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  1. Please don't laugh about that. It's too easy to make fun of stupid people, and we shouldn't do it. Niche says so.
  2. Don't get your knickers in a knot. I'm making a jab at the stupid. Those who complain, unthinkingly, about taxes, but still expect services. I think I've explained that three times now.
  3. There didn't seem to be a single, unified viewpoint among the tax protesters. Your own view may be clear to you, but I don't think everyone out there at tea parties was as clear on it as you may be. Anyway, I never even mentioned tea parties in my original comment. I was talking, in general, about people who complain about taxes. People don't want to pay them, but expect services.
  4. Not sure where you get "sneering" from my post, but my point is that responding to a public health crisis, and distributing this kind of medication is one of the things our tax dollars pay for. So every time people whine about taxes, they conveniently forget all the services they expect from their government. Like this one. If anyone was sneering, it was Rick Perry, sneering at our own country & federal government. Not me.
  5. LOL. Should we ask anyone who wants to receive the medication what their position on taxation is?
  6. Oh yes, sorry I misread you. But nevertheless, people do think of this as a transitional neighborhood, in the sense that I was talking about. And I'm not sure it is.
  7. The problem is that this neighborhood is not a "transitional" neighborhood. It just is what it is. It would seem like it ought to be transitional... still priced low, close to everything. But many people living here really don't want it to change. Plus there are a lot of really trashy apartment complexes, and an awful lot of police activity. Maybe it will turn out to be a model of healthy development... some plots, here and there, developed into denser townhomes, mixed with large single family houses, and apartments. There are certainly enough buses to make it a no-car urban neighborhood. But it is in serious need of decent retail, and I just don't see that happening with the perception (and reality? I don't know) of crime here.
  8. Obviously we're not in a retail-friendly climate at the moment, but I would think that someone might see good reasons to put some nice retail at that location. It's a pretty great Heights location and fairly retail-starved, wouldn't you agree?
  9. I think they also own that industrial building on the corner of Richmond and Mandell; used to belong to the power company, I believe? The white building with the ugly fence around it. It will improve that block of Richmond tremendously if/when they do something with that property.
  10. Can someone explain to me what the appeal of this place is? I heard it was "amazing" so I took my kids and another family to the one in Galveston. After waiting an hour for a table among swarms of people and the shlock in the gift shop, we were finally seated... I must say, what I remember are the wait, the crowds, and the noise, not the food. I have no idea what we ate or whether it was good. I was scarred. Is it always crowded? Why do people like it?
  11. Another problem I see with a tollway in the middle of 288 is safety... I've seen people fly along Beltway 8 and the Hardy Toll road at break-neck speeds... it's like people figure they've paid for an open road, and dammit, they're going to use it. Especially when there are poor suckers crawling along in the congested free lanes, you really have to stick it to them by going 90 mph in the middle.
  12. No need to be obnoxious. I was just answering his question.
  13. No, UH doesn't have open enrollment. UHD does. It's confusing, isn't it? If my previous post confused you, sorry. I didn't mean "everyone" gets in; I meant they let a lot of students in, but not too many make it through.
  14. I'm not sure I agree. UH reminds me of the French universities (as far as I understand them): anyone can get in. But it's really tough to make it, once you're there. I like the idea of giving lots of students the chance to succeed, especially in a city like Houston with so many immigrants and children of immigrants. But once you get in, you have to be a fairly serious student to make it. So there's a high attrition rate. I don't know what all that does for the reputation of the school, but it should mean that someone with a degree from UH worked pretty hard to earn it, and therefore the degree means something.
  15. Confusion is bad. Just because the confusion has history doesn't make it good confusion. When I first moved here several years ago, I signed up for an evening class at UH. I looked on my trusty Houston map to see where the campus was, spotted it immediately, and headed downtown. It took quite some time of wandering through the main building, looking for someone to ask, before I finally learned that I was at the wrong university. And the thing is, I'm really not stupid. Having two schools called "UH" located a couple of miles from each other is just confusing.
  16. Well, it's not the best choice, but lord knows it's not the worst choice either so we should be happy about that. "HMU" is a reasonable good acronym; perhaps people will confuse it will HBU but some people will manage to confuse just about anything.
  17. I was in the neighborhood last night for the first time in months... I couldn't believe all the changes, particularly on the stretch of 518 between 288 and Southern Trails. It's exciting to see so many nice stores and restaurants there, great for all the residents. On the down side, headed back to 288 around 6:00 pm. (on a sunday!), it took 10-15 minutes to get through the lights. I sat through some of them probably 10 times. They REALLY need to address that situation; the traffic was completely crippled.
  18. Rice won't change their name. They will acquire a medical school.
  19. that gave me a very funny image of a bunch of folks in scrubs, parking their cars in the free zoo lot at about 7:00 a.m. and piling into the mini-train for a ride to work. I hope they at least wave to people as they go by, like the usual mini-train riders do.
  20. And another thing... if this is all about weight and fuel costs, how about putting passengers on the scale? Because when I travel with my two sons, who weight 20 pounds and 40 pounds, I think I should be allowed to carry around 250 pounds worth of free luggage. I'm paying full price for the smallies to fly, and they weigh practically nothing. But they do require stuff.
  21. that is so aggravating. I was always happy that Continental hadn't succumbed to these ridiculous measures. So much for that.
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