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  1. Sounds like a replacement for the Hess setup.
  2. The 80s tend to impair any remaining memory wisps of the 60s. IIRC, they were bulldozed, not necessarily one at a time, and ultimately replaced by a strip center. However, the Stop N Go was bricked over to match the strip center and is now The Bar Method.,-95.3877107,77a,35y,180h,39.59t/data=!3m1!1e3
  3. Ah, youth... The old joke is that if you remember the 80s you weren't really participating. Now get off my lawn.
  4. Hard to say. It was Montrose in the 80s.
  5. Most of the businesses were in converted houses, but the Stop N Go was your basic classic CMU convenience store box.
  6. The Kaiser Family Foundation exists to analyze things like this. They have an interesting interactive map with which you can determine what the plan currently before the Senate would do to premiums, at (link). I get to buy my own insurance, and my net premiums would more than double vs. what they would be under ACA (or Obamacare, or whatever you want to call it).
  7. This image faces east. And the strange orange car on the right is a Mercury Bobcat - the nicer Pinto. What was the Stop N Go on the right was torn down and is now Osaka. We won't discuss Midnite Sun.
  8. Safeway owns Randall's, and accordingly the remaining Randall's are thinly disguised versions of the chain that failed in Texas more than once. Sorry, but it is beyond unlikely that a Randall's will put a Sears sized new store there.
  9. b, there may be some trolling going on here... (just experience from other threads). Edit: or, just a fervent belief in alternative facts.
  10. This Is Not A Legal Opinion. However, if the easement dedication prohibits "bushes, trees, and parts thereof" (not to mention the "other structures" mentioned in the next breath), it sounds like building a patio/terrace/balcony wouldn't be a good idea. It would also be worthwhile to see what the building line restrictions are.
  11. DCRE, thanks for standing up. So... what about the trees?
  12. ^^ True - it's even more permanent looking than Block 142 (where Bank of the Southwest was going to be). Let's hope it doesn't stay vacant for anywhere near as long.
  13. "Motive Center" sounds like a really prissy euphemism for the toilets. Or perhaps a bus/rail station.
  14. When are we finally going to get the Bork everybody keeps promising?
  15. "Private park" doesn't necessarily mean closed to the public. The little space on the NW corner of what is now becoming the Capitol Tower lobby had a little plaque mentioning that it was a private park, but it had no physical barriers to entry.