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  1. Thanks for sharing this preso and information. Patterson and Washington do need a safe pedestrian/bike crossing area. Just recently made the cross there to go lunch at Miyako (walking). Eliminating the auto turning capability here seems like a bit much, especially considering only Shepherd/Durham and then Yale can cross the tracks. I also have zero faith COH will not make the addition of that median look like a third world mess. Fully expect them to follow the city motto of "Good 'nuff" Removing the parking on the section between I-10 & Washington is just going to push those cars into the even smaller side streets. (Eli, Schuler, Koehler, etc) I know Houston loves its ditches, but those areas could provide ample street parking if culverted. Hard to believe a 3-4' culvert would carry that much less water. The street parking on Patterson does however make crossing that stretch a harrowing experience. Accidents are pretty regular. Will be following to see what actually comes of this. Doesn't sound like there is a real timeline or approval?
  2. Visitor

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    I dont know why I even waste the time reading or watching Metros plans. I dont think they will ever convince me that a Bus is a real mass transit option.
  3. Visitor

    Lower Heights District

    So based on these renderings/detail there will be office space, apartments, a movie theater, a Michael's, west elm, and at least one giant parking lot. Missing anything?
  4. Visitor

    Shepherd 10 Business Park @ 600 N Shepherd Dr

    If they add that many lights I can guarantee there will be at least one less car that ever goes down either street
  5. Visitor

    Lower Heights District

    Yes it is. Hoping we can call it impressively designed and vast one day and hopefully before I move away.
  6. Visitor

    Lower Heights District

    I appreciate the photos, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that it's still just a pile of dirt.
  7. Visitor

    HEB at 23rd & Shepherd (Formerly Fiesta)

    I just drove by here over the weekend. I do like the look and the idea of building over the parking lot. I wish more infill developments did this. Then they could have their 3 acre parking lots without loss of dev oppty.
  8. Visitor

    5701 Washington Avenue

    I will be pleasantly surprised if the hardscaping and landscaping looks anything like those renderings.
  9. Visitor

    Shepherd 10 Business Park @ 600 N Shepherd Dr

    Yes, looks like it. Although the photos in the article all from all over developments.
  10. Visitor

    Shepherd 10 Business Park @ 600 N Shepherd Dr

    What an upgrade! Why can't I shake the feeling this is not actually going happen?
  11. Visitor

    Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    If bike lanes are what it takes to get some re-pavement work done (especially the stretch of Waugh from Allen parkway to Gray, and even Westheimer) then I'm behind it. The road management in the city core of Houston is just laughable. By far the worst of the 7+ cities I've lived in. And those included very warm climates and very cold climates alike. Knowing Houston they will just slap some lines on the ground and call it a bike lane. Our motto should be "the good enough!" City
  12. Visitor

    1818 Washington Ave.

    Structured parking?!?!? Don't they know this is Houston and 4 acre parking lots in front of the buildings are how things are done here? Joking aside, I'm really excited for this development and I too would like to see them build the structure from the start. Looking forward to groundbreaking so 1818 becomes a reality and not another missed oppty.
  13. Are these phase 2? I dont recall retail space in this initial phase? As I looked through the site more, they appear to show images of 100 Waugh. Further supports my thought this entire area will be more cohesively developed and dubbed Buffalo Heights.
  14. Visitor

    Lower Heights District

    New dirt is nice, but I'd like to see site plans and renderings I at least need to know if i should keep following this or just throw in the towel.
  15. Visitor

    110 S Heights Blvd

    This plus the block that houses porch swing pub and luxor or whatever that dump is called.