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  1. Let's not forget Texas Commerce Tower in United Energy Plaza Chase Tower 600 Travis.
  2. We've gotta have something weird there... particularly now that the signs on the West Loop feeder reminding us that Westheimer is also FM 1093 and that Fulshear is 21 miles thataway are gone.
  3. Looks like they're preparing an analogue to Jimmy Hoffa's reputed grave...
  4. Hmmmm... Related, ZaZa has a rail stop right outside the door, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone (other than myself) actually using that stop to go to/from the ZaZa.
  5. Was that a typo, or Freudian? (...quickly pulls fingers back off of the desk to avoid The Ruler)
  6. It seems like it's about time to start having some mixed use. We are now getting to enough people already living downtown that the old "downtown after 6 is such a great place to get mugged / marvel at empty streets / vandalize empty buildings / publicly urinate with no consequences" schtick seems to be going away.
  7. All that gold makes it look a bit Trumpian. * *not a political comment. It's intended to merely be an observation of resemblance to one of the Trump Organization's favored color schemes.
  8. You are correct, H...4, not all of it was prominent, eye gougingly ugly dreck... though Tenneco (AKA the Ten Ten Parking Garage) actually goes back to the 60s, IIRC, with a fitness center, etc. later fitted on top. The late 70s / early 80s One, Two, and Shops at Houston Center also disguise their parking garages pretty nicely.
  9. Since the Parking District continues to shrink in favor of buildings with even more people in them, the only two answers are either to build garages or somehow magically make the transit system more effective. Developers only have control over one of those options. It's probably not so much of a demand thing (after all, Pennzoil and 700 Louisiana stay pretty full even without ten story parking podiums), but an amenity to offer.
  10. yeah... just barely out of range of the 14" guns. Which is probably good for Market Square.
  11. It's gorgeous. I hope the food hall can overcome being on the far corner of downtown, and that the Mole People won't get too blinded by sunlight and windows. Then again, Perbacco has been packed for lunch and theater dinner for something like 25 years or more. Regarding garages, the 80s highrises (actually 70s; those that delivered in the 80s were started before that) didn't necessarily build them - Pennzoil and 700 Louisiana only have three or so levels under the building. Likewise, most of the garages that were built aren't exactly masterworks, a prime example being the giant beige whale that is Allen Center's garage right up against the freeway.
  12. If it truly is a small amount that the contractor will accept to go away, then having a lawyer paper that agreement shouldn't be terribly expensive, either - and it would be good insurance if the contractor has some buyer's remorse and decides that he doesn't want to go away after all. Sorry to say it, but having a defaulting contractor is just about a guaranteed headache.
  13. Could that be an Easter lily?