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Park Place | River Oaks: Mixed-Use Development At Westheimer Rd. & Mid Ln.


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On 3/12/2024 at 9:52 AM, gene said:

Little Rey looks ready to open anytime...it looks really nice inside (and love the big patio) and for now they have a fence surround but again, with hanging plants and lighting and people all buzzing around inside, i am betting a very soon spring opening!

Little Rey opens to the public in April, according to Houston Chronicle.

Little Rey is a casual Tex-Mex and Mexican inspired restaurant from Ford Fry's Rocket Farms Restaurants. It will be located at 2345 Mid Lane at the Park Place River Oaks development.

More from the article published last week:

The restaurant will have a rustic feel with accents of reclaimed wood and Old-World Mexico-inspired hand-painted signage, vintage memorabilia and art. 


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Little Rey was open this weekend and lots of people filled the place for both lunch and dinner... it looks really cool at night btw and plan to eat there tonight so stay tuned ;) 🌮

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okay everyone...

important announcement here:

GET THE ELOTE!!! OMG seriously...what in the heck!?!? it was so freaking amazing haha (made the whole meal for me honestly) and everything else we got including the white queso were all great and so inexpensive too! recommended for sure. 

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