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  1. I was doing the math myself, at the same time I read your post. Yeah, that's gotta be a placeholder amount, no way that type bldg should cost that much.
  2. He was. When we decided to dabble in the door finishing business (which eventually turned into a significant business for us), he introduced me to several (and I can remember him saying this) "people I needed to know".
  3. What a great photo! Many years ago, I was friends (both personal & business) with Ralph Davidson. How are you related?
  4. This is a high-rise, not a mid-rise. Twenty plus floors. And there is not anything like this in the area. That's what they were complaining about. Plus the added traffic.
  5. My company was on this very spot back in the 1970s. Until we burned to the ground on June 21, 1977. That's when we moved to 813 McKee (see my comments in the "Warehouse District" thread). We were at 2308 Polk, in an old wooden warehouse/office bldg. We owned the bldg, but the land was leased from Southern (Union?) Pacific. They had an active rail line, and we leased on their ROW. We had several other bldgs in that area, along Bell, Hutchins, Leeland, and Pease. The Houston Post was right across the street from us. Very sketchy area. You did not want to be there after dark, not by yourself. But times change! I still have some mementos from back then. Here is a letter that sorta survived the fire...
  6. The Dallas Fed is one of the Federal Reserve BANKS. Ours is a branch, and technically a part of the Dallas Fed. I remember the brouhaha when our branch initially had wording on it stating it was a part of the Dallas Region. With Houstonians love for Dallas, it was non-stop complaining until it was removed.
  7. All this time, and it's affordable housing? Plot twist indeed. If most of what Urban Genesis does is this, I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned before now.
  8. Thanks for the updates. Is this the first time we've seen it referred to as "student housing"? The conjecture was it would be some kind of high-end townhouse/apt building. That's a really pricey area for student housing.
  9. Is that address literally right next door to the Revere? Maybe my Map-Fu is screwed up.
  10. Interesting looking building, in a prime spot (besides the fact traffic sucks right there). It's funny, just last week my wife & I were driving to a Seder just down the street, and commenting on how the area could use more medical buildings (really!). Dense part of town, large mature population, and it's a PITA to have to drive into the TMC. We're just waiting for the one on Westheimer (near Wesleyan) to open, just to see who's in it. Yes, I know, I'm old. 🤒 My former company was very active in HACM, now known as NACM Southwest. It's a trade association of credit managers, we were part of the Building Materials group (my CM was the head of it for several years). They owned that bldg free & clear, but several events converged. One, the building needed an enormous amount of work, it was really old. ADA rehab, code updates, etc. Second, the land was worth far more than the bldg. Lastly, the membership was moving farther from the city core, like much of Houston, and more members were outside the Loop, and even the Tollway, than inside. The location, once a huge plus, was now a drag. They made a boatload of money when they sold it, which can be a real problem for a 501(c)6. They moved to the west side of Houston. I've reached out to the former Exec Director of HACM to see what she knows.
  11. That makes more sense. Then they could look down on the Audi buyers.
  12. We lived (rented) on Lexington for a couple years, back in the late 1980s. Between Hazard & Woodhead. Backed up to the freeway. Our kids were little, and they loved to sit on the concrete ledges and wave at the people driving by. Highlight was getting a truck to pull its horn. That area seems far too under-infrastructured to support a high rise. I guess it would depend on which part of Lexington it was built on. Good guess if you hit it!
  13. Hmm, no location given. Any ideas? "Call or email us to learn more about our next phase of boutique luxury living in River Oaks! Introducing The Lexington."
  14. I *think* they were using it for the construction workers. Lunch area, tool storage, meetings, etc. Now that the primary const phase is complete... *poof*.
  15. And a reminder that this Saturday is the Art Car Parade. As usual, lining up along Allen Parkway. Starts a little later than the past, lineup at 11am, parade starts at 2pm. I'll be riding in the Hippo Car. Come by and say hi!
  16. Is this listing different than this thread? I'm confused, they have the same address.
  17. I'm not feeling any schadenfreude. They're just cars, some of which the buyers have been waiting for months. And a significant number of them were VWs. You know, the "People's Wagon".
  18. Some things never change... When we worked there, people would often try to go the wrong way on that little stub of McKee, to get to the freeway ramps. Otherwise, you had to drive a couple hundred feet and do a U-turn. The problem was cars coming off that ramp are going... fast! We had one employee who got hit twice (yes, twice!) doing the U-turn. He was an effing idiot. He was smart enough not to drive the wrong way on McKee, but that's all he was smart enough for. Thanks for posting these pictures. I don't get by as often as I would like.
  19. The premium German auto manuf do both. They have a good inventory of stock vehicles for people that want a car. Now. And they have well-established build-to-order programs for that type buyer. My X3 was custom ordered. My wife's Cayenne was right off the lot. And thanks to the pandemic, everything I just typed gets thrown out the window.
  20. When we were looking at condos in 2018, we looked at 2727 Kirby. We weren't fans of the building, so it didn't matter, but one of the things our realtor warned us about was this little square of land. He said something will be built one day, and you may not like it next door to your condo. Five stories isn't bad, I think the units start above that.
  21. Now open, per an email I rec'd from them... https://www.momentumporsche.com/
  22. https://sonicmomentumporsche.cms.dealer.com/dealership/new-location.htm Says it's opening next month.
  23. Funny you ask... I was driving by it again this week (I live practically next door) and noticed nothing going on. The flags are still there, but no trucks, no people, no nothing. I'll try to get some pics in a few days. I'm always driving when I go by, and try to focus on driving and not other distractions. But I should be able to pull over and get some. As far as what it's part of, since everything (according to Marketing) that's inside the Loop is "River Oaks", I'm sure that's the main focus. It is (IMHO) closer to Greenway Plaza than RO. There was a news story earlier this week about a shooting at a "River Oaks apartment complex". But in digging down, it was located at San Felipe & 610. But hey... that's River Oaks! 🙄
  24. The tunnels built for Memorial Park's Land Bridge are scheduled to open this spring to traffic. Runners with the Chevron Houston Marathon will get a sneak peek this Sunday, January 16. Eyewitness News learned the south tunnel will be used as part of the race. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/01-11-22-game-changing-memorial-park-tunnels-debut-in-big-weekend-marathon/
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