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  1. If it truly is a small amount that the contractor will accept to go away, then having a lawyer paper that agreement shouldn't be terribly expensive, either - and it would be good insurance if the contractor has some buyer's remorse and decides that he doesn't want to go away after all. Sorry to say it, but having a defaulting contractor is just about a guaranteed headache.
  2. Could that be an Easter lily?
  3. ehhhh... not so much. A+ is A+. It's going to be less unsettling to no longer get memos from BOAC (what they call it - we use 700 Louisiana or "the big building with the spikes on it)... a better version of this image keeps coming up.
  4. There are those who would suggest that the bars are adult entertainment... As for Texas Commerce Tower / Chase / 600 Travis... at the time of the photo it's topped out. It's reinforced concrete / steel composite; by 1980 they were cladding it with granite and glass. IIRC, behind the photographer would have been The Pink Pussycat.
  5. Pish. Still no Audis in the renderings - although maybe that's in homage to the Heights's blue collar to middle class roots.
  6. Business bankruptcies generally start out as 11s, even if it's going to be a complete liquidation - there will be a plan put in place for liquidating the assets while the business's management keeps cash flow going as long as possible, rather than having the bankruptcy court operating things. Once in a blue moon they get converted to an operating 7, but that generally occurs only when management is so completely disfunctional that you need a trustee appointed by the court to do the winding up. (thus endeth today's exercise in being pedantic) Regardless, Sears is pretty much toast; the thought process (or lack thereof) that got it there rather than remaking itself is pretty academic. It would be nice, though, if the mid century steel sheeting could be removed, the brick taken out of the ground floor windows, and the building opened to multi tenancy - it would make a decent alternative to the strip centers that seem to be overrunning Midtown.
  7. Looking at the second photo, the "incomplete" LED feature starts to make some sense. It's too bad that the building's faceting doesn't show up enough at night to give the light feature some context.
  8. actually, a late 80s Caprice
  9. I'm in 700 Louisiana and haven't seen any building memos to that effect yet - and we get memos about road closures in the burbs from them on a regular basis .
  10. The tunnel replacing the Alaskan Viaduct in Seattle is being bored through what is mostly clay and sand (sound familiar?) with some boulders thrown in for grins, and is adjacent to Seattle's waterfront. Granted, they don't get our Biblical rains, but they do have earthquakes to contend with. All that said, the project is now several years behind schedule because first, they hit an iron pipe that tore up the machine, and had to dig it all out, then more recently a sinkhole developed. It's also hella expensive.
  11. According to, there are 10 planned floors for parking (2-11), ultimately covering the entire building footprint. We currently have the south half in place, IIRC at its full height (or danged close), serving Those Whose Parking Shall Not Be Disturbed. It doesn't look like they fill the joint. If they build out the full garage that will add to their parking revenue (as noted above). It'll also make it possible to finish out the tunnel and ground levels with their retail space, bringing back reasonable tunnel access for 600 / 601 Travis and 711 Texas in the process. Still, is that enough reason by itself? Flip side, unless Skanska's somehow recovered the lost Swedish art of levitation, they'll have to finish the garage (at least structurally) before they can build the tower, making the "we're doing the garage" comment accurate no matter what the ultimate scope is.
  12. Let's hope your mother isn't reading this... The public elevators in the criminal courthouse are incredibly inadequate. Those in the civil courthouse just have pretty long waits at peak times - far longer than what you experience in a typical commercial building. The current centrally located underground jury assembly facility is at least the second one. There was an earlier version in Congress Plaza, on Congress between Fannin and Main, built in the very early 80s. Before that goes a bit before my time.
  13. Is there enough eye bleach? At least we dodged the Shamrock Tower bullet in favor of 609 Main.
  14. I'm going to miss all those Merges of Death (***sniff...***). They made such a great flimsy justification for daily devotions to Our Lady of the Blessed Acceleration .