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  1. Market at Houston Heights @ 1533 N Shepherd

    just to be pedantic, what were once the yuppies aren't so "y" anymore. It's actually ironic hipster millenials that are the feedstock for all the drinkeries and eateries blanketing the 'hood. They are easily distinguished by their skinny high water jeans, beards, and small brimmed fedoras.
  2. Because beige. It's pretty stone up close, but very... subtle at a distance.
  3. Any issues

    Yay! Thanks to whoever did the lifting on this.
  4. Post Office Site Mixed-Use Redevelopment

    Not quite sure, but that looks pretty close to peak based on what I've been told by Market Square area folks.
  5. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    Much of the development to the west and northwest occurred on former rice fields - which flood as part of growing rice. They flooded to only a foot or so of depth, but it's still a form of detention (and good bird hunting) we no longer have.
  6. The term "X year flood" is starting to make me a bit stabby. A "100 year flood" means there is a 1% chance of flooding in a given year, a "50 year flood" means 2%, and so on - it doesn't mean that it will be another 100 years (OK, 84 years at this point) until another Allison level event. Likewise, no two storms are the same. At Mollusk Manor the water didn't come up as high as it did during Allison, but it came up twice (on successive evenings) rather than once. Meyerland did fine during Allison but now routinely gets clobbered. The Theater District hardened itself against an Allison level flood, and got socked when the water came up higher than it did during Allison. OTOH, the submarine doors did their job and the bulk of the downtown tunnel system did not get dunked, as it did during Allison. The bottom line is that we do need to modify the flood maps and our building practices, as occurred after Allison. Areas that are at risk of repeated flooding need to be returned to a more natural state, as occurred in Friendswood after Allison. We can't remove all risk, because we're not clairvoyant, but we can perform the equivalent of "Doc, it hurts when I do this (hits head with hammer)" "well, don't hit yourself in the head with a hammer."
  7. Harvey impact on real estate?

    It would be helpful to start using terms like "1% chance of flooding" rather than "100 year flood" - if for no other reason than the percentage more accurately conveys the concept.
  8. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    Forwarding a message from work (700 Louisiana): “It is Monday, August 28, 2017. The Bank of America Center will remain closed tomorrow, Tuesday August 29, 2017. The power has not been restored by CenterPoint Energy. They still have both circuits to the building locked out. They are continuing restoration efforts that have to be done off-site, but are battling water in many vaults downtown.The condition of the BOAC garage and building remain the same as posted in earlier update. The flood door between Bank of America Center and the City Garage is holding. There is some seepage that has been occurring since yesterday morning as the City Garage is flooded. We have a few inches of water on the lower levels of the garage and tunnel area. We will continue to do our best to contain and manage the water.” So it looks like the measures put in place after Allison are doing their job, at least to some extent. Stay dry and safe, everyone.
  9. Discovery Green

    But if they chase the kids off of the pool deck they'll just end up on our lawns...
  10. 6-story school downtown

    The Houston-Galveston archdiocese isn't exactly insolvent. And according to the IWA website, "it strives to offer a solid foundation in the basics of a liberal arts education." My own liberal arts education included studies of art and history (among other things), and most assuredly did not include a course on how a strict dollars and cents analysis should govern all decisions.
  11. White Oak Music Hall on N Main

    Looks like a hot property... (I'll show myself out...)
  12. LGBT family - Pittsburgh PA to Woodlands/Spring TX

    What unites Montgomery County is its political conservatism. Otherwise, it's pretty schizophrenic. The Woodlands (and adjacent suburbia) are definitely upscale suburban, with just about everyone having come from somewhere else and therefore generally not overly interested in their neighbors' personal lives. Once you get north and east of Conroe you get into our own equivalent of Pennsyltucky - some refer to it as "behind the Pine Curtain." (***cue banjos***) One thing that I don't think has been addressed is that traffic IN The Woodlands can be pretty bad. There just aren't a whole lot of ways in or out, nor are there many through streets. Also, as an area that started out from Day One as a master planned cul de sac suburb, pretty much all of the services (stores, gas stations, restaurants, schools, churches, etc.) are around where those few main thoroughfares intersect with one another. Trivia note: Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" album was written about The Woodlands, where the Butler brothers grew up. I will also add another log to the "it's waaaaay out there" fire. It takes 45 minutes +/- to get there from downtown Houston without traffic - and significantly more with traffic, on top of the time spent getting to the freeway or toll road.
  13. Glass Wall Restaurant in the Heights

    "Kitchen & Cocktail Adventures"... at least it's within crawling distance of Mollusk Manor.
  14. 1300 Capitol Street---New HSPVA campus

    Nothing to be baffled about here... Once upon a time this was a high school site - Houston Central, IIRC.
  15. 1114 Texas Street to Become Hyatt Place Hotel

    This should handle the Dumpster situation: