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  1. Samagon: when any goverment "reveals that it's is developing a timetable", it is fair to read that as: "hmmm, we need to make a political statement here. We need to tell folks we might, at some point, do something, that might set a date decades in the future, that will give us huge "outs" and caveats. We don't want to lock ourselves in. We just want to ride the current wave of PR. So..... let's go tell everyone that we will 'develop a timetable'..... to even develop a time timetable will take years..... and then we will ride this PR wave out and see what happens before we have to do anything......" I personally think that you are reading "government speak" (specifically in this case, Communist governament speak) as far too factual.
  2. Err.... the article says this: "The official hasn't given a rough estimate for when a ban would kick in......" This is "rumor"...... this is politics..... this is "me too" feel good. This is not policy. When the Chinese say that they HAVE BANNED the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles of all types by (a date within 10 years), without any other caveats or "outs", we will have something to talk about.
  3. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    Thais is great info! Thank you!
  4. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    Interesting...... why nut nut dig a HUGE cistern below this new freeway? Yes, I know that it would costa fortune but.......other than that, why not? Make it like 10 stories deep..... huge.... concrete it in...... would hold a lot of water...... wow. Will never be funded but, wow.
  5. Have any home in this area been officially "condemned"??????
  6. Alley Theater Renovation

    And the totals with this storm were much higher and the flooding, while huge, was actually "not that bad" (my apologies to anyone who was flooded) considering the rain that we received. My point is that with 30"-48" of rain, the infrastructure actually did its job. While the infrastructure unfortunately flooded many, it saved most. Again, I apologize to anyone who had to evacuate or flooded or both. I am not trying to belittle your struggle.
  7. Sunset Coffee Building Allens Landing

    I assume this building is a washout, again? Has anyone put eyes on it?
  8. Dr. Neil Frank is a legend, as good as they come.
  9. Harvey impact on real estate?

    So, to the point above, it seems that at least the homeowers in this neighborhood got plenty of warning BEFORE buying. And they bought anyway. I feel sad for them -- what they are going through now is terrible and potentially devastating financially. But, frankly, if this quote is correct, it really does show that these folks must have weighed the risks before closing and decided to take the chance. ********* “Your standing on the emergency spillway for these reservoirs,” the Army Corp representative said. At times, Hebert seemed to continue the tough love; reminding homeowners their documents of homeownership make it clear they have purchased a home that’s located in an area that could flood. “It has verbiage on that statement that the dam exists and if the dam suffers an event greater than a 100-year flood, water may enter this property,” Hebert said.
  10. I believe that the number of flooded structures in Harris county will be higher than this. And that is just Harris county...... oh, and Jeff Lindner rocks. New local superstar. His press briefings were terrific. Facts, plain facts, plainly spoken. Terrific!
  11. Identify this old Houston home

    "Quality Hill" looks pretty shabby.
  12. I agree. The issue becomes those homes a little further out behind the dam. I would be curious to know how many of the flooded homes behind the dam require flood insurance based on the flood maps. By definition, all of those people knew the risk. For the folks who did not need insurance but flooded anyway, it is quite easy to ask about flood risks (and see maps of infrastructure), flood plains, etc before you buy. I had never owned a house in Houston that required flood insurance. But I always did flood research before buying each house. And, then I bought a flood policy anyway. It really is "cheap" piece of mind. In Houston, just about everyone needs a flood policy, IMO.
  13. Harvey impact on real estate?

    Is this true? i thought that the government flood insurance was "insurer of last resort" and all properties were insurable. If not insurable, no one would be able to get a mortgage. Did everyone in Canyon Gate pay cash for their properties?
  14. 1111 Rusk: Texaco Building Renovation

    Demolition and re-try might work best.
  15. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey