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  1. Really enjoying the design of Heights Mercantile!
  2. Waiting to see renderings, assume this is a full demo and new build. Hope they forgo the the setback and put the parking in the back.
  3. Would it incentivize them to not line them up with telephone poles in the middle too?
  4. Looking forward to this! If it's not the Heights, just move it, or move the rest back. Why move some and not all? (Just asking for consistency)
  5. Same question as in the Sawyer Yards thread, why is this still in "Heights" when all other Washington Corridor threads are moved to "Other Neighborhoods"
  6. Visitor

    Sawyer Yards

    For consistency, why is this still in the Heights forum? Seems like all Washington corridor threads are migrating to "Other Neighborhoods" (which I don't necessarily agree with, but consistency is the real key)
  7. With regard consistency, why was only this topic moved to "Other Houston Neighborhoods" from "The Heights"? It can't be based on location as there are many Washington Corridor threads still living in "The Heights"
  8. Um, good 'nuff is the Houston anthem...
  9. I was just being a little snarky I have my own personal feelings on how things get done, or don't, here in Houston and this was just too good of an opportunity to pass up for a comment.
  10. So they didn't really create bike lanes, just shared road space which is a legal obligation anyway. Now it is just clearly marked for drivers to ignore 😏
  11. The only Court Street I found was north of Washington and ran from Washington to the UP tracks.
  12. Excited the HEB is open, but I'm more anxious to hear about phase II and the larger plan for both the remaining Archstone apartments and the area between HEB and Gordy & Sons. On the Buffalo Heights site they reference "Outdoor enthusiasts, anglers, and explorers will love trekking through the incredible adventure gear and outerwear at ultra-luxe, Gordy & Sons Outfitters" At this point Gordy & Sons IS a trek from HEB, hoping the goal is to fully redevelop the block(s) between Waugh and Yale.
  13. Visitor

    Sawyer Yards

    Just noticed the "Lifetime Fitness" logo next to Sprouts. Obviously a typo but that would have been so much better than the LA Fitness
  14. I know it was noted on the layout, but the driveway access from the eastbound feeder has been installed.
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