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  1. 100% Sarcasm to troll mattyt36 only talking about the high rises in random places and I did mention there are multiple "non 'American cities" that are more similar to HOW Housron is developing. Please take your blood pressure medicine now.
  3. Maybe if you are posting on a Houston City forum, you should focus on understanding Houston better. And don't be dramatic, no one is saying Houston IS London. They are saying the non zoning, no master plan approach leads to more of a London style city (with random clusters of high rises) than a rigid zoned American City with a definite boundary between a high rise district and lower height districts...or even another European example like Paris with a defined Business District (la Defense). Houston AND London..do NOT follow those planning rules but nice trying to project your comprehension of what you want us to think.
  4. I specifically mentioned in "the areas OUTSIDE of downtown, Med Center, Uptown". FYI- GreenStreet is in downtown Houston
  5. Yes, I've been to both Los Angeles and London as well as many other cities, including Austin, Atlanta, & Seattle mentioned in your diatribe. Haven't made it to Toronto yet so I'll send you a report when I do.
  6. We were initially designed to copy a LA type of a city but the recent development of clusters a tall buildings outside of Downtown, Med Center, Uptown, Greenway, etc. is similar to a London type of city where they pop up randomly. This is happening on Allen Parkway (the 3 West Streets), Upper Kirby, and Montrose.
  7. West Dallas, West Clay, & West Gray are going to have quite the 10 year transformation, in terms of High rises and urban infill. Autry Park and Regent Square recently completed their early phases and still have many tall buildings to add. The Driscoll was recently completed with GLR. This project caps the end of West Clay @ Waugh plus TONS of potential with the shopping center site fronting West Gray. The end of West Dallas @ Waugh is getting a new multi Family project. I would think the Kroger on West Gray site also prime for another high profile urban project. I've often thought about how Houston is developing and which cities are comparable. It is not like the typical American City that focuses on one center business district, instead it is developing more like International cities. This may have been a crazy take a decade or two ago but Houston is actually starting to develop like London. the are adding mid/high rises, or clusters of mid/high rises, in the middle of infill. I'm sure there are other non-American examples.
  8. Great news! Hopefully that will lead to ground breaking of Phase II, sooner than later.
  9. With construction so soon...have we seen any renderings of this district?
  10. yes, what is he waiting on? I though the renderings for the "Astros Village" were going to be released at the start of the season. Any updates?
  11. Yes, I'm comparing it to Comparable mixed used projects: City Centre River Oaks Distict Autry Park (next door!) Those are all far superior in design, layout, and execution. Why people defend this isn't a "cheap" project is beyond me. We all saw what is was supposed to be.
  12. you must have incredibly low standards in what you deem "above average projects". Where to begin. -None of the retail spaces are leased and they are struggling to get the likes of "Nail Saloons" -All of the rooftop condenser units are clearly visible from every angle. Increasing the parapet height would have solved that had anyone cared enough to think about it. -They went cheap on exterior building materials. fake stone?? really? -The orientation of the "anchor restaurant" is incredibly awkward. There is very little street interaction and the roof top balcony looks like an afterthought. _ I drive by this project every single day and I se how it is used. - I could go on and on why it is "below Average" for a site of this importance , in this location. I am hard on this project because we all saw the project that they scrapped. That project had architectural diversity, paid attention to the details , and was integrated. These developers knew how to put together a quality project I'm hoping the next phase is a start improvement. If not, sell this project to a developer who cares and can make improvements because it is clear this is a value engineered "get i to market and sell it " type of project. Maybe Skanska will build a building to hide this project....
  13. Let's hope this 16 story building and the rest of the design/quality of this block fronting Allen Parkway is a significant improvement form the bock just completed. That side is the same side as Autry Park so it would be nice to have a continuous High Quality district along Allen Parkway.
  14. NHHIP? Cap Park? Can you catch me up to speed on this project?
  15. I drive by it everyday and other then the sign they placed, I still can't tell it is a restaurant. Just a total hatchet job with the redesign of this project and the original design DID think about these details.
  16. The jokes about the quality, and lack of details, of this project write themselves. Que the Regent Square apologists.....in 3, 2, 1...
  17. Anyone know what they are building here? This is the site across the street from Kroger where Pier 1 Imports used to be.
  18. do you have a rendering of the Disco Kroger site wrap proposal?
  19. You are correct, people all over the world regard Houston as a model of high quality development and superior urban and city planning. WE are definitely on the short list for most charming cities and every city looks to Houston and wonder how they did it...oh wait, none of that is true and the demise of a quality project like Regent Square to a very bland dull project that can't even get tenants, is a perfect example of a reason why! Am I wrong, Luminare?
  20. Someone needs glasses Someone had to move to Houston because they wanted to be in a city with a real College Football team
  21. NOT worse...it's a million times worse. Go back and look a the original layout, design and the fact that a number of high quality architects worked on the original scheme. It went from the best inner loop project to what we have now and add in the fact the lots (A + B) vacant for almost 15 years and A is still vacant. Even with being open, they still haven't leased the spaces and GID started this project in 2007! They even built a building across the street with a large scale model! Compare that progress to Hanover.
  22. No, the hate is 100% justified. They Value Engineered both the layout and quality it worse than the Embassy Suites downtown and in the process left the lots vacant for over a decade. Meanwhile, Hanover put together a very high quality product in a fraction of the time and were faced with the same exact issues as GID, from a catchment area analysis. Two solutions for the exact same type of project in the exact same exact location. But with two drastically different strategies: One went high quality and one went cheap and still has only 2 tenants. The hate is definitely justified. The only hope is that they use the now vacant "Block A" to significantly improve the quality but their reputation of Block B may hurt. They can benefit by piggy backing off of the Hanover vision.
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