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  1. Actually the first thread you linked also had a question/answer about this block too. So it's been covered in multiple threads for the area. This is definitely not part of Lower Heights, but actually listed as part of Sawyer Village (target, Sawyer heights lofts, Staples, etc) Studemont Junction, Lower Heights, and Sawyer Village projects often get incorrectly lumped together.
  2. Thanks @CrockpotandGravel. This really isnt part of Studemont Junction. Mods, perhaps this deserves it's own thread and merge the posts from the Studemont Junction thread into it? Would make it much easier to find. Or update the Sawyer Village thread.
  3. I'm not a fan of Voodoo but as a location, depending on how much of this space they grabbed, could be great. Yale/Waugh is a significant thoroughfare for commuters and this location already has a drive thru. (Sammy's speed of service was not conducive to a drive thru IMO). In all, I think this space will suit a doughnut shop better than a restaurant/cash store/dry cleaner.
  4. Apartments... https://www.spglobal.com/marketintelligence/en/news-insights/trending/yfmffssv5p0qewwdzmdvvw2 Pretty sure this has been discussed previously, but couldn't find the thread.
  5. I think these need to be merged...
  6. Limited funds are understandable, but boy oh boy is that going to be a mess to build a structure later. Not only the general construction, but the parking (with a torn up lot) will be non-existent. It's rough right now and that's without the new retail of 1818
  7. My contention was that the aforementioned list of GFR tenants was probably not conducive to this development as planned. That's all.
  8. Right, but City Centre has a large office footprint, hotels, and multiple retail locations. Lower heights doesn't have the space to accomplish something like City Centre. Buffalo Heights has a better chance.
  9. Other than Sawyer Lofts and the on-site MF, I just don't see the accessibility from a walking perspective. I believe that you get high volume pedestrian activity when there is a mix of work, live, and entertainment. Without significant "work" or even hotel traffic, it's just not going to get there. I personally live 1.2 miles from here and I'd only consider biking or driving. Especially in the summer. I actually will have a pretty good route along the bike trail, so I guess that is a win.
  10. I'd love for Houston to actually realize its potential. I just dont think the accessibility of Lower Heights is conducive to non-vehicle traffic. If it were somehow connected to downtown via rail (not bus) or ends up having a fair amount of office space then it is a different story. My personal opinion is that the surrounding area of Lower Heights basically makes it an island.
  11. Maybe you're right but I have a hard time believing that 7/11 and the fast casual food spots would garner the type of traffic needed. If Lower Heights ends up having the type of office and retail that city centre does? Then it's a different story. Walgreens is at Studemont and Washington, Mcdonalds is in front of kroger, chipotle is at heights/10, five guys is on Washington near Yale. Now the area is lacking an Einstein...
  12. I Agreeing to disagree is my favorite. 😀 But, yes, both are better than River Oaks Donuts lol
  13. These are GFR fits for a high foot traffic place like downtown. I'd be surprised if the bulk of them had any success at Lower Heights in the next 10 yrs. But man would it be awesome if development created enough walkable density here for them to work. Especially considering most of them are already within a .5 mile radius.
  14. I respectfully disagree. Krispy Kreme are gas station grade donuts 😉 If you like ultra sweet donuts hit up a shipleys in a historically Hispanic neighborhood. My experience is that those Shipleys glaze EVERY donut, similar to Krispy Kreme.
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