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  1. No, believe it or not I am capable of understanding that Houston will never be a medieval European city. I’m just saying that maybe we should stop using the same solutions that are not working simply because there are decades of inertia behind them. Maybe we cater the infrastructure to the needs of the people in the city instead of prioritizing suburbs.
  2. That’s called induced demand and is exactly why expanding freeways in like adding a hole on your belt to cure your obesity. You’re right I guess I can only compare Houston to Houston. Comparing one city to another is definitely apples to oranges. And don’t come back with the whole Europe was built before the automobile and America wasn’t because they tore down huge swathes of dense urban centers during the urban revival movement of the mid 20th century. “Keep calm and frac on” must mean whatever burns the most oil is the best solution.
  3. This pretty much sums up generally what I dislike about mega freeways. They prohibit walkability and create a fractured non contiguous city that encourages people to use cars as their only mode of transport.
  4. I think he meant awful in the, “this is a horrid waste of space/resources and it divides a city in two and is emblematic of our terrible public transportation and is the antithesis of good urban planning”
  5. You know damn well that the major cities in Texas will not see a single cent of that money. All of it will be funneled to rural areas because that is where the state governments voter base is and “big city bad.”
  6. Does anyone know when they plan to start with the street improvements? The streets around this project are in atrocious conditions and are downright dangerous for pedestrians to use.
  7. When are the upper floors planned to be built out? When I drive by at night it looks like the upper two floors are still empty shells waiting to be built out.
  8. Other than this development do we have any other towers downtown that are proposed but not under construction yet?
  9. It looks like a protective film that is over the cladding to protect it during install.
  10. I believe that some of those lots are owned my a Malaysian company that has no plans to sell or develop them unfortunately.
  11. A surface parking lot has potential to be something decent. This will be a storage unit facility that adds nothing to the community and will be that for decades and decades.
  12. I think I saw you taking pictures of this yesterday as I was walking my dog.
  13. They need to wrap this up, these people are clumsy as hell.
  14. Those aren’t Houston though. My biggest issue is that it’s always written off as just this one but then you get that time, after time, after time and before you know it they are all gone.
  15. Good god that is a lot of development! Here's to hoping it all come to fruition.
  16. I wonder if it is 42 residential floors with a maintenance floor above and then a concrete ceiling for the maintenance floor that is basically another floor, i.e. the roof. That's the only was I can square it lol
  17. Why were so many blocks leveled, was it apart of the disastrous unban renewal movement?
  18. That a very demeaning phrase in my opinion for elder services. I though it was a joke about some bar or something.
  19. All of the street lights on Post Oak are chrome and are on the sidewalk.
  20. For a pretty standard apartment complex this one is pretty attractive.
  21. I for one am glad this is for sale. Apache was in no hurry to do anything with this land.
  22. I still always get excited seeing updates for this project. It just felt too ambitious for Houston, something that would never happen or would come massively scaled down.
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