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  1. They're probably asking more than Tillman can afford for those places!
  2. The building at Washington and Shepherd used to be a Weingarten's grocery store. The building was unusual for Houston in that it had a basement with the stairs right in the middle of the store. Every time I pass that place I wonder if the basement is still there. But then, why wouldn
  3. Maybe he will adorn that place in garish blue lights to take people
  4. HeightsGuy, there is a bar called Shiloh on Studewood near 14th, so I believe that corner would be wet as well.
  5. Earlier this year someone asked about the building at 743 E 11th, which is next to that Someburger if I recall. I wonder if this building is included in Tillman
  6. Willie taped the pilot show in 1974, and the series began in 1976. It is now 30 years old.
  7. No matter what they do to this property, nothing could be as beautiful as the majestic oak trees on the property. I took these just today.
  8. You might want to check out Kemiko Stains.
  9. This weekend is the annual Heights Home and Garden Tour. If you are into architecture, then this should right up your alley. If you go, I would recommend you see all of the houses. Over the years, I have discovered that even the least interesting appearing houses are spectacular inside, or else they have a historic connection to the Heights or to Houston
  10. This is the monorail that was at South Main at the intersection with Holmes. I assume that was Arrowhead Park. We passed the location many times on the way to and from Seargent, but I never saw it up close. It was a good half to one mile off Main. But then, I guess I did after all! I rode the one at the State Fair in 1957. I never knew the two were one and the same.
  11. I saw him today on 290 just south of the College Station exit. I had forgotten about him even though I saw him last year, and on three other occasions in the past 8 years. There is a man who makes a pilgrimage along 290 every year in the week(s) before Easter. He carries a large wooden cross over his shoulder
  12. I think Randall's should ask Albertson's the for the directions out of town.
  13. Last statistic I saw was 52% of HISD students are at or below poverty level. I thought that figure was high! I think there is a big difference between "need" and "want" - and too many just want that free ride.I also find it curious that the people most in need of financial assistance for their children are the ones with the biggest families. We are encouraging baby factories. Why?
  14. Some of my favorite Mexican food places are the ones that search you at the door for weapons, and if they don
  15. Ashton Kutcher is a "star". That's how stupid out society is!
  16. Clyde Barrow lived in the Heights for a time. That was when her was with the Root Square Gang. He may have committed his first murder while here.
  17. Houston may not be a fashionable city, but we do have a keen sense of fashion. Why, just the other day at Academy, I was pointing out to my lady the most darling pair of brogans I have ever seen. They were to die for! And they would go great with my new Dickies overalls! Now, if I can just find the right gimme cap to go with it, . . . .
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