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  1. Battlesteins

    Interesting. The archive shows that in 1950, they may have also occupied an adjacent building (now a taller parking garage). Thanks for posting this.
  2. iOS. Redirecting to google Walmart thingie. CAnt use site
  3. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    I can’t see how.
  4. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    Oxbow7 is nice. Good food, good service. My brother and I enjoyed it and can recommend. The rooftop bar is amazing. I am thinking that it will make a great hangout for the afterwork crowd (or hotel guests). Very cool. Highly recommend.
  5. 59 - 610 Interchange Partial Rebuild

    7 Days a week for 6 years?
  6. Great news. i guess that they only missed opening for the Super Bowl by a lil’ bit.
  7. 1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    Refresh my memory.... this will be open for the fall semester (2018), correct? Gosh, I hope so. Hundreds of art students downtown will be MASSIVE. They will drive an energy that only young creatives can. Soon, downtown will have young music buskers, mimes, portrait painters, and dance troupes. These young people will, unbeknownst to them, create the vibrancy in which they will thrive and, in doing so, will create a “place”.
  8. Melrose Building to be Redeveloped into a Le Meridien

    I gotta say....... i absolutely hated the look of this building.......until I didn’t........and then....... I liked it.......especially at night......then......i loved it.....it became beautiful...... It changed..... I didn’t......(when I doubt, blame the building)..........
  9. Post Office Site Mixed-Use Redevelopment

  10. Post Office Site Mixed-Use Redevelopment

    I have. And In a number of cities worldwide. And, despite being crowded at times, I prefer them over driving a car stuck in rush hour. Standing is also healthier than sitting. Generally, even when the train is empty, i will stand. If I do sit, I will certainly give up my seat for an elderly person or a person with infants, etc.
  11. Plan Downtown the next 20 years

    My personal vote would be the parking lot in front of 1400 Lubbock street.
  12. 1114 Texas Street to Become Hyatt Place Hotel

    Wow! That’s great news. A 16 month construction cycle seems a bit optimistic to me but, whatever. What I am really enjoying is seeing how the hotel chains are putting various “levels” of product across downtown. Some “luxury”, some “business”, some “budget” etc. Kinda cool to watch. is ther one category that we don’t have in DT yet? “Extended stay”? I don’t think that we have that, yet.
  13. Frank's Backyard @ 413 Travis Street

    Great news.
  14. With this opening, do the 2 skyHouses still have retail available?