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  1. It looks like the biggest thing that changed is that the smelly trash can is now adjacent to the sidewalk.
  2. Mighty glad the city spent millions of tax dollars to upgrade the street for exactly this purpose!
  3. It's over priced. http://www.wine.com/v6/Eisele-Vineyard-Cabernet-Sauvignon-2013/wine/165361/Detail.aspx And so is the Dalla Valle next to it.
  4. Me too. my current belief is the following: 1) the hotel will drive demand for things like restaurants and pubs (which downtown already has a plethora of) and 2) do nothing to help downtown attract the viable dry goods/garment merchants that were envisioned when the decision was taken to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on Dallas street improvements.
  5. I wish to understand. Your point is that as a result of rail construction, small businesses will fail and huge businesses will win?
  6. Out of curiousity, during the construction of the rail lines, how many businesses didn't open along the line?
  7. I wasn't "expecting" anything. And clearly, neither were the folks made this.
  8. I am curious how a public taxing authority is legally able to make a $3.2m donation to private charity.
  9. I hope not. I keep my meager funds at Chase for the sole reason of being able to go into that gem and bank. If it goes, so goes my $239.12!
  10. My gawd that garage is ugly. Is this what this garage will look like or will it be clad in something? Woof.
  11. That has to be the worst computer graphics presentation that I have seen in a very long time. The 1990s are back on your Pentium PC. Literally the "car" drives through tree branches at 20' and otherwise spends the entire time driving down the wrong side of the street. Really. Quite. Miserable.
  12. Many on HAIF will suggest that light rail is a cure all for everything from economic development to Parkinson's to acne to prison riots. I am a bit more reserved than that. I do feel that light rail brings some level of economic activity but I also feel that it actually is impossible to say "how much"?. for instance, suppose that instead of light rail, the city simply closed main in downtown to vehicles and made it a pedestrian mall with bike lanes. Cost? Small by comparison. Impact? More than doing nothing. Would the level of economic activity been more or less? Impossible to tell. rail is good. Perhaps even very good. But, Other things are good too. Maybe just as good. Rail does not cure Parkinson's.
  13. While I have no doubt that you read this, I am struggling with the math. Here is why..... a $2,500 mortgage payment is about a $400,000 loan (rough math). What income is needed for a $2500 loan payment? Approximately $105k per year ( again, very rough math). Google says that the "top 25% of income earners in Houston make at least $97k and the top 10% make at least $150k. would it not follow then that least 20% or so of all income earners in Houston be able to afford a $2000 mortgage? The only way the math you quote could be correct ("only 3% can afford a $2000 mortgage") is if folks in this income category have a LOT of consumer debt. Or am I missing something? also, while I don't have the stats, if only 3% of people in this town can afford a $2000 mortgage, it would also follow that only 3% of the homes would sell above a certain price point. My gut tells me a lot more than 3% of the homes sold in this city sell for more than $400k. But, again, I could be wildly wrong as I have no stats (couldn't find any online)
  14. The reviews online for Biggios might be starting to improve on balance but they still do seem to have significant issues (if you believe the reviews). I have not been back since my first experience. Has anyone been in the last month? Was service credible and efficient?