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  1. Exactly! And when asked about a bond on sidewalks, I liked how everyone universally agreed.
  2. It was great to see all the entities involved in building a more sustainable Houston come together. It was also interesting to see certain leaders faced with tough questions. In my opinion you could really tell who had become a little lax at their position and where there was need for real improvement. Overall the meeting was a success. It really shows that this city is taking this stuff seriously.
  3. No lol I know they were doing some work on that section of Shepherd/Durham but I didn't know for what. I'm just happy to see this start on time. This area desperately needs some improvements.
  4. This is going to be a much needed upgrade to that street and for the area. I love the old charm of the neighborhood but infrastructure is still lacking, even with the Green Line running down Harrisburg.
  5. Looks like this is actually happening on schedule from what I could tell on my drive yesterday.
  6. All the issues we've already been talking about. They didn't agree because they don't care.
  7. Not sure if you've seen the improvements along Studewood, but that's basically what is coming to Montrose Blvd. Along the median of Studewood they added pedestrian crossings for better access to stops, wider sidewalks along the majority of the street and the bus shelters look really nice. https://www.ridemetro.org/Pages/METRO-BOOST-Network.aspx
  8. Covid is a major factor at the moment. Before Covid I went downtown with a buddy of mine one Friday night and it was packed everywhere. Right now things are trying to reopen but at a much slower pace. With the projects happening at the moment downtown, things are going to explode.
  9. Welp looks like this might be delayed a bit. I haven’t noticed anything
  10. Happy this is opening on this block. Looks like Local Foods won't be coming back, saw a For Lease sign the other day. Not to jump off topic but any word on the renovation of the building where Mia Bella was originally located? Seems to be taking forever.
  11. I really like how this building helps balance our skyline a bit more.
  12. This is becoming a disaster 😆
  13. I love the site and idea behind all of this. Keep up the great work!
  14. Yeah it's pretty bad. Huge Windows 98 vibes. But I will say they def have a nice resume of historic preservation. I didn't know they were part of the Plaza Hotel renovation. I love that building.
  15. https://abc13.com/digital-kiosk-houston-billboards-city-council-vote/10584483/ Those that voted against the kiosks and were in favor of an app and QR codes fail to realize that when you want someone to come to your city, you don't want them stuck on their phones in your city about your city. I'd rather have visitors interacting and looking at our city. It just shows some of the nearsightedness by the city at times. In all honesty, not many people are going to have a random app from another city on their phone. Most people won't even take the time to search and download it.
  16. Every time I pass this building I can't help but admire it. Really great to hear this is being preserved.
  17. What's interesting is that Houston wants to draw more tech to the area, but it can't do it without adding a little flash to it's nightlife. I do know we'll be adding those digital kiosks throughout the city, and some digital billboard signage. Maybe that will help motivate these building owners to step up their game a bit. I guess my point is that as Houston starts to add more pedestrian amenities at ground level, that same attention will eventually show up in our skyline naturally. Kind of playing off my earlier comment about life pre pandemic, the skyline was getting way more attention on a more regular basis and downtown was def alive. Right now things seem to be slowly crawling back amid a surge in Covid.
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