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  1. Impressive, but I hate the way they created a buffer along Rogerdale and Bellaire Blvd.
  2. I mean, if you're judging the walk by looking out the window while driving, I'm not sure that has much value.
  3. I'm no fan of parking podiums, but I think it will be interesting to see this from a better angle, even at the current rendering's quality. The current rendering shows a shot of the whole tower, which is great for tower fetishists but doesn't tell us much about the experience of walking past or through it. I think a useful comp is the BIG office tower under construction downtown - that has a potentially obnoxious podium as well, but additional renderings (and hopefully the built reality) show that they actually put a lot of thought into the experience from the sidewalk.
  4. DC's is much better tied into surrounding neighborhoods and the city as a whole though. Some of that is built in to Minute Maid's location, but I'd hate to see whatever Crane develops become a weird inward-looking theme park that turns its back on the rest of the city.
  5. Something more like the Nationals' set up in DC would be nice.
  6. Hmmm, "converted into" looks suspiciously like "replaced by". Not that I'm complaining. New building is a bit awkward but definitely an improvement.
  7. Just because you disagree with someone doesnt mean theyre being disingenuous. Ad that's, at most, a difference of degree not kind.
  8. Stop trying to accuse people of feigning sympathy or pretending to care about others just to hide whatever you think their real motivations are. Just stop it. You can disagree with them. You can think they are misguided or wrong. That's all fine. But let's not call each other liars.
  9. Towers in Uptown aren't really "surrounded" by each other - setbacks are enormous and there are, of course, the many strip malls. It's getting somewhat denser but I'd say each tower still largely stands alone. And Montrose Boulevard, just between Westheimer and 59, already has, what, 4 towers? I would love to see stuff like this downtown, but Montrose Boulevard is in a weird in-between state right now and would really benefit from density. I don't think I actually want it to become a corridor of towers, but this is Houston. Nothing ever becomes all one thing anyway. A mix of eclectic retail and midrise apartments regularly pierced by a tower? Sounds perfect to me.
  10. We don't know what the Skanska development or the Kroger replacement are really going to look like (though no driveway from Montrose at the Kroger development is a good start.) Even with this thing - what does the ground floor actually look like? WHat is in the space facing Montrose? Could go either way.
  11. I don't think this comparison is really fair to either street. But theres way more pedestrian activity on cross streets currently than on Montrose Blvd, just because Montrose is less comfortable and theres less facing the boulevard itself. Both of those issues have to be addressed, but if these new developments result in wider sidewalks and retail/other destinations worth walking to, then definitely.
  12. Well, even if there's a surplus, a road has never finished "paying for itself." Highways are expensive to maintain. But this project is pretty specifically intended to address access issues *caused by* or exacerbated by the toll roads, so seems completely appropriate to me.
  13. Harris County has voted to send 53 million to a trails project. Oops, I see that link didn't work. Try this: https://harriscountytx.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=10874881&GUID=54D67B0D-C571-41AF-93FE-6AC29D271BA6
  14. Am I missing something? That walk is fine. Emancipation Avenue could stand a road diet, but it's not that bad. Plus, you can always cut down Walker and walk on the other side of the stadium. Roughly the same distance.
  15. Your religion is surface parking? That tracks.
  16. It's rough, but it's no worse than plenty of streets in Baltimore or Philly.
  17. Well that's more than enough. Can we roll it back to the picture of Ruchi's at this point?
  18. What exactly is your issue here? You know full well that when people use the term "walkable" they typically mean a lot more than just being physically able to walk somewhere. Regardless of terminology, a parking lot would be a huge waste at this location and exacerbate the wastefulness of the CVS development on the other corner. Right now, this can be an unpleasant (and unsafe) intersection to cross on foot. A parking lot does nothing to change that, a building at least potentially could help.
  19. No, but it has to have things to walk to. Parking lots take up a lot of space and don't really count as things to walk to.
  20. how did the warehouse district hurt you?
  21. huh? Oh oh oh. Do you mean the new construction? It will never be contributing, but it will have to be reviewed by the HAHC. Their main concerns are likely to be general massing and scale.
  22. Well. At least today is almost over.
  23. That's absurd. Conservatory was absolutely a food hall. POST, Bravery, and Railroad Heights are all food halls. Politan Row, during its brief time, was a food hall. Finn Hall is borderline. Finn Hall is the only one that's flirted with more chain-like places and genuinely offered mediocre food for the price.
  24. a market hall. not a food hall, a full-fledged old-fashioned market hall.
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