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  1. One small step towards acting like a normal city. Maybe one day we will figure out the mystical process of repaving roads (or at least patching them like we give a sh$t).
  2. The ones over at the NorthBank site. Said something about regrading the lot and building a retaining wall.
  3. I think that is the apartment entrance? People on NextDoor are saying that work at the NorthBank site is just a parking lot per the construction workers.
  4. Nextdoor has a post that HEB delivery has been pushed out to 2020. Anyone else hear this or have a link?
  5. Thanks @skooljunkie I'll have to check out that site. I've long been curious if there is data on when streets were completely repaved last in Houston. I assume not?
  6. So happy to see the BH spread is already happening. Hoping whoever scoops up that parcel develops it with cohesion of Northbank/100 Waugh and BH in mind. There is a great oppty here and I'm hoping it isn't wasted. The full BH site plan, while likely an early concept, is exciting.
  7. This might be one of the longest demos I have seen. Going on 2 months now.
  8. Super late on this reply, but a light rail line down Washington or Center is a poor comparison to a 4-5 story elevated structure that the HSR would have required (built OVER the existing UP ROW). Not to mention, the HSR line would not have served the Washington corridor residents whereas a light rail would on a daily basis. Most residents, including myself, were in favor of a local train service going through the neighborhood and connecting NW Transit centers with Downtown.
  9. Outside of feeling bad for the homes near this new bar, this excerpt is the most interesting component. Any idea where I can find more info on the street widening and bike lane? I've been following the Patterson bike lane topic and thread on HAIF. There is supposed to be a West End Civic club meeting update on the bike lane this Thursday.
  10. In case anyone was interested in a visual
  11. Yep, that happened about a month ago per the post a bit further up. They recently cut down all the trees and put up some fencing. Hoping they break ground soon. Haven't heard of any possible tenants though.
  12. Looking forward to seeing this when it is finally built in 2030...
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