrises that fill the perimeters of most other cities. For so long we have built primarily block size chunky tall buildings, but now maybe some of the quarter, half, and 3/4 size parcels of city blocks will get developed, which will give more diversity and density to the skyline. I think this is good.

I agree, but it's worth noting that this lot already had such a building until 2015.

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