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  1. That seems like a good bet. What intrigues me is that the "residential" structures on the left, across the road seem to be all gone now in favor of commercial.
  2. I google mapped address. Somebody wants to build this next "Greg's Grease Rack?"
  3. I think I just passed the Turing test.
  4. I noticed this too. Kind of sad, actually.
  5. Wow!
  6. Wow! I like the "plaza!" very nice!
  7. Ms. Galvin, please DON'T do this because I can't afford to spend this much money dining out each week! PLEASE! Just DON'T!
  8. The downtown property looks great. Is it leasing yet?
  9. Hey, I'm a Prole. So, I can assure you, Proles don't go to the Opera. That's why we have football (and beer).
  10. Unless the entire pane falls out of the window frame. Did that happen here?
  11. I guess that I don't understand what is going on in the pictures. What is the fire department doing?
  12. I hope that the city goes to the mat on this one. The folks who own this building should be ashamed.
  13. I do very much hope that this property leases up in line with owner expectations!
  14. Personally, I am happy to see vibrant businesses of all types. There is a lot of land in midtown and some if it is getting turned into residential. A few successful, reputable new car dealerships that bring lots of good jobs for skilled maintenance technicians, salespeople, managers, and admin folks to midtown cause me no issues. My guess is that the local eateries love it too --- more folks to come over for lunch.
  15. Don't bother. I asked my (second generation) Asian-American friend. Answer: "yes. Those are Chinese characters."