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  1. Disagree on food courts, just because they're all Downtown. Midtown could use one. Midtown has multiple bar scenes that don't overlap much, so I'm not sure I think it's oversaturated. It could use some basic retail. Like a Target. Honestly another grocery store would be nice, especially now that Fiesta is gone. Nobody should have to shop at Randall's.
  2. Wait, signs are bad now? This one in particular seems to be directly above/in front of the leasing office/tenants' lobby, so it actually helps you quickly see where that is as opposed to the retail. Seems just about perfect to me.
  3. It's a pretty nice midcentury building. You don't have to like it, but it *absolutely* has character. That said, I can live with it being replaced with this apartment building. If it were being replaced with a drive through or something I would lose my mind though.
  4. That's the old design, no? Different architect even.
  5. I have lived in Philadelphia and ridden the el at 6am and late at night. I've lived in Baltimore - the only city in which I've actually been randomly assaulted. I've lived in Third Ward. I've been chased by stray dogs on Holman. Threatened by a guy waving a gun on Alabama. Chased on my bike on the Columbia Tap. And I stand by my "whomp whomp."
  6. This is on next week's planning agenda. New design, but similar scale to the original and *not* the scaled back second rendering.
  7. Still waiting on the little retail pavilion next to mcgowen, so technically it's not finished yet...
  8. The bank is already there. A drive through is not really a new investment in the area. It's not adding a new service, or housing, or really much of anything. And it is next to the light rail. A new drive through attached to an existing business next to the light rail is 100% a whomp whomp for me. Especially given all the new student housing going up just the other side of Scott. This could have been something interesting, but it isn't. That's a whomp whomp.
  9. What in god's name is a .heic file? Is this some Apple nonsense?
  10. While I generally agree with you, I actually think in this instance that the location was well chosen. It's got good access to both bike lanes/trails and transit (though I really think a purple line infill station right about here would be a good idea). While it's a historically working class neighborhood, there's a lot of new development in the immediate vicinity. How many dozens of brand new townhouses are within a 10 minute walk of this site? This neighborhood is changing rapidly, so I don't really think this can considered an example of dumping social services wherever is cheapest/people will complain the least (or have the least money to amplify their complaints).
  11. I do wonder if this doesn't include a bit more than that. One or two of the ramps at least really needs to be replaced, and the pavement is a bit rough through here. Some light utility relocation to make sure you actually have at least 5' of clear space would be nice. Some nice bulb-outs on Center St. All that combined would probably be more than $1 million though, so who knows. I guess we'll find out next year.
  12. I would love to see the outside the loop portion of the 82 turned into true BRT with center-running transit lanes and stations.
  13. That part of the kind of "greater southern med center/reliant park" area is really getting pretty dense. I would love to see some money spent of bike lanes and better connectivity to the light rail station. And more retail. And a nice park. The area really has the potential to be surprisingly urban, despite the Rodeo holding on to its vast tracts of parking.
  14. that's what they get for partnering with TXDOT
  15. Nothing anywhere in Houston needs more parking.
  16. Interesting. Makes sense, but throwing some armadillos in there shouldn't exactly take much.
  17. For the apartments, I think you're underestimating the Texas sun. Especially given that the southern portion of the building will be set back from Rosine by the depth of the townhouse lots. Now, two of those three townhouses on the other hand... Those will be pretty significantly in shade all year round. The southernmost one will be fine for as long as the Tony Mandola's (or whatever it is now) building in parkin lot are there. My larger point is that i think there is a weird tendency to overvalue direct sun and undervalue shade in Houston. Nothing is more valuable than shade in Houston. Just think how much those townhouses will save in HVAC costs.
  18. It's very weird that they wouldn't at least put in armadillos.
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