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  1. As of yet I have received no book!!!! I'm getting VERY impatient.
  2. It was a big treat in the 60's to go to that watermelon stand. I can still smell the wood shavings and watermelon. We never got our christmas trees there though, we went off 45 and Woodridge, close to a high school.. St. Johns? There was a giant tree lot. It was always muddy. On the way home I would stare out the back window of the car, sure that our tree would fall out of the trunk as we crossed the railroad tracks heading home. Such wonderful memories.
  3. I know they're traditional and tons of people like them but I can't stand the Twelve Days of Christmas or The Little Drummer Boy..pa rum pum pum pum! But I love the 12 Daze of Christmas.
  4. I did get a case of mre's last Sunday. I had no power, no cash and no stores were opened. Power was restored to me late Tuesday night. I had eaten 3 dinners out of the case of 12 so I took the rest to a co-worker that still has no power or water. When I got the mre.s on Sunday they tried to give me 3 cases and I told them no, that I only needed one. They also tried to give me ice and water and I told them I only needed one case of mre,s and that was all. They seemed shocked. I can't stand people that take advantage of anything much less a bad situation.
  5. Ooh! The Wild Pair! My grandmother took me to the wild pair at the Galleria back in the early 70's and bought me a pair of dark brown leather desert boot looking shoes. I remember they cost 38 dollars which was a bundle for a pair of shoes back then. 38 years or so later I still have them, they still fit and I still wear them. I've gone through many shoe laces but I still love them and the old saying "you get what you pay for" is so so true. The rest of my clothes were from Foleys, Joskes and Size 579 shop.
  6. I certainly remember this specific JIB. Sad to see it go. It was the first one in the neighborhood. We drove from Ave. L to eat there back in the early 70's if not earlier. It was there all thru my munchie mania in high school but I chose Phifers or Italian Beef House over it for lunch. Also ate a Ray Hays Broiler Burger. The food now in no way resembles what was then a broiler burger. But Dinner Bell remains the same. The food stays great IMO!
  7. Thanks for posting this. You bet I signed the petition!
  8. Every piece of furniture in my house is from Fingers on the Gulf Frwy. I used to shop at Fingers with my mom and grandma in the 60's. Back then the bargain basement had great stuff. The last time I went I will admit that the basement had gone to crap. All in all I will hate to see it go. And I still miss Roberts commercials.."At Your Fingers." My parents knew him from the rodeo. Dad said he was a stand-up guy.
  9. I remember the fish pond at Battelsteins. Mom always had to drag me away from it. I can still see it sitting there on the left hand side of the door. Ahhh.. good memories.
  10. I totally agree with the cozy moments. Christmas wouldn't be the same without the fireplace and its cozy glow.
  11. Kenmore: washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher, freezer Maytag: Flat top stove
  12. I'm reminded of Ray Stevens song "Would Jesus Wear A Rolex".
  13. Its mostly hispanic now because most white families moved from the east end in the 70's and 80's. They moved to places like Sagemont or north of town. In the 60's my street had only one hispanic family. By 1975 there were only 3 white families on the street. We moved to Kirkland South in 1975 because my grandmother didnt like the way the neighborhood was "Changing." I personally wanted to stay. I still love my old neighborhood and visit as often as I can.
  14. We actually did beat Milby my senior year. It was homecoming for both schools and we were finally victorious. Remember the ribbons sold by the cheerleaders and booster club? Yes I still have them.
  15. My homeroom was IN the lunchroom. I had Mrs. Marler for homeroom. Heres a pic of how the lunchroom was painted in 1975. I'm not in it as I was the one taking the pic but my seat was the one right under the big red arrow. I faced the tall windows and remember the view and the breeze quite well. I guess there were about 8 or so classrooms with homeroom in the luchroom.
  16. Mustang Malt Shop was closed before I got there in 72. we sat over there on the benches to smoke before school. I was SO cool. lol. They tried to reopen it during 74 but the school made them close it down after a week since we were NOT suppose to go off campus during school hours. I put my order in and paid them before school and they would bring my lunch across the street. After it closed we went back to sneaking off campus.
  17. Hey vertigo, you remember how we weren't suppose to leave campus for lunch? Well, of course a bunch of us still did. We would either end up at Itallian Beef House or a little hole in the wall called Phifers. I think thats how it was spelled. It was located on the end of a little shopping strip not on but near the corner of Telephone and Dumble. Could have the the same strip where Lerners was. They had really good food. It was a tiny place with a counter with stools and booths down one wall.
  18. Now starts the "We dodged a Bullet" phase. More like we dodged a bee bee. The next big one for us will come one day and we may all "Hunker Down" with pride but until then put away your rations of vienna sausage, spam spaghetti-O's, ravioli, shoe string potatoes and gatorade. Drink your storm aquired alcohol as a reward for having to watch Wayne Dolcefinos 4 hairs on his head gently wave in a soft breeze while he talkes about the catastrophic winds. Now I have to go take the boards off of my windows.
  19. Malta Goya Caffeine free coke Beefamato water
  20. yep, it's the no AC that bothers me too. I'll probably loose some branches and I might even get a little water but thats okay as long as I have my wonderful AC. It keeps me cool and calm.
  21. Hmmmm I'm very uncertain about that cone.
  22. I was thinking the same thing. Is it time to "Hunker Down?" The weather guys should all be getting excited about now because they may get to use their other favorite term.."Cone Of Uncertainty!"
  23. Yes the Bordens Egg Nog is still the same. Its the only one I buy. You are right about it being much much thicker than the others. They also never put all the spices the others had and left the spicing up to you. Oh, Welcome back!
  24. I have a toyota tacoma double cab and put michelin cross terrain suvs on it 7 years ago. I drive to and from work and a little shopping on weekends. I've had no problems and the tires are holding up exceptionally well. I bought them at discount tire. Yes they were a little expensive but you get what you pay for. Ive had firestone, goodyear and kelly tires that didn't last any time. I'll always get michelin.
  25. In 1973 it was Alex Morales as the head and Michael Crawford as the rear. I dated both of them. The horses butt was much more fun. We are still close friends after 35 years.
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