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5 hours ago, hindesky said:

The temperature was hovering around the low 50s Tuesday morning when President Reggie DesRoches and Athletic Director Tommy McClelland jumped into Rice’s outdoor competition swimming pool alongside the entire swim team. McClelland and DesRoches, dressed in their Rice pullovers and khakis, hopped into the water to celebrate their announcement that the swim program would add a dive team in the coming season.

“I thought our coach was joking after the announcement when he said President DesRoches and Mr. McClelland should jump in with us,” junior Morgan Bartley said. “When they actually jumped in with us, I was so shocked. I have no idea if they knew they would be asked to do that but they’re great team sports for doing so, especially in a full outfit.”


Fun! It just happens that I walked by the pool Sunday afternoon and noticed people swimming laps.  Just curious at what temperature they keep the pool water.

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Old Sid Richardson College, all they did was put a fence around the old foundation and the holes in it.




Wilson House.



This is the area where they have been doing civil work, between Wiess College and the track.



The Quad.





Cannady Hall.



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After the demolition of the old Sid Richardson College building finished last semester, construction of the two new colleges will begin soon. 

The colleges will each have the capacity of over 300 beds, President Reggie DesRoches announced May 19, 2023 — similar to McMurtry, Duncan and Sid Richardson Colleges, which each have a current capacity of exceeding 300. The other eight colleges have between 232 and 291 beds, the Thresher previously reported. 

Henning Larsen | Kirksey Architecture renderings obtained by the Thresher show that colleges 12 and 13 — which will have maximum heights of 11 and 10 floors, respectively — will “mediate between the larger [12-floor] scale of New Sid Richardson College, the Medical District and the lower scale of campus, stepping down towards [the 4-floor] Wiess College and outdoor recreational spaces.”











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It sounds like the business school is expanding with construction starting soon. I got the below email today. Does anyone have renderings for this? 


Dear friends, 

As part of our commitment to serving the needs of our community, I am proud to announce that the Rice University Board of Trustees has approved new building plans for the business school. The 112,000-square-foot structure was designed by Architecture Research Office to support our unprecedented growth due to new programs, including the new undergrad business major, the increased cohort to the full-time MBA program, as well as the MBA@Rice and Hybrid MBA, both of which have multiple on-campus residentials each year. The new building includes classrooms and offices, as well as dining, open gathering and private event space. We intend to break ground in the coming months.  

The timing feels right to have this exciting construction coincide with our 50th anniversary year. It reflects our progress over five decades and our promise to the university, the city and the world that we are preparing graduates who are vital to organizations and ready to lead. 

This project aims to achieve LEED Gold certification. In addition to our design architects, we are pleased to collaborate with project architects (Kirksey) and landscape architects (Nelson Byrd Woltz). 

As the building construction progresses, we will update you on our projected timeline to welcome new students in 2026.  



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2 hours ago, Aggieastrowl said:

It sounds like the business school is expanding with construction starting soon. I got the below email today. Does anyone have renderings for this? 


No renderings so far but they do have the TDLR for it, start shows 2/2/2024 but I have yet to see any work started on it.



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Fencing and construction netting is up at the Sarofim Hall project, civil equipment on site. They have an entrance for workers on foot on Stockton Dr. and the trucks have another entrance on University Blvd. in to the Hess parking lot.









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I think this is the detention pond being built to handle the stormwater for the two new colleges that will be built at the old Sid Richardson.



Wilson House to be moved.



Old Sid Richardson.



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Susan and Fayez Sarofim Hall.



Future detention basin I assuming is being built because of the two new colleges at the old Sid Richardson location.



This will be the new location of the Wilson House that will be moved when this property is cleared and a new foundation built.






Old Sid Richardson college foundation. They can't start building till the Wilson House is moved and permits are acquired. Anslow Bryant will be the GC.






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On 11/20/2023 at 4:34 PM, MrFubbles said:

I truly cannot put into words how much I despise this plan for the quad. It looks like the Woodlands Church

Can't we just replace the statue and move on? That curved path is offensive

Like others, I’m not a fan of the quad redevelopment. But that said, the quad absolutely needed change. The design as it stands is unwelcoming and does not create an environment to hangout at.

But I do wish the updated version includes more references to the original design.

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