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  1. Doug - this was a GREAT article...very well done. I remember one of the first times I rode a Park & Ride - and we reached the end of the line - and I started to get off - then realized the protocol was "one row at a time"... My daughter and I have a fun habit - when I see people doing DOOFUS things in airports and on board the aircraft, I always text her the hilarious stories.
  2. Some interesting reading - proposals for redeveloping Park Place Methodist campus... http://www.servantsnow.org/templates/Syste...&PID=655076
  3. Though this obviously must have originated over in Austin - I thought this rather hilarious: BCS DECLARES GERMANY WINNER OF WORLD WAR II
  4. FYI - (you may know this, but not everyone does) - many search sites (e.g., Orbitz, Travelocity) do not show the prices for Southwest - as Southwest does not utilize them. So - depending on the search you are doing - you may have to visit southwest.com directly in order to see how Southwest compares.
  5. I am flabbergasted. The very notion of calling 24 hours in advance to switch your tag. I am flabbergasted. Maybe when the web entry option is activated, there could be a little parking lot with a laptop right where you enter - so you could park and log on real quick to change your profile. I really thought I was missing something when this was first announced - that there would perhaps be separate entrances for the carpools and the toll tags. Oh - I know - an even better idea - let's all purchase two vehicles - one tagged and one not tagged - and anytime you want to carpool, just use your untagged vehicle. I knew if I thought about it long enough, an idea would come!
  6. I have emailed a potential contact who might know where those archives are.
  7. Hey - I used to be at that church in the late 80s. The sanctuary at the corner of Fulton and Link was built in the late 1930's. The history of the congregation - however - goes back to 1887 - I know that because we celebrated our centennial in 1987. At one time, the name of the church was St. Luke's Methodist. (Unrelated to the big St. Luke's on Westheimer.) The name was changed as a tribute to the Reid family at the time of the sanctuary construction. If I am not mistaken, the church originally went by the name of White Oak. This was when this was open country - "a long way from Houston." We used to have some pictures of the little white building - in the same location - it looked very rural. I have some vague recollections about the cemetery....but nothing for sure. Recently the original congregation has dwindled and it merged with a Spanish-speaking congregation - also United Methodist - that now comprises the bulk of the membership. Thus it is likely that few of the present leaders will have much information about the building's history.
  8. I love the seventies mix music I often hear at the 99 Cents Only store - often I find myself singing out loud as I scoop up the bargains!
  9. Sure seemed like a not very smart thing to do. Though I thought it was fascinating that one of the OUTRAGED commentators on Fox last night - was asked - "would you be outraged if she had substituted GOD BLESS AMERICA for the regular national anthem?" He said, "Probably not." At least he was honest! GBA would be "politically correct." "Lift Every Voice" was not.
  10. I believe that used to be 69th St. (running one-way parallel to Wayside). If Will Clayton had retained the name "Jet Era Blvd." perhaps it could now could have been renamed "Regional Jet Era Blvd."
  11. Bad memory....when my wife had her purse ripped off and credit cards used about 28 years ago, MW was the only credit card that refused to waive the $50 charge back. Good memory....two or three times, when we would go about a year without using our Ward's charge card, they would send us a little thingie in the mail that if we used it one time, we had our choice of some gifts. Got a nonstick frying pan that we are still using 25+ years later....and don't remember what the other gifts were!
  12. The vast majority of people who lease don't end up leasing the car that they NEED....they end up leasing the car that they WANT. Just the way it is.
  13. For too many people, leasing is basically a way to get yourself into a car you couldn't otherwise afford. There is almost always a cost. Ask yourself why dealers enjoy setting up a lease. Dave Ramsey (.org) calls is a "fleece" instead of a lease.
  14. Actually I'm 99% certain it was ROMANA (no 's) and not ROMANO'S - though it seemed like the majority of folks pronounced it that way!
  15. So supposedly you would get a special tag to use the lane as a solo driver - but how then do you not get charged if you are carpooling in the same vehicle? Do you hide the tag? Maybe we could stop each vehicle and count the number of passengers, assess the MPG for the vehicle, and calculate a customized appropriate charge factoring in the current traffic flow!
  16. Great memory Susan....thanks for starting this thread!
  17. Or maybe they will! http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/busine...ff/4914289.html
  18. Back in the pre-Internet days, I ordered a copy of the state of Texas school demographics. I still have the copy - it has all campuses in the state - it was around 1988 or so, I believe. It is very interesting to see how things have changed in 20 years. If you need a stat for a few campuses I can probably look 'em up!
  19. The pics of old Brazosport HS remind me a bit of South Houston High School....must have been built around the same time period. It's still standing.
  20. Grace Fellowship UMC is the largest contemporary Methodist church in the Katy (Cinco Ranch) area. St. Peter's UMC would be the largest Methodist church that is more traditional in style. Katy First UMC is right in the middle of old town. If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor or something new, a new pastor is being assigned to help start another new Methodist church in the area. Not sure about the timeline on that. http://huhns.org/category/church-start/
  21. HCAD calls the neighborhood "Main Street Gardens," and lists the owner as SANTUS HEALING HANDS ADOLESCENT TREATMENT CTR
  22. Funny...that's not the way I remember it at all. I remember the district being known as the "Northeast Houston ISD" - and at one time (pre-desegregation) having the two high schools - Smiley HS, the white school and B. C. Elmore, the black school. I think Elmore became a middle school campus when Forest Brook HS was opened. This link takes it back a bit further... http://classroom.northforestschools.org/we...ool_history.htm Wikipedia also suggests the name Northeast Houston ISD predated North Forest.
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