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  1. That’s a lot of expensive equipment to leave just sitting around.
  2. Wow - this will look like a dense little stretch with Alliance building another apartment across the street.
  3. Looks like casa Rosa in Amsterdam (strip club)
  4. Wow- how are they going to park that thing?
  5. Just heard from someone in the neighborhood that there was quite a bit of activity on site today and ground breaking should be announced shortly.
  6. I believe they assumed the renderings from the previous developer who had orange theory signed up, but dropped the deal due to the pandemic.
  7. Either this building or the one next door is rumored to be converting to residential use. I always confuse the two.
  8. Sure looks like it.
  9. Excited to see this development along with ancorians activate this stretch of McKinney
  10. There is a Chick-Fil-A currently being built a few exits south at Woodridge and I-45. Wouldn't shock me to see one here as well.
  11. I believe the owner of Hungry's bought it. They dabble in RE - wouldn't expect anything too significant.
  12. Excellent. This will be my new go to spot to kill an hour between meetings.
  13. Great location. Between the historic districts, non profit land owners, and sites encumbered by leases, there aren't many high rise sites available on Montrose. Even this site is a bit tight, but someone who wants to be here can figure it out.
  14. This is what happens when you develop based on your land basis and ignore the market. This development would never happen with todays land prices.
  15. Due to the flood plain issues, I think you'll actually see denser development in this area since you need to build on top of a garage.
  16. Here is another article referencing the reactivation of the project: https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/transportation/2021/11/30/414398/txdot-gets-the-ok-to-continue-limited-work-on-a-controversial-i-45-expansion/
  17. What makes you think they aren't paying property taxes? This isn't a part of the university - this is an asset run by the endowment.
  18. Looks like Randall Davis might be sending this guy a cease and desist letter.
  19. Yeah that makes sense given the high land value.
  20. Interesting, I was thinking they might utilize the shell similar to some of the other recent developments that have put restaurants within old service stations.
  21. Seeing home made printed Variance signs don't give me much confidence in the developer being well capitalized.
  22. Based on the ownership entity, I believe it will be a gas station, but I remember seeing in a sale package that a Chick-Fil-A was once slated for this site.
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