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  1. Personally I wouldn't live in either but here's my two cents: If both are modern houses, well insulated, with double pane windows and you don't spend much time outdoors then either will do. (Since most homes in that area have postage stamp size backyards, being outside is probably not a priority). Yes when the wind is out of the south you will smell the treatment plant and you will feel the rumble of the train in either location, but you will get used to it and luckily train whistles are no longer an issue.
  2. I think it's young people everywhere and I blame it on social media. They cannot go more then 2 minutes without checking their phones. Not a day goes by that I don't pass someone whose focus is on their phone instead of the road. I'm sure it's worse in a university town like CS.
  3. Lockmat, I honestly don't know if building 7 had truss construction and really don't have a good explanation why it collapsed. The Towers collapse are understandable, building 7 other then just plain shoddy construction should not have happened.
  4. But we are not talking about large steal beams. We are talking about lightweight truss construction. Truss members are dependent on one another. If one element fails it can compromise the other parts and lead to failure of the entire span. Truss is built for light loads and only as strong as it's connectors. Once one floor gives way the floor under it is likely to fail with the additional weight.
  5. To me it's always been Montrose. But Taft may me a better choice.
  6. I agree. This was to big of an event to cover-up. No way our government could have been involved without something slipping out and no way individuals could been involved without something coming out by now. I agree, two planes causing that much destruction does not seem possible. While watching events unfold that fateful morning the LAST thing I thought of was the buildings collapsing. I'm sure it was the last thing on the police and firefighters minds responding also. But it did happen and hopefully we shall learn from it. I grew up with the Kennedy assassination. In my early years I coul
  7. I'm sorry but there was no conspiracy. Shoddy building construction, yes, but even with cutting corners and not always following building codes the buildings were never meant to withstand planes running into them. No building is. I agree fire can not melt or bend steel but it can distort it and when your talking about "truss construction" it doesn't take much. Personally I don't believe truss construction should be allowed in ANY building but also realize they could not have built such a tall building without using light weight trusses because of the sheer weight. A lot of firefighter lives
  8. 3.5 hours? Glad I didn't go. I hate long lines. Besides I've been in there at least a hundred times in my life and would probably been very disappointed to see it in such despair. Enjoying all the pictures though and would have liked to have seen Cruuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzz.
  9. Still don't get root sports with my Dish Network. Did get the Biggio ticket package that included yesterday's opener. It was a good one. Looking forward to the season for the first time in a long while.
  10. I remember that place. Near it was a small Italian restaurant where I had my first Calzone. They were really good.
  11. Not mention Cuban and Puerto Rican. Okay I'll give you that. Hispanics can be very diverse but your idea of diversity and mine are completely different. I will say I used to work near the Gulfton area but haven't been around there in at least 5 years. Maybe it's changed but I can't imagine the area improving any. Not without tearing down a whole bunch of run down apartments.
  12. Oh I've been to Gulfton. Too many times. And I'm not talking about Fiesta. I'm talking about Gulfton. It's not any where near the most diverse Houston area. Just because an area is not loaded with blacks and latinos does not mean it's not diverse. Fiesta attracts many many ethnic groups. That's why I love Fiesta. They have everything.
  13. I loved Phar-Mor. They were super cheap. Shopped at the one at 59 and Gessner. Don't remember the one in Meyer Park. Perhaps it opened right before they went out of business and just didn't last long. Of course none of them lasted to long. To bad they were mismanaged and went bankrupt.
  14. From what I've heard HEB has purchased the whole center and will be tearing most of it down to build the new store.
  15. I don't consider the Gulfton area "diverse". Sugar Land is diverse. Gulfton is just a ghetto pretty much controlled by Hispanic gangs. I do remember when it was new and had disco clubs and a party atmosphere. I had a lot of friends that lived in the area. But the apartments were cheaply built and not maintained so it was inevitable it would succumb to the poor. They are probably still paying more then it's worth. I don't blame it becoming a ghetto on "class" so much as typical Houston slum lords.
  16. Oops. My mistake. Had a senior moment. It was Jet Blue. They were super and just as cheap as Southwest.
  17. I flew Virgin for the first time last year and really liked them. Wish they had more routes out of Hobby, especially towards the West.
  18. Restore it to what? It hasn't changed in 60 years. Go back to wood bleachers instead of metal?
  19. I would suggest Quadrophenia but that name is reserved for my own copter whenever I purchase one.
  20. Probably one in 5 on the north side of town.
  21. Really cool. I have got to get one of those. Of course I will probably crash it on the first run.
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