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  1. Yes there is active work going on now. Most I've seen since the announcement. Doesn't seem close though.
  2. I know it was noted on the layout, but the driveway access from the eastbound feeder has been installed.
  3. 100% agree, anyone here of anything of note going in here? I recall a nail and a hair placed I think.
  4. If a good developer scoops this up I'll be very happy.
  5. One small step towards acting like a normal city. Maybe one day we will figure out the mystical process of repaving roads (or at least patching them like we give a sh$t).
  6. The ones over at the NorthBank site. Said something about regrading the lot and building a retaining wall.
  7. I think that is the apartment entrance? People on NextDoor are saying that work at the NorthBank site is just a parking lot per the construction workers.
  8. Nextdoor has a post that HEB delivery has been pushed out to 2020. Anyone else hear this or have a link?
  9. Thanks @skooljunkie I'll have to check out that site. I've long been curious if there is data on when streets were completely repaved last in Houston. I assume not?
  10. So happy to see the BH spread is already happening. Hoping whoever scoops up that parcel develops it with cohesion of Northbank/100 Waugh and BH in mind. There is a great oppty here and I'm hoping it isn't wasted. The full BH site plan, while likely an early concept, is exciting.
  11. This might be one of the longest demos I have seen. Going on 2 months now.
  12. Super late on this reply, but a light rail line down Washington or Center is a poor comparison to a 4-5 story elevated structure that the HSR would have required (built OVER the existing UP ROW). Not to mention, the HSR line would not have served the Washington corridor residents whereas a light rail would on a daily basis. Most residents, including myself, were in favor of a local train service going through the neighborhood and connecting NW Transit centers with Downtown.
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