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  1. Well...this means this project isn't happening anytime soon. When the other Firness tenant closed I thought it could be because there was a demo schedule in place and the landlord was refusing to renew leases. That doesn't appear to be the case
  2. Exactly...not even prep to break ground and I just checked and Transwestern is not ramping up their job listings to work on this project. Just a little bold for a company to announce that. many of the their workers won't even be there anymore when the move!
  3. ....they haven't even broke ground. They can plan, but nobody seems to be in a rush to get this thing built but good news they will move in to this unbuilt project in 3-4 years IF they break ground before the summer.
  4. For some reasons, these shots convince me Houston is really starting to really densify. Imagine connecting a few of these density clusters in the area. Then there is also the Shepherd /West Gray/ Waugh/ Allen Parkway cluster that really can be a REAL dense pocket if these projects happen:
  5. I see that EOS is expanding into the old Fitness build-out near Salata, on West gray. I'm assuming the EOS in the Allen is remaining and they are adding a second location in this area?
  6. Project Green: Mixed-Use Development On Allen Parkway By Hines
  7. I don't care about the company...it's a prominent site ON ALLEN PARKWAY that Hines owns..they can choose to go with another client that fits a design worthy of this location so close to the new Ismaili Center. Build your coffin company glass box building in a Pearland surface parking lot shopping center next to Texas Roadhouse, Kohls and a Chik-Fil-A.
  8. What a dud of a project for such a prominent site.
  9. When are they putting the needles back on?
  10. They should have put their efforts into establishing zoning or a city plan instead of fighting a single project within the inner city of the most notorious US cities for NOT having too many land use regulations. Can't live within walking distance of Rice/Museum District/Herman Park/Kirby and then get mad when YOUR un zoned city develops around where you live. ...and for the record, zoning and a city plan were still NOT on the ballot during the local elections last month
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