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  1. Yes, bus transportation is provided, but it will take those buses long to get there with no nearby freeways, making a long day for the kids. Plus, there is constant murmuring about cutting bus transport to magnet schools.
  2. I agree... Carnegie deserves a beautiful new school, and I love Montrose, but Montrose is a PIA to get to from anywhere else in town.
  3. (duplicate post, for some reason)
  4. One save might be that it's not about body girth. So, you're not discriminated against because you're fat, exactly. You could be a really big dude who's not fat, but still pay more, because it costs more to transport you. They are already turning humans into freight with these policies. This would simply be more direct: we are freight, therefore we pay by the pound to be transported. When do you suppose they are going to take the seats away, to really pack people in?
  5. They should charge by weight. Put you and your bags on that big scale at the counter, charge a fee accordingly. Then you can either check your bags or carry them on. First 150 lbs (person included) is free; charge for the rest, whatever. Then stop nickel and diming us on everything else.
  6. Agree. It might allow some travelers to pack light, make a sandwich, and save a few bucks, but most of us want to know the bottom line when we're planning our trip. Not to mention that the baggage policy discriminates wildly against people who aren't able-bodied adults. In theory, it is to recoup the money that it costs to transport heavy bags. However, I pay full adult fare for my 30-pound 3-year-old, who is unable to carry his own carry on, so I then pay extra to check it. I then pay to check my bag, which I can't carry, since I am managing the three-year-old. So my skinny self and mini-child get to pay to subsidize some big ole fat man and his big ole fat carry-on bag. I pointed this out to Continental in a strongly worded letter. They sent me a free flight voucher which, when cashed, would relinquish any claim I had to a future lawsuit. Yes, I used it. "We're offering you a settlement of free coffee for life and..." "I'll take it!!" (Kramer, on Seinfeld)
  7. In the news today, Spirit air will charge for carry-on bags. The end is nigh... http://www.cnn.com/2010/TRAVEL/04/06/spirit.carryon.fees/index.html?eref=igoogle_cnn
  8. Yes, it's too bad. But don't despair. It's still a good-sized property with a good location; someone will snap it up and eventually it will be developed. Enjoy the lack of development, in the meantime. It's better than a vacant strip mall.
  9. It seems the exciting announcement is that they are in foreclosure: http://blogs.chron.com/primeproperty/
  10. This thread is making me hungry. And I'm stuck on the UH campus, where my choices include a couple of pizza huts and a chick fil-A.
  11. Wow, this is exciting news. The building was the big drawback to that school, in my view. I'm so glad there will be a new building, and right in Montrose! Wasn't that site where they were going to put the new HSPVA? But that was delayed because it was historically significant? (an African-American cemetery, if I remember correctly?)
  12. That's amazing. Yay for generous philanthropists!
  13. Those nutria are pretty cute, except for the tail. There is just no excusing a rat tail. Since people invented cities in 3200 BC, the rat is not our friend. Can't argue with 5,000 years of history.
  14. Yes, it makes sense to have a sports-oriented park. I personally prefer Hermann Park and Discovery Green, since I use parks as places to hang out with the family and enjoy being outside. But it's good to have something for everyone.
  15. I've never quite figured out Memorial Park. There's the running loop, which has cars screaming by. And the arboretum, which is lovely. And some picnic areas. What is happening in the rest of the space?
  16. DG was packed this morning, with post-parade crowds and ice skating opening up. Here are some photos:
  17. That is indeed sad. I was just there last week, and looking around in wonder at the acreage, thinking it was something of a miracle that so much space was devoted to a nursery. It's so pretty in there. That stretch of Bellaire Blvd. (and much of the rest of Bellaire) is full of some of the most god awful homes I've ever seen. I guess we can only hope for a developer with better taste.
  18. I went to the bowling place at the Houston Pavilions last weekend... Lucky Strike. Fun! Nice lounge area with fun music and comfy chairs, good drinks. Nice bowling area, too. Waitresses come to the lanes to take your drink orders.
  19. I'm very glad to see this news. I drove up Kirby last week and was shocked at how denuded it looks.
  20. Lockmat, it's fine to say that morals are bad and parenting is bad now, but it doesn't offer any solution. Should we all just stand outside and tell people to start being better parents? I'm a good parent. Others are good parents. Some others are not. I don't know how to make people better parents, or to make them have morals. Do you want to force them to go to church, and do everything the preacher says? Or would you like the government to legislate good parenting? I'm guessing your answer to these questions would be no. So, without being able to make people better parents & moral people (whatever THAT means!), we need some solutions. Seems like sex ed and birth control is a good place to start.
  21. Dude, study up on your history. The architects of No Child Left Beyond were Bush administration officials, not "the left."
  22. I agree. (never thought I'd write that to you!). It's totally MY job to teach my kids properly. But guess what... plenty of folks out there aren't doing their jobs. And as a result, we're paying for a lifetime of expenses, in many cases, for the unfortunate offspring. I can't make other people be responsible parents (though I certainly wish I could), but maybe I can save myself some tax dollars by giving their irresponsible kids some condoms.
  23. Eight years of the federal government reducing access to birth control and sex education can't have helped. We ought to be handing out condoms in homeroom every day.
  24. I think it's a good idea to have a 12-month option. Some students want to stay and do research/writing, especially graduate students. It's very disruptive to be told you have to leave during the semester break or the summer. And as the previous poster said, if you don't want a 12-month lease, choose a different place to live.
  25. sarahiki

    Snack Food

    Ha! No, I only torture my own children with goodies like baked kale. For school, it's crowd pleasers... pumpkin muffins disguised as cupcakes.
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