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  1. That's unfortunate, was really hoping for some good news on this development. I suspect 100 waugh is even further back on the back burner given the state of the office space sector.
  2. Edited: I was looking at the wrong side. Hoping as others the park gets an improvement along with the Endowment building.
  3. I'm fairly certain this does not affect that area of Spotts Park at all.
  4. Thanks for the update! To the actual update itself....yay
  5. They seem to overlap anyway I appreciate all of these updates and wanted to share 👍
  6. Compliments of @hindesky
  7. Really enjoying the design of Heights Mercantile!
  8. Waiting to see renderings, assume this is a full demo and new build. Hope they forgo the the setback and put the parking in the back.
  9. Would it incentivize them to not line them up with telephone poles in the middle too?
  10. Looking forward to this! If it's not the Heights, just move it, or move the rest back. Why move some and not all? (Just asking for consistency)
  11. Same question as in the Sawyer Yards thread, why is this still in "Heights" when all other Washington Corridor threads are moved to "Other Neighborhoods"
  12. Visitor

    Sawyer Yards

    For consistency, why is this still in the Heights forum? Seems like all Washington corridor threads are migrating to "Other Neighborhoods" (which I don't necessarily agree with, but consistency is the real key)
  13. With regard consistency, why was only this topic moved to "Other Houston Neighborhoods" from "The Heights"? It can't be based on location as there are many Washington Corridor threads still living in "The Heights"
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