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  1. I'm sure it's just being refurbished. It needed some care. Maybe we can have a party for the re-installment.
  2. Thanks for the info. I travel to Pittsburgh quite a bit lately for work. So one of my trips in June I'm staying over the weekend to see FW and probably Kentucky Knob too. I really like Pittsburgh. Haven't explored as much as I would like to yet. But had some great food and a trip up the mountain. PNC Park and the Andy Worhol Museum are on my list of places to visit. Wish I could find a brewery that offered tours/samples. Only one I found only sells Growlers to take home. For FW I'm leaning towards getting the "In depth tour" since they allow picture taking on that tour and you have more access to the house.
  3. I'm going to visit Falling Water later in June. Has anyone been? Tips for times to go or anything else? Lunch in the area? I'll be there on a Saturday but haven't gotten the tickets yet so not sure what time I will be going.
  4. I have neighbors in Glenbrook that just put a door kit from Crestview. Looks great from the photos I saw. I don't know details about difficulty but they haven't complained about it and they did it themselves.
  5. It turned out gorgeous. I love it!
  6. Get the number to Jamie's yard guy. He's reliable and very thorough. He's who we would use if Rob didn't take care of ours.
  7. Not in flood plain. The house is a mess, but that isn't a problem.
  8. I never go in this store because it drives me insane. But as I keep seeing this post I just might have to break my rule and stroll through just to enjoy the music.
  9. The one in the Greenway Plaza food court closed. I didn't care for it much personally. I found everything I tried to be incredibly salty. I'm still surprised they closed. It seemed fairly popular.
  10. It has gotten worse in my opinion. I find I'm now approached as I walk out of the store. I read on this forum that the Lowes is on Wulfe property and Wulfe supplies regular patrols. Likely the day laborers prefer to avoid patrol cars of any kind.
  11. Mine might make the list since I took down the vapor lights. Although I think I'm in section 5 not sure if we're savable at all or not. Can't wait for more expert advice.
  12. I know several friends who have used Shan's and were extremely pleased with the price, product and installation. I plan to use them myself.
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