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  1. This is very much alive. I believe they have laid the slab and even some pillars.
  2. West would be bottom right, that is Benjy's and Local... If you were asking about the bigger apt complex in the pic, that is Hanover Rice Village.
  3. Rumored that they were building this with construction methods ALA the Egyptian pyramids (sans slave labor)
  4. I am on my phone so sorry if this has been posted, but while messing around on HAR I think I found a new development that we may have missed. 2312 Commonwealth. It is ~ 8 stories. If someone could post a link it would be appreciated. It is on HAR, 77006 for sale
  5. "Where were you, when they built a stairway to heaven?" I think this is a pretty interesting design in the sense that it will be very close to the street, but the recessed entrance give a little sense of "security" for the residents.
  6. This looks great and ROD already has a big "feel" to it. I think High Street was a total failure. It looks like hardly anyone has moved into the building and considering rents will most likely be comparable at these better looking places, why would anyone choose this one?
  7. Yea that counts for sure, but it isn't an everyday store. Phoenicia isn't very pricey for the regular items, people just see it as a specialty only store. Pro Tip: buy all of your spices there! They are very cheap and very good!
  8. What is the closest grocery store to downtown in general? Randall's in midtown, Kroger on grey, or maybe the Kroger on studemont? I think a store near SkyHouse on main st. would be my wet dream. Underground parking lot too!
  9. I see MMP in the background! Edit: So this is the block right next to the Finger 7 story?
  10. Apparently last night someone decided to base jump off of Skyhouse...thankfully successfully http://i.imgur.com/Keq2A5C.jpg Get away car. Pic stolen from reddit.
  11. The view from wildcat golf course is pretty amazing and the gap between DT and uptown is relatively "full" appearing already. The developments in river oaks, greenway and inside the loop of uptown, which are on board already will certainly give the appearance of a continuous skyline as is. Can't imagine in 20-30 years
  12. @urbannier can you hook me up with some of the crack/drugs you have that keep you awake 24/7? JK, appreciate all your info and hope you actually do sleep
  13. This is the unfortunate thing. Also shows how much development style has an effect on people. Central Market to Sage is how far? Maybe 1 mile? This is not very far to walk...at all.
  14. I don't mind the building itself or even the location, but the chaos that is washington is doomed for failure. It takes no zoning to new heights. Parking lots, garden apts, office building, strip mall, body shop... I really wish some developer would take Washington near downtown and build off of market square outwards...not just a bunch on BS scattered on a 2 ish mile stretch.
  15. Twitter reporting Innes is out and being replaced by Sean Pendergast. On my phone so don't know how to link but it was Sports Media Lamont or whatever his name is.
  16. I really wish someone would redevelop the lot across W Alabama from this along with the lot down rice on Hildago. These lots are prime locations!
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