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  1. HPD has been kicing ass all up and down Briar Forest the past two weeks. Mounted Patrol everywhere. Big community meeting this morning at Food Town with promises of a total "lock down until cleaned out of the bad elements." I wonder if whomever is in charge of this project has some pull with the Mayor???
  2. I can really think of only a few areas around the bayou OTL that lend itself to easy walking. Safe and stuff within 1/2 mile. That Riverbend area is very walkable. It's gotten VERY urban over there. You won't recognize it when you get back. Like Kinkaid said, there will be two 27 story tall towers built on the corner. Probably some other tower build built across from the Randalls. The old apartments were knocked down and there is now a three sotry retail center with a block of apartments behind it. Tons of stuff being built up and down Voss. Traffic is a nightmare 24/7. The Paul Revere/Hollow/Memorial Pines location is another. Rice, A chinese restaurant, wine bar,stabucks, a bakery and a few other shops. Memorial Bend and Fonn Villas are right across the street from Town and Country Village and the New CityCentre. However lots are painfully small and Spec builder are specing McMansions like there is no tomorrow. Rustling Pines & Memorial Plaza, OTB, is walkable to TC and CC, but you have to cross the Beltway...and I just wouldn't do that after dark. Wilchester and Yorkshire, OTB, have a little strip center with a great French Restuarant ( Bistro PRovence) in it. Yorkshire, is an easy walk to tons of stuff at Kirkwood. Nottingham Forest is an easy walk to everything as well.
  3. yeah, I linked that one in an earlier post. I like that street and we looked at one on there last year. The only draw backs that I see is that it's a single family residental street that is wedged between a townhouse/condo area and Some Tealwood condo townhomes. Ultimately, backing up to Ethan's Glen and being close to Gessner, hubby said no to it. But I loved that Rice and some great little shops were across the street. I love being able to walk to stuff. It makes being a Foodie more fun, because you can share a bottle of wine and walk home. We do that at Bistro Provence all the time. There are some neat things that come up on Hollow ( across Memorial from there) from time to time that look awesome.
  4. I've heard a lot of bidding war stories in the Memorial area lately. That one down the street from us apparently is going to sell for more than listing. It's crazy out there. Just when you thought it couldn't go much higher.... Biggest problem? There are not enough private high schools to house the demand, so a zoning to good public high school is a must. However, St. Francis just sent out a questionaire about building a High School and tehy will determine by the end of 2008 if they will do so.But still, not enough schools for those who want to attend them currently or in the future with the population increases.
  5. Well, I would take Kinkaid's advice then over mine. Nothing like the opinions of those who have lived in an area. I do know however that house has been off and on the market a couple times the past year for whatever reason I don't know. And there are several for sale on those streets. Kinkaid, what are they going to build in the old Antoine's lot now that the Sterling tanked?At least that wouldn't be looming over Riverbend anymore. This one came on in Hedwig. However these days you can pretty much here the I-10 Roar 24/7 north of Beinhorn. http://www.har.com/2151088
  6. Trees- Big old 60-year old Oak, Elm, Magnolia. Remember it's as close to the bayou as Memorial Park, closer in some places. There are a few pine left, but most made way for the hardwoods 40 years ago. The bayou is dense with trees along with all the specimens they have planted along the path. The trees and the lot size are what made us by our house "out here." I saw it on Har.com and made My husband look at it within hours of it's listing instructing him to bid on it if it felt as good as it looked. HE did, and I came down the next day and fell in love with the dense tree lines, HUGE Water Oak in the back yard and the lot that was gracious, green and inviting. It was so peaceful compared to The Woodlands. Best thing is, You can't see your neighbor's house behind you. Trees and fencelines are dense. 40 feet and Higher. Why don't you do that Google Streetview deal and walk the neighborhoods via internet? It will give you little idea, but certainly not the placid feel of the place. One good starting walk would be that 402 Regentview listing,77079. Walk west, then turn around and walk east. You will get a feel of the space between homes and the trees. This has always been a very "nice" place, but more upper-middle class than upper (kinda like Briargrove was 10 years ago). It's values just went flat for a while during the crash. The rebirth has been trickling west for a few years now, 2004 prices started to move upwards and now this place is starting to take off even more with the EC. The closer to the bayou, the bigger the potential. I seriously question whether we will ever move. With a city this size it's hard to find quiet, green and close. Quiet being the hardest. Edit: 402 Regentview just went pending after 3 days on the market. I had a feeling it would go quick.
  7. They are cracking down for the Westchase cleanup. Just got this email on Monday. I am a member of the Houston Police Department's Westside Tactical Unit. We have been conducting police enforcement activity around the Lakeside Estates Apartments. I wanted to let you know about the Keep Houston Safe Campaign. The Police Department will have a kickoff and press conference on May 8 (Thursday) at 9:00 a.m. at the Food Town located at Wilcrest and Briar Forest. The Chief or an Executive Chief representative will be speaking. There will be representatives from Pct 5 as well as (we hope) Councilwoman Pam Holmes. The HPD Command Post Vehicle will be deployed for a few days starting Thursday at the Food Town. There will be an increase in police activity for the next few months. The press conference is open for anyone to attend. Please pass the word if anyone in your subdivision would like to attend. Thank you for your continued support for our efforts in the area. Capt Gerstner and Lt Kubiak forwarded the emails you wrote. The officers who work the area are always thrilled to see the public support for their actions. If we can serve you in the future, please contact me. Randy Randal Jeansonne, Senior Police Officer
  8. Scott we are over here in Wilchester/Yorkshire. We are doing the Gulf and Basco windows with the mullions inbetween the panes in the back. Pella's Dura-last wood, single hung on the front for the curb appeal. I just like the mullions on the exterior of the panes on these old houses. But to do the whole house would be like buying a lung. We are also having EAS (Efficent Attic SOlutions) spray insulate the house to get us up to 15 inches. Still on the fence about the radiant barrier thing. BUt the windows and insulation alone should make a big difference this summer.
  9. Any part of inner Houston that gets good and possitive national press work for me.
  10. On top of there always being a newer house down the street, I think it's because no house is allowed to break-out of its neighborhood price point. Everything on the street must be within 10k of each other. With a pool, tack on 40,000 more than the house without a pool. It's like buying a house using The Kelly Blue Book. Improvements are a non-refundable personal pleasure. The land/lot in the Woodlands does not appreciate. This situation keeps things stagnant. Also, there really isn't an "IT" zip code or large "IT" neighborhood to drive an area to break into another dimension of priciness or exclusivity. Most houses in Houston are going through a second or third life. Each one on the street at a different level or life cycle phase. This allows for appreciation of the dwelling that has been continually improved. It's not uncommon to see a 450,000 ranch sitting next to a 1.5 million dollar house that has been gutted and added on to. The location accounts for the appreciation of the lot/land. School districts, location and exclusivity have created many "IT" neighborhoods in Houston. They are all built out, so resale doesn't bother anyone, and the choices are finite.
  11. Ugh. Who is charge of all this and WHY did they have to paint them? They looked nice enough just beige and grey. I think we should all take pictures of these things and post them. Next time I go up to 10, I'lltake my camera. Funny thing is this is technically the Energy Corridor....and they are painting the underpasses green. Who didn't buy their carbon credits around here and this is the pay back?
  12. I don't know if many of you have noticed that they are starting to paint the underpasses on many of the finished sections of I-10. Some they painted blue bonnets in the star, but ours is PUKE green. The whole entire underpass looks like the avocado appliance color from the 70's.At first we thought it was just a primer, but it looks like its here to stay. Does each area get a theme, and we got Nausea?
  13. Quick post beforethe kids get up and we do the whole school thing. The houses up near Memorial Dr. hear a roar. As you go back towards the park it gets quieter and quieter. Other than mowers and blowers on Thursdays and Fridays, all we hear back here are birds, trees and the a kid yelling from time to time. It's exceedingly peaceful. I know what you mean about the 6000 sf house. Yikes. But that house 1.5 miles east would be worth 1.7. I think the villages still hold great value but...YOu have the new issue of the "new" old house going into resale. HOuses built in the 80's or 90's. It seems to make the old "old" house worth less and the value is only in the lot.Great deals aren't to be had and there are reasons why certain ones sit at what looks like a good price. West of the Beltway may or may not take off even more.It's always a gamble. But with the Energy Corridor and CityCentre going the way it is, along with the population boom, the strong schools, it seems like it might go in our favor. But like you, we made our first good run with a house in Tanglewood that helped us with all our other purchases. My SIL, who is an agent, already told me she had a client who would pay 150 than what we bought this house for last year. But since that is just a little more than our improvements (and the fact I love it here) we said no. MOre later, there go the alarms.Boys to be fed.
  14. uh, Reverse commuting from 77024,056,057, 079, (edit to expound)or coming in from points farther west and south is a heck of a lot easier than battling the way east. The top new guys, or what will become the next generation "old gaurd," live primarily in these areas for families and cost. And what better way to gain new employees than to park near cheaper housing and good schools?
  15. Like that area Mpro but have three reasons I personally wouldn't buy there. 1) HISD schooling. 2) Not a real walkable, kid-friendly bikeable neighborhood. You have to go out and onto Voss to get to other neighborhoods. Voss has turned into a traffic packed freeway the last few years 3) Big time flood issues, and the ground makes foundations problems chronic over there. PS- I used to live over in Tanglewood for around 12 years. Love that part of town. But you get a little locked in by the major traffic streets. Actually I LOVE the true Memorial Villages, but I personally see more possible appreciation West of the Beltway. The villages are just so pricey for what you get, and the older homes are pretty much at the height of what they will ever be worth.Also, their village tax adds to your annual bill. And once again, the villages are mostly one lane streets off major roads. Most of my friends live in the Villages, and do admit that Memorial HS is snootier than Stratford. The reality is that the Villages are two miles from my front door and we all go to the same Randalls. I drive the boys to school in Piney Point every day, a whole whooping 5 miles. Where I would buy if I could IN the villages? Tynewood or Marchmont. The villages were out for us in our search because we needed livable in SBISD, and wanted it on a big lot for under 1 million, and Hubby won't live anywhere near open culverts....or Gessner This is an interesting listing west of the Beltway. I think its over priced right now. But if you could get it lower, I think it would be a real winner. http://www.har.com/1677200 Here's the one that backs to the park. The houses to the west of it are easily worth 1.2 and up.Lots of possibilites http://www.har.com/5840349 One in Gaywood where the lot makes up most of the value. New construction has hit this neighborhood hard. http://www.har.com/6059105 neat Street clinging to the edge of the Villages http://www.har.com/5477381 The reason I talked so much about those listing west of 8 is because you said around the Energy Corridor. And the park really adds to the charm, walkability and kidtasticness of the area.
  16. No joke.Every week almost it seems a new project is announced. Density in West Houston is arriving soon. I'm really kind of shocked to see if keep pace with Uptown construction. Not the same upscale condo towers, but the same amount of construction. BUt who knows, maybe the condo towers will hit here one day too.
  17. Oh Niche......what can I say. We all love our places don't we? Mpbro, 15,000 sf lot in this area is getting a little pricie these days. I don't know what your price range is, but I can tell you where to find those size lots. Houses in Western Memorial have increased almost 200k since 2004 in most places. We bought 1/2 an acre in Yorkshire last year, right across the street from Terry Hershy, the now groomed and hilly park that runs along Buffalo Bayou from Beltway 8 to Highway 6. All I can say is that it's awesome, quiet, green and very private yet with kids biking and collecting creatures from the bayou,.Its 1 mile from Town and Country and the new CityCentre, and using the WestPark it's 10 minutes to the Galleria. These houses are going fast, there are four left in here, one which backs to Memorial. It's the biggest turn over this little subdivision has had in years. It used to be one every few years would come on the market. Orginal owners love it so much they never moved and the houses are immaculate. Lately though the 65 plus crowd (most upwards of 80) is moving out and into smaller digs (these houses range from 3500 sf to 6500sf), young families coming in and totally remodelling. I can honestly say about every 3rd or 4th house is currently being updated on one thing or another this spring. But 402 Regentview just went on the market and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have that lot. House is move-in condition, but can certainly be easily tweaked. Wilchester West is slightly less expensive, but its lot's are seldom over 11,000 sf and those are hard to find. North side of Memorial runs about 150k less than south side, lots 8-9500 sf. Nottingham Forest is awesome, and less expensive, but bigger lots are rare as well. Some places off Rancho Bauer and White Wing have almost a full acre, but its a weird little area. Kinda messy and culverts and standing water...which REALLY isn't good with the mosquitos when you are near Buffalo Bayou. Gaywood has the same situation, but it's getting McMansionized BIG time. This area is really booming right now because of oil and companies relocating and building Class A high rises and the CityCentre and Memorial Hermann and people moving in from the burbs ...etc etc etc. Rule of thumb on lot size,: All the bigger ones are South of Memorial, yet North of the Bayou. Schools are incredible. All of them. West of Dairy Ashford the school district changes from Spring Branch to Houston ISD or KAty ISD. Most people would say that the "Memorial" neighborhood ends at Dairy Ashford because SBISD ends there. South of Buffalo Bayou is all HISD and would be considered transitional in places and downright low-income apartments in other. If you need anymore info let me know. Easy for me to scope out a house you are interested in on the morning walk with the border collies. My husband grew up here and its still pretty much the same. Laid back and private, yet full of families who are really comfortable with themselves. Most have and will live here upwards of 30 years. There are tons who have returned here to raise their own kids. I haven't experienced any "keeping up the with jones" stuff I lived with on a daily basis in the Woodlnds.
  18. Sleep in til 7:00 am. Yeah that's late for us. Long morning of coffee and internet reading. TV for the kids. Weekly walk in Terry Hershey with the whole gang. 3-5 miles depending on the amount of whining. Cracking the whip over the homework. Then hanging by the pool,reading, or watching the reptile collecting down in the bayou,chasing 8-12 dirty boys out of the house by 5:30. Clean up the mess. BBQ Reality TV Zonked by 10pm.
  19. I'm glad we bought out here in last year. Housing prices have been rising steadily. Lot's of remodeling and massive gutting going on as well.
  20. I think that I-10 W is the Metro area with the biggest "growth." It has changed greatly in the past 5 years. McMansionization has started as well, but the lots are a little bigger so it's not quite as bad as inner loops areas. Lots of other areas in town are shuffling and revamping existing spaces, but there really isn't anywhere to grow.
  21. I just feel really sorry for his children. His youngest two are at my sons' school. Fortunately the school is really trying to make it as easy for them, socially, as possible. However when Roger shows up at events, the kid's are the first to go up and question about the drugs. Now we got this....
  22. 1.After being gone three year, I was shocked at the number of cars on the road. It's crazy. People honking while parked at green lights in the Galleria area, like it was Manhattan. 2.Cranes, cranes and more cranes- all over the West Side. 3. Old neighborhoods that no one would touch 5 years ago are now "HOT." 4. You now have to circle the parking lot at Randall's to find a space....any space.
  23. Between Knipp and Strey it's pretty sweet. My favorite house in Memorial is on Shasta. Somebody bought a few acres on bayou, graded and landscaped it to look like Virgina and put a farm style house on it. However, living in Western Memorial, right by the bayou ain't half bad either. Super quiet, big lots and a real grid-pattern neighborhood, unlike most of the one shot lanes throughout Memorial. I'll always have a soft spot for Little Tanglewood as well. That's where the kids were babies and I spent hours pushing that baby jogger. Good times.
  24. Memorial. For the big trees, breathing space between houses,excellent school district that keeps property values high and the location.
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