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    After 56 seasons, they did it. THE ASTROS ARE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!!!! Now, they can redesign the Crawford St wall once more to include a place of honor for the World Series banner.
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    328' https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=348140147&row=2 Two cranes, the first going up Jan 1st https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=348140148&row=3
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    since I was on a self imposed world series watch ban, I snapped this last night around the 7th inning.
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    Which is exactly correct. Cars can move. Car storage is exactly the kind of thing that should be put in flood-prone areas (if you're going to put anything there at all), rather than an actual use like housing or retail.
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    It was the year of the two Harveys. We had ours, L.A. had theirs. Ours awakened more sympathy.
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    Better leave space for some more, this team has the chops to make a run for a few years! So happy for the team and the city, we've been waiting a loooong time for this!
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    So did this one lose 2 floors and 20+ feet? So glad to see it coming to fruition. This is what Midtown needs along the rail corridor. I can envision a "wilshire" like stretch of high rises connecting downtown and Hermann Park some day.
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    Well, no, it would increase its capacity substantially. It would make it harder for people in cars to speed down Washington to get Downtown, but that seems like a good thing to me. You people have I-10, Memorial, AND Allen Parkway. You're fine.
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    Oh hell no. That's one of the stupidest ideas ever. It would ruin Washington as a route to downtown from the West.
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    Crazy Crazy Crazy - but in a fun, non-descructive way which was very refreshing - no burning trash cans, burning cars, etc (at least none that I saw !!) EDIT: I just read there were 4 arrests, still not too bad
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    And if Camden indeed breaks ground soon, he will Tilman will already have a start on more energy over there.
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    I could see HEB being in a mixed-use project on the south side of Downtown, capturing both Downtown/Midtown, and WF on the north side more towards Market Square since that is more their clientele. With the Astros winning the World Series and Crane's plan to put a park next to MMP, I am very excited for the next residential boom in downtown and all that will come with it.
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    Just broker speculation but thought I would share: Grocery stores will soon have little choice but to breach the downtown market, which has a large-enough mass of residents to support a grocery store, Gaines said. He's skeptical of Randall's, Kroger or Walmart taking the risk of building an urban, multistory grocery store in downtown Houston. "I think H-E-B definitely will," Gaines said. "Whole Foods will." https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2017/11/01/broker-downtown-houston-has-enough-residents-to.html
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    Yeah, I had never heard anything about extending the purple or green lines.
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    I didn't take photos, but on Polk from ADLA to St Emanuel they have removed a westbound traffic lane, and are marking for a painted bike lane. Now they need to provide a way to get from Lamar bike lane to this new bike lane.
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    Does anyone know the history of this place? Is there like a building built on top of another building? Looks like the brick work changes on this place going up and doesn't match the rest.
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    Agreed...... as soon as the owners flatten the current shell, the empty lot that remains would make a great art gallery enclosed in a lovely new building.
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    Or a caricature of Texas. I have never been to this place. But from the look of it it strikes me as a "urban, up-market, honky tonk". I may be wrong be that's what I see in the renderings. I am sure it will be a fun place, don't get me wrong. But if this place is what I think it is, is that really a "true taste of" what Texas is?
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