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  1. Yeah google takes years and years to update. Zoom maps is nice and has much more up to date images even live images if you stay far enough zoomed out.
  2. I’d rather the empty lots and parking lots get developed before older more affordable housing get replaced with complexes charging $2,500 a month for a 1-1 unit. Looks nice though.
  3. It’s closer to NRG than the one in Rosenberg .. I believe they are pretty nice gyms and rich people love corny stuff.
  4. I’m talking about the adjacent properties not the land in this development. Apparently Buffalo bayou used to be clearer but having millions o people live in its watershed kind of messed that up.
  5. Homelessness is on the rise. For every $100 increase in median rent for area there is an estimated 9% increase in homelessness.
  6. The amount of empty land out side of this gargantuan development is pretty amazing, so much potential. I really hope it is used well in the future.
  7. Money and style. People move to the Heights because they have money and want a certain aesthetic. Developments that can deliver attractive, unique, and fun architecture will attract more traffic and make more money.
  8. God almighty this is an ugly building. It looks like the abandoned and gutted hotel downtown with that exposed parking garage. Wow that building in Phoenix is bad.
  9. It looks set back far enough from Montrose that the trees might be kept. I really hope the trees are not cut down.
  10. There are literally tons of places where you can eat for under $20 a person. They aren’t going to be some hip new concept in a high rent building but there are plenty.
  11. Okay? The comment that spurred all this was someone saying that living in the core of the city isn’t desirable any more. It can be desirable to live both in the core and in the suburbs, they aren’t mutually exclusive.
  12. Maybe redo it as a pedestrian only thoroughfare. No more cars, a space for events or farmers markets and still keeping the same framing for the Renzo building.
  13. So it’s a country club without the country basically, a private restaurant?
  14. What are you basing this on? Bing inside the loop is more desirable than its ever been. I saw recently that two thirds of Houston construction was inside the loop.
  15. Not driving does not equal only walking. No one is suggesting people would be walking from the Woodlands.
  16. Ahh okay. I don’t know if they had some horrible reputation or something. I’m definitely a fan of keeping as many old homes as well. Unfortunately they have not been cared for in a long time, though if they had they might have still gotten the axe anyway.
  17. . only in Houston would someone describe a walkable and public transit friendly area as a “nightmare.” Building a giant garage is actually hurting the chances of more and or better public transportation for the area. I’m still optimistic about this project but the top floors of the Ion still sit empty. I could see future phases get delayed especially as we slide into a potential recession.
  18. Two are future phases in the Skanska project if I’m not mistaken.
  19. jmitch94

    511 Main St.

    We'll be 90% freeway after all the “just add one more lane” projects are done on the freeways. One thousand people in the core and 20 million in the suburbs. By the way this is a joke people .
  20. Since when has the fine art community actually cared for the poor and working class? All their sympathy flys out the window when money is to be made.
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