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  1. Yeah from what I understand every building in the district will have retail.
  2. I couldn’t figure out where to post this but this is awesome for single family homes. This is only going to increase density in already dense neighborhoods. https://www.letstalkhouston.org/adu
  3. Yeah I know but my issue is instead of them forwarding my complaint they force you to go back and call them yourself. Of all of the issues I've reported from sidewalks to debris, I get varying answers from 311 on what the city handles and what it doesn't.
  4. Nothing like walking with your kids drunk as hell looking at giraffes 😆
  5. Good luck filing a 311 complaint. Every time I fill one out it gets sent back that I need to take further action. It's completely ridiculous. The city never just forwards it to the proper channel. And matter's like this pic above take months to fix. It seems the people at 311 enjoy doing the bare minimum. I have a chunk of utility pole hanging above a sidewalk on W Alabama that's been sitting that way for weeks with debris from what appears to be a car accident still not cleaned up by Upper Kirby Management District.
  6. I love cypress trees. They transition through the year beautifully.
  7. Honestly I haven't seen many homeless lately. And areas around the old Cotswold fountains have surveillance now. The most I've seen still hang around the church but it hasn't been as packed or crazy. As far as the hotel is concerned, I see work is still being done so that's a positive.
  8. I agree with a lot of what you said but I also want to give credit where credit is due. The city has done a tremendous job in the past 20 years of providing more connectivity to those pockets of walkability. And let's not forget that cities like Los Angeles also exist with poor transit and walkability. We're an alpha city because we have such a massive impact on the economy for our region and beyond. Houston just grew too fast for it to match the infrastructure dollars. At least now we're rebuilding and correcting the errors we made. I'm excited to see how Shepherd and Durham look after construction. The major thoroughfares in this city should be priority for creating walkability and connectivity to neighborhoods and it looks like we're heading that direction. Houston is a great city and it's only getting better.
  9. This may be taking forever but the finished product is going to be great
  10. Not crazy about the design but I love the fact it doesn’t have much parking. Big win for south downtown. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years holds for this side.
  11. It is but this is all Covid related. Many of those businesses are cutting their hours big time. Finn Hall and Understory both get most of their business M-F at the moment. Bravery seems to be steady with customers and Lyric Hall is building out at the moment so the demand is still there. Downtown in general has way too much momentum at the moment for places like this to stay in this current state.
  12. I’ll be 37 lol Still young enough to enjoy the improvements 😂
  13. You nailed it. I think the Rice Hotel will pick back up but many of these places are operating on pandemic hours. You aren't wrong about how far we've come, it's just that right now things are moving slow, especially for the hospitality business. POST really did a nice job bringing life to the north side of city center and Common Desk hasn't even moved in yet. Downtown isn't slowing down either. We still have a few projects to expect the next few years, and who knows what that will spur as well.
  14. Is the little brick building they currently occupy part of the church?
  15. Yeah it would. That means developments are going through without the planning commission overseeing what's being built. I hope that's not the case but it wouldn't surprise me for a city like Houston.
  16. This city is finally starting to get it. It’s just taking time. Great stuff. Did I understand correctly that if an item is deferred and not posted correctly the second time at city hall that it’s automatically approved and the the planning dept has no say on the item?
  17. I’m not really against storage spaces. I mean this city is getting packed and people need a place to put their crap. My only care is that the building is somewhat aesthetically pleasing.
  18. All these developments offering high comfort walkability are really changing the landscape of the city. That in combination with local TIRZ improvements and the road overlay packages are drastically changing the aesthetics of the city.
  19. I'm excited to see what they are going to do. Coming from a city like SF, they def have a good idea on enhancing a pedestrian environment.
  20. Yeah it’s been a while lol I guess it just seemed like things moved faster for some reason
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