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  1. With the current high % office vacancy rates in Houston, and in Texas, we aren't getting a tall office tower anytime soon. News of the RO breaking ground next month, with their office tower, was surprising but then again, they already had an anchor tenant secured.
  2. so no mid rise residential? Now it will be a 2 story retail?
  3. I placed a call to one of the contacts listed on Regent Square's website asking about renderings for the future blocks and I was told: There are none, but they will be similar to what is constructed on the finished block, and not the 2009 renderings, and that there are NO IMMEDIATE PLANS to start construction on the new phase. I also cleaned up the development map, for that area, for projects that are 'Under Construction' or 'On The Boards'. I'm anticipating, that at some point (when- nobody, knows) the Post Office site and he Kroger's site will be in play. Imagine HEB building a large mixed use grocery + residential building on the Kroger's site similar to the one on Washington. and YES! the market can support it, both the HEB, on West Alabama and Washington, are always packed and this one would capture the Kroger's customers.
  4. I do.. A LOT and I'd say our "grand" districts are not as "grand" as other cities in the class we strive to belong with. Yes, I am referring to the top tier of cities because I believe we are in that class...
  5. I agree..it gets frustrating because we are one of the WEALTHIEST cities on planet Earth yet our developments continue to get VE'd compared to other cities which seem to build these grand districts/buildings. We are literally one of the richest cities in the World: https://www.henleyglobal.com/publications/wealthiest-cities-2024
  6. Meanwhile, the McNair's prime Uptown lot, on Post Oak, still sits undeveloped.
  7. Not a good sign. that means the soonest this can break ground is 2027/2028 UNLESS there is a buyout clause in there for the landlord.
  8. I know for a FACT they were very close to starting construction on this version of Regent Square shortly after demolishing the Allen House on those two blocks: They were so vested in this project, they build an office across the street complete with a large sale model of their proposed urban masterpiece. Then, for whatever reason, due to the market, loss of an equity source, scared, whatever..they halted a project that was literally days from breaking ground. Then...They scrap the excellent master plan that they spent 3+ years working on and kick-off Regent Square with a disjointed piece- The Sovereign residential tower a few blocks away. Then they return to the Master Plan of the tow demolished lots BUT decide to do a 180- They VE it, and ignore ALL of the attention to detail they painstakingly got right in the renderings above and build a Half A$$ version of what this project should have been Then, add they still don't know how to acquire tenants and boom..you have "Regent Square" GID. please either ...surprise us all with the two remaining lots or sell the blocks to someone who knows what they are doing, like Hanover. This project, and it's almost 20 year journey, has to be one of the biggest 'head scratcher' projects in the history of the City of Houston.
  9. You add 45 stories full of residents to all of the other residential and mixed use towers in this area and could be seeing the district bordered by Shepherd/ West Gray/ Waugh / Allen Parkway becoming the a really unified pedestrian friendly district built for human scale. The map is filling out nicely and there are still a number of projects on the board! Plus, there are more lots in this district to build a Super Urban District. Developers seem to be targeting this district:
  10. I think we all thought we were getting a "Baseball Village" similar to the ones surrounding the ball park in other MLB cities.
  11. What is taking the Astros so long...hasn't Crane owned the Astros for almost 15 years now?
  12. tourist come BECAUSE of the urban environment created by the locals. there are hundreds of mid size city/town examples throughout Europe or South America.
  13. EXACTLY...nothing screams Urban Synergy more than a sauna and a nail spa. The juice spot, ice cream shop and workout space, I can live with Have you ever been to the great urban centers in the world? They have "casual" food/drink spots that spill over into the street...the square...the piazza...the green space...the plaza, etc. then, from there..you "sprinkle" in select retail, entertainment, fitness then..a few select high end restaurants for those with greater means. There is a reason why the only tenant doing well is the Flight Club (food + drinks + games). Why is this soooo hard for Houstonians to understand? Not Rocket Science...only to us here, apparently. Other cities seem to allow this to happen almost organically...but not us Hell, or even create a mixed use development with an anchor HEB tenant "supporting" the other live/eat/play elements and you will have a ton of foot traffic. I'm still hoping a developer/ HEB is eyeing this for a spot on West Gray to overtake the nearby Kroger. The actual Krogers site, the Post Office site or the shopping center site at West Gray/Dunlavy could be candidates.
  14. ..and that is exactly the reason why places like Regent Square will fail. You don't go from NOTHING to high end without going through the proper tenant steps first. River Oaks shopping center had plenty of "average tenants" before the MARKET stated they can support high end restaurants...and so they slowly upgraded LITTLE- BY LITTLE bur they STILL have very busy casual options like La Madeline and others The lawns in both Regent Square and Autry Park are D-E-A-D because they fail to understand that urban synergy leads to high end rent. City Centre understood this..parts of the river Oaks District understood this, parts didn't
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