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  1. I think it's just been a lack of maintenance like everything else.
  2. I don't plan on ever driving to this place personally. I'd assume if you're wanting to park super close than it might be an issue. I see this place getting packed for those going to Stros games.
  3. FINALLY! Little things like this and the bridge lights add so much life to the city. It's those little details that make a city feel more vibrant as a pedestrian.
  4. It would be foolish to not have these working before 2026. I know that's a while away but knowing this city, they would literally wait till the week of the World Cup to get them repaired. This is good news though that it's being considered for the yearly budget.
  5. Yeah MST&G was loud af and the crowd it attracted always resorted to some sort of fight or whatever. This is a really cool concept for the neighborhood. I hope they do well because as a cyclist this is badass.
  6. There are a ton of nice hotels to recommend to out of towners
  7. This is a nice example of the trail spurring cool little spots like this. Perfect pit stop for a ride on a hot day.
  8. Centerpoint is the absolute WORST. Yeah can you send me the info
  9. I'm expecting the city to go in to overdrive after getting the World Cup games.
  10. Looks like a perfect place to park a jacked up F-150
  11. Wow so what can be done at this point?
  12. This is from Aug 2021 Hi Jacob, Thanks for looking out for the bridge lighting. The lights are really in bad shape right now. We are currently coordinating with the City and TXDOT to get them back to 100%. Hopefully that will happen in the coming months. Lance Gandy IALD, LC, IES, Assoc. AIA G2LD gandy² lighting design 6101 north main street houston, tx 77009 office 713.489.5111 cell 281.796.1253 www.G2LD.com I've thought the same thing or they just don't do good work period. With Houston getting World Cup games, I'll bet ANYTHING these lights will be working by then.
  13. I contacted the company running the lights and they said a plan would be set up Nov 2021 to get the lights repaired. I even emailed the city because Top Chef was being filmed and that had to look terrible to those from out of town. Anyways, since then nothing has been done. I don't understand how this city expects to get any national attention if it can't even handle some bridge lights.
  14. That's some serious progress! The Hangover Riders have been coming down here a lot from Dallas to ride with the bike groups here. Their bike culture is very small compared to Houston.
  15. Wow! Houston is becoming a biking powerhouse. How do we hold up against other Texas cities?
  16. This has been fully approved to move forward with construction! 😀
  17. I'm cool with the industrial, but it always makes me wonder why the city never grew towards the water.
  18. So much potential along the bayou. Amazing nothing like this happened way sooner.
  19. I love that a light now separates that long stretch from Shepherd to Dunlavy. People come flying around that corner.
  20. No offense to Joe's Place but the giant flag poles and the fully fenced in area made it feel like a fort more than an open, inviting bar. Glad something is taking it's spot.
  21. Exactly! We've seen this pattern over and over and over. That area may have a ton of jails but it sure as hell has a ton of potential as well. I'm excited to see the city converting those existing buildings in to affordable housing and with everything Urban Genesis is doing, I say in 5 years this area won't be recognizable.
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