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  1. I just got through walking my dog and I came across a surveyor on W Alabama. I asked him what they were doing and he said they're about to start reconstruction on the street. He said they finished doing work from Buffalo Speedway to Kirby and they completing Kirby to Shepherd today.
  2. Yep, that along with rebuilding some streets like Lower/Upper Westheimer/W Alabama and those damn bridge lights. Shepherd should be finished by then and a few big projects as well. To think that if Culberson hadn't been such a loser and killed the University Line, we wouldn't have to worry about an east/west mode of transit for visitors. The BRT lines will barely begin construction around that time.
  3. I agree. Honestly I don't know how we're going to do it with some of the infrastructure issues we have, especially around NRG. It boggles my mind how Texan fans funnel through those narrow sidewalks and it's even crazier that area isn't more walkable simply because of that.
  4. What are the chances Lulu Lemon pulls out?
  5. The Congress St bridge improvements are my favorite. I love the idea of using stage lighting as well. So cool!
  6. I didn't realize how much wasted space this covered until they demolished it
  7. It's exciting to think about moving those stores to street level. How would they incentivize a business to leave the tunnel system?
  8. I asked myself the same thing but he seems to have a really big following. The last couple of times I've gone to get coffee at Day 6, that place has been packed.
  9. Yeah eventually we'll see those areas connected with proper drainage, etc. The city wants to put a bond proposal in front of voters to take care of issues like that and all city infrastructure so we don't have to wait for funding before another street is rebuilt. City Council talked about it at the last Sidewalk Summit. Good things are happening and continuing to happen.
  10. Heck yeah for sure! A buddy from Miami came to visit and he said the same thing. He was like "Man you guys really pack it in here." And when he said that I guess I just didn't realize how dense we actually are.
  11. Yep, in all the cities I've visited all of them felt like villages with big buildings. Houston seems to finally be trending towards a more intimate, urban landscape that feels more tightly knit and cohesive.
  12. Let's contact the city and developer about this. I walked this area recently and I was impressed with the improvements. From what I understand University Boulevard is about to be rebuilt from Kirby to Main.
  13. I noticed that! It actually blew me away because I'm not accustomed to seeing Park & Rides like that.
  14. Aren't there some other improvements to W Gray happening soon or is this the same thing? I read recently that they are widening the sidewalks starting next year.
  15. Oh ok I get what you mean. I can't agree more, I'm not saying the pool isn't cool for tourists because they jumble all of Texas together but I'm not a huge fan either tbh I'm the same way, I'm more connected to the city than Texas as a whole.
  16. It's really not that bad and plus you want this located along the freeway because it acts as a natural noise buffer. This is def not the only place you see this though. There's really nothing special about how Houston builds other than it combines all forms of residential as one group and commercial as another with no sub groups like in traditional zoning. Houston let's the market and the developer determine what get's built and it's actually created neighborhoods that make more sense and are more organic than over regulated neighborhoods in other cities.
  17. Views change. I guess you don't want anything on the lot behind the garage either? I get your point but I'd rather have density and people.
  18. Based on everything that's already been built in terms of bike infrastructure, there's not much more to be skeptical about. It also helps that the city leaders we have are very progressive in moving this city forward with multimodal options.
  19. This will compliment One Park Place nicely and it seems to help the Embassy hotel as well. I think the hotel sitting on such a small portion of the block all alone made it seem a little out of place, regardless of the overall facade. The new building helps make up for some of those lost aesthetics. And they purchased the 2 lots across the street for two more buildings
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