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  1. New HEB in Bellaire

    They'll almost certainly have a lot more of those new fangled electrical lights in the garage by the time it's open.
  2. To demonstrate that it's on high ground?
  3. 403 West Gray

    Going back to one of the earlier posts, the owner mentioned doing some research and only finding Viking restaurants in Norway or devoted to the Minnesota football team. Perhaps there is a reason for that... maybe one similar to why you can get Mexican food (or something called Mexican food) all over the country, but Canadian restaurants are rarely if ever found outside Canada.
  4. 1114 Texas Street to Become Hyatt Place Hotel

    Mole people rule!!!
  5. shhhhhh... what an easter egg.
  6. The way that part of Midtown floods, underground parking would be A Very Bad Idea - at least until the storm drainage system catches up.
  7. Developments on the Rice University Campus

    So that's where all the fur in the filters is coming from...
  8. Site being cleared at Northwest Mall area

    The frontage roads were extended several times during the 70s, first to 34th, then to Pinemont, etc., with the freeway following a few years later. The freeway merged into Hempstead Highway at Jersey Village, underneath what is now the 290/8 interchange. Originally 8 was mapped to go through Jersey Village; local opposition (probably mixed with some "development opportunities" put together by the right people) caused it to be rerouted to the east.
  9. Rappelling Down the Embassy Suites

    oh, that must be wonderful for the EIFS (somewhat brittle plastic stucco lookalike, applied over Styrofoam).
  10. Probably not... "the overpass is going up" would be the dad joke (or worse, the uncle joke).
  11. Post Office Site Mixed-Use Redevelopment

    It would also cost them a metric duckton of money to park...
  12. That's such a convenient lumber yard for those of us who enjoy Saturday mornings, slowly driving our cars home, overloaded with all sorts of stuff hanging off... OTOH, you have to rely on their guys to pick the lumber.
  13. Market at Houston Heights @ 1533 N Shepherd

    just to be pedantic, what were once the yuppies aren't so "y" anymore. It's actually ironic hipster millenials that are the feedstock for all the drinkeries and eateries blanketing the 'hood. They are easily distinguished by their skinny high water jeans, beards, and small brimmed fedoras.
  14. Because beige. It's pretty stone up close, but very... subtle at a distance.