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  1. Since when has the fine art community actually cared for the poor and working class? All their sympathy flys out the window when money is to be made.
  2. Unless a single developer owns a whole neighborhood, this is unfortunately how things get built. Also most “great streets,” whatever that exactly means, are older and are occupied by buildings that have no need to get hundreds of people across a street to an exact destination on a regular basis.
  3. I think you do have a point but I also think this is a case of correlation without causation. The Avenida De Las Americas is pretty damn pedestrian friendly especially when it’s shut down for events and it has 2, kind of three skybridges going over it. I don’t feel like some subhuman when I walk under them, in-fact I hardly notice them. Most of those places you mentioned don’t have buildings that would even need skybridges.
  4. I understand that you don’t want a whole district with skybridges but if the people are really only going between these two buildings, what do you gain without the skybridge? If people want to go to other places near by they can still walk. Also I think people look too deep into why Houston has so many skybridges and tunnels, its f#@*ing hot here lol Just to be clear I am 100% for great streetscapes. In fact I get annoyed when people seem to only care how tall a building is and not how that building will add to its immediate community. In my opinion these two buildings could have just been one building. If you are traveling to use just these two buildings, is having you walk across that street really going to inspire you to walk around that area?
  5. Why all the hate for the Fed building? I don’t see them moving it anytime soon if really ever. That would cost a fortune.
  6. Just what the city could use, less trees and more parking.
  7. A security guard is nothing more than a dedicated 911 caller. You are more likely to have a waiter step in and protect you during an assault than 90% of security personnel. I’ve seen establishments get catalytic converters stolen and cars broken into while security was actually in the parking lot.
  8. In New York they usually don’t even close the side walk down. This is just another example of our city bending over backwards for big money interests at the cost of everyone else. Also $134 a week is criminally cheap. If they are going to charge that little they might as well not charge at all.
  9. They are open too.
  10. Yep, nothing about this makes you think affordable housing. Nothing ground breaking but a good addition IMO.
  11. I’ll give them credit for not being a developer that demo’s coolish historic buildings and then doesn’t actually build anything *cough* Exxon *cough*
  12. Any idea why that one floor hasn’t had any framing when pretty much all the others are at least weather tight.
  13. East Side King and Thai Kun are both from Austin too. In fact I think a large portion are not local.
  14. Wow this is odd and a little alarming. Hopefully they don’t drive out others.
  15. This garage has to be one of the tallest Ive seen. I can’t imaging having to make that many loops to get from the top to the bottom everyday.
  16. I wish they would paint the concrete on the garage that is facing towards the freeway but other than that it’s a pretty decent addition.
  17. Why does it seem like downtown has so many mid rise projects that take an eternity to build. The other two currently being build are just dragging on and on and this isn’t the first time either.
  18. Almost completely framed up. I drive by every morning but I’m driving so I can’t take pictures really :(
  19. My bad. I guess I would have made Freud proud with that one. 😂😂
  20. Haha exactly. Like I get it guys, Houston isn’t a 500 year old Italian town. I never said we should be either. It’s just a simply way to show the two extremes of urban development. On one side is a city where it is next to impossible to live without a car and the majority of public space is dedicated to cars, and the other where it’s nearly impossible to own and use a car. Some of us just have different priorities. I don’t see a city maxing out it’s GDP as the most important metric for a city. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to a degree.
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