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  1. Sorry guys, need to go by and figure out which lot/structure i'm asking about. Will bump this on Monday!
  2. Yes, that's the one. New building that is under construction in the lot next to Omega Dental where South Beach is. Sorry I thought Sudden Impact owned both of those and still had something of their own.
  3. So what happened here? There is something going up next to Sudden Impact in what I believe is the lot discussed in this thread, but definitely not homes being built.
  4. At least there is a Pokestop on that lot! Does that count as retail?
  5. Restaurants can serve alcohol from 10am to noon on Sunday in conjunction with food. Also sporting venues, fairs, festivals and wineries can serve before noon. I believe I have gotten alcohol before 7am on a weekday at the United Lounge, but I didn't pay for it. The law states "sale/service of alcohol" so i assume free alcohol is not allowed either. Per TABC: ON-PREMISE LICENSE OR PERMIT (E.G. BAR OR RESTAURANT) Monday-Friday: 7am-midnight Saturday: 7am-1am (Sunday morning) Sunday: Noon to midnight. (10am-noon only in conjunction with the service of food) If the establishment is in a city or county legal for late hours, and they have a late hours permit, they can sell alcohol for on-premise consumption until 2am any night of the week.
  6. I assume this is going to be the second location, there is one in the Woodlands with the same name. I went before a show once, food and drink were good but nothing spectacular.
  7. Light at Gillette is flashing red as of yesterday. Should be active soon. They are bulldozing the old westbound lanes around there, redoing it for the new parking lane. Will be interesting to see what state it is all in for the July 4th celebrations.
  8. Has anyone tried HopDoddy? I've never been in Austin either...
  9. I'm wondering if it was the Buffalo Bayou Partnership that drove the move, or Free Press? From what I read last year, most saw NRG as a success and it was at capacity. Would it be cheaper there, so they did a bait and switch again? Or was it due to safety concerns? Half of the ACLs of late have been mud fests. Or did the folks on the Buffalo Bayou side push them out? Not sure we'll ever know.
  10. FREE PRESS SUMMER FESTIVAL 2016 TO RELOCATE TO NRG PARK AFTER STORMS SATURATE ELEANOR TINSLEY PARK FESTIVAL WILL GO ON AS PLANNED JUNE 4 AND 5 I'm selling two GA wristbands if anyone is interested PM me. Not being able to walk there is a deal breaker for me, though I really like the lineup.
  11. Very disappointing to wake up to this announcement: FREE PRESS SUMMER FESTIVAL 2016 TO RELOCATE TO NRG PARK AFTER STORMS SATURATE ELEANOR TINSLEY PARK FESTIVAL WILL GO ON AS PLANNED JUNE 4 AND 5 Rode the bayou today, the grass and everything is fine. Just took rain and drained like its designed to. Allen Parkway is looking good, they are making progress.
  12. today the intersection at taft fully opened (you can take a left from westbound Allen to Taft and a right from Taft to go westbound). Gillette light and crosswalk are next i assume. I was interesting to see that there isn't a light at Gillette for the new 'parking lane'. But there is a left turn signal from eastbound Allen at Gillette and an opening to get to the parking lane. Is that parking area going to be so slow its just a yield with no light?
  13. There has been some discussion in the Buffalo Bayou master plan thread on FPSF and how the Allen parkway construction will impact it. I thought this forum would be more appropriate. They released the festival map on the app (not on the website yet). It appears similar to the layout from 2014, going from just west of Gillette in to downtown. One stage appears to be utilizing the amphitheater and there are 3 stages around Sam Houston Park in downtown. Only 5 stages total (hasn't there been 6 the last few years?). Also they have all of Allen highlighted as well as the greenspace between Allen and the bayou. Will be interesting on how much of the parkway they will be able to utilize. Apologies this is a screenshot from my phone, but it gives an idea.
  14. Several students painted a mural on the south wall of the parking garage last weekend. They are still working on some of the highlights/details.
  15. I agree there is potential for several bottlenecks that will hinder the flow of festival goers moving from stage to stage. 2 years ago they seemed to have finally gotten it right leaving enough room between the stages and beer/food vendors. This caused them to elongate the festival a bit. It will probably depend on how much of the north side of Allen they will be able to use, but even at its current state I think it can be worked out if its laid out properly.
  16. Here is the original thread on the subject: Warning: lots of "fun" discussion on Islam, no rendering of the originally proposed Islamic Center. But gives a timeline of when they acquired and when the decision was made to build in Toronto. Last real news in that thread is from May 2013 when Aga Khan stated that the center was a few years out and the land would be turned in to a "sports complex". I remember they put a fence up and did a little bit of work to clear things up, have a half-ass volleyball court that is in ruins and I never saw used. Really no change there in almost 3 years. they do mow the grass on occasion.
  17. The live cam also has a link to a timelapse video on the top right that is definitely worth checking out. Very cool to see how the basement was done and built on to.
  18. i had assumed they would add a "signal ahead" flashing indicator eastbound because of that curve. hopefully they figure it out before something catastrophic happens.
  19. Lane closures were for CoH roadwork on W Gray. No signs of any progress at Dolce... haven't seen a worker there for weeks.
  20. I'm not a fan of these metered lights but I do have a few observations. I haven't read up on implementation so this is based off what I have seen on my daily reverse commute up the Gulf. They have these metered ramps at several places, Broadway, Monroe, Airport (northbound) to name a few. Each of these entrances come directly after an exit with no light in between. In other words, to avoid traffic on the freeway you can exit Broadway and get back on without hitting a light. From what I have noticed, they metered ramp light is only active when the freeway is close to a standstill. Even if its flowing at 30mph with heavy traffic, these lights are not active. So there is never a need to punch the gas to get to highway speeds, since they are only active when the speeds on the mainlanes are very low. I don't think these hurt in any way on the Gulf, given how rarely they are active. The goal seems to be for people in the right lane of the main lanes to allow people entering from the feeder to come in one at a time. And what they do is keep people like me from getting on the feeder just to try to pass people on the main lanes, and reduce the amount of cars merging in to heavy traffic (i won't exit if i see the warning light blinking in the distance because i know it will take longer to get back on).
  21. skwatra

    Car Talk

    My brother waited in line for 3 hours in SF to put his refundable deposit down (i guess if you went in person you got earlier in the delivery queue). If Texas would include this model in the $2500 tax incentive this model would be $35K minus $7.5K federal incentive plus a potential state incentive.
  22. seems faded to me, like paint wearing off.
  23. If I went there I would be passing two other Whole Foods to get there so never even considered it. But l see they have their own brews so may have to check that out! Ok I'll stop hijacking the HEB thread now. Which I am excited about because we are planning to move to Bellaire in a few years once the kiddo's reach school age.
  24. Cool, I haven't been there and didn't think about the fact that it was two stories.
  25. Does that mean houston will get it's first cart escalator??
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