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  1. LGBT family - Pittsburgh PA to Woodlands/Spring TX

    Travis, Here is a list that just showed up today in the Houston Chronical (
  2. Oh Lord. I honestly owned that shirt. In teal.
  3. LGBT family - Pittsburgh PA to Woodlands/Spring TX

    Travis and Stephen, Welcome to Houston to y'all and your family. As a gay man, I have generally found Houston to be very tolerant and accepting. Much more so than the national impression that Texas has in general. If you are willing to work hard and be good people, then mostly, regardless where you live, you won't find a lot homophobia and bigotry. That's not to say it doesn't exists everywhere. I've had gay friends that have lived in the Woodlands and have enjoyed it. They didn't stay but, I don't think that they left due to hateful neighbors. It was just too far out. So, for you and Stephen, I think that generally, you would be fine and appreciated even. Certainly exotic. (lol) Your family certainly would help with Fort Bend diversity problem too. I am not so sure about how your kids would be received at schools. My partner and I do not know any gay parents that have kids in Fort Bend Schools. So, I am of no help with the topic of tolerance at schools. But, kid's today do seem to be generally and genuinely not interested people's sexuality (finally). Just doesn't seem to be a big deal, anymore. At least that's how it seems to me...from an inner city prospective. I hope I'm right.
  4. I hate how the beige that Weinhgarten added to the color pallet of the art deco elements a few years back, doesn't blend in the area.
  5. HEB - Upper Kirby

    I am sure that HEB knows what they are doing. They are very good at what they do and know exactly how this will effect other stores. I am also very sure that they are capable of doing more than one project at a time. Kirby is developing into quite a high-rise/apartment population center, with West Ave, Kirby Collection, Hanover, etc...not to mention the residential units which will likely be stacked on top the HEB. All of these places generate quite a bit of foot traffic which can be easily captured, if you build within a block away. This corridor will only become more dense. So, this seems like an even better idea looking to the future. I doubt that we will see an additional HEB at Shepherd Square...But, I am not convinced that this was ever the intention.
  6. KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    I'd like the see the streetcar circulator that the East End Management District was discussing. I think the route was be, Hirsch- Clinton,-Jensen,-Navigation-Hirsch.
  7. 40-story High-Rise for Block 98, Behind Hess Tower

    What could go wrong?
  8. Hardy Yards Development

    Near Northside is an up and comer, wxman. You'll be sorry you didn't get in on the ground floor, when you had the chance. Aside from being walking distance from the LR and just a couple stops from downtown, you'll soon have expanded and enormous St Arnold's Beer Garden, within a short walk and White Oak Music Hall/Raven Tower/Etc., just up Main. If you haven't yet been to The Edison (just about 1.5 mile or a few LR stops north) you're in for a real treat. But, I guess if you've got the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, and all the Olive Garden breadsticks you can eat, I could see your point of view. However...I do agree that this development was lacking from the start, and I agree with Montrose...The Clock tower was the beginning of the problem.
  9. 3300 Main by PM Realty Group: 336-unit high-rise

    The two are are not mutually exclusive. We've got great skylines. What we don't have much of are walkable streetscapes. Midtown is one of the best opportunities for this and thus should be encouraged, over skyline, IMO. I too have been stumped when visitors have asked me to take them to "where there are people". They usually look at me like I'm stupid when I say, "I can drop you off at the theGalleria.
  10. By the looks of the lobby layout (elevators away from street) this rendering does not appear to be current design.
  11. Tech District

    There are actually quite a few buildings of different sizes and intended uses on the Eastern part of the former KBR Campus.
  12. Lots next to Indika's on Westheimer

    This architecture is sooo refreshing. Just looking forward to being in the room. Doesn't matter what the food is.
  13. Downtown Restaurant and Bar Scene - More Coming

    Well, there's the Whitehall Hotel, 1700 Smith, just one block north of the Fed Building. They had live music on the patio last weekend. And...the restaurant was open. So...there's that.
  14. Camden McGowen Station + New Park (Midtown Superblock)

    Yes. This whole block seems to be at a standstill. Thought the park was on the cusp of opening. But, that was a couple months ago.