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  1. just a general comment, but this kind of sums up why Houston is so frustrating for me. How is Washington Ave not a designated walkable space?
  2. Happy to see this is still going in as planned. Been looking forward to it.
  3. This was from the Buffalo Heights thread in going up.
  4. Fair points and I too myself am curious in general. You are correct that the crowd whom Washington typically attracts is not for me, and I often find that these "elevated" social experience places like "Punch Bowl" don't offer great value relative to their cost. The Optimist, maybe one day? But their concept isn't something I typically seek out. Also, I am of the opinion that any outside concept that comes to Houston is almost assuredly going to be a downgrade from the original. Case in point: Gus's across the street. I love Gus's and have eaten at locations in 5+ cities, and EVER
  5. Really loving the design effort put into this and lucky to have it so close.
  6. Are you questioning if I would visit the projected tenants? I didn't say they were bad, I just said I likely wouldn't visit any of them. I can still like the building right? There are many places on Washington I have not visited and likely never will (lived in the area for 6+ yrs), doesn't make them all bad, just not for me.
  7. This looks really nice. I'll likely never visit the projected tenants but this building is a clear upgrade to the corridor.
  8. So that pretty much covers everything except industrial and hotels 😕. Covid is really making an impact. This section is going to be rough.
  9. This could be said for the bulk of the Washington corridor redevelopment.
  10. That's unfortunate, was really hoping for some good news on this development. I suspect 100 waugh is even further back on the back burner given the state of the office space sector.
  11. Edited: I was looking at the wrong side. Hoping as others the park gets an improvement along with the Endowment building.
  12. I'm fairly certain this does not affect that area of Spotts Park at all.
  13. Thanks for the update! To the actual update itself....yay
  14. They seem to overlap anyway I appreciate all of these updates and wanted to share 👍
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