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  1. The Regalia at the Park: 100 Crawford

    All you can see is the thumbnail on the homepage. Not much to see...and it may not even be of this specific project.
  2. The Regalia at the Park: 100 Crawford

    There is a rendering in BizJournals story, behind the paywall. Looks like a 6 story wrap.
  3. Atlantic Coffee Solutions CLOSING

    This side of town will never smell the same. That's a pity.
  4. Looks like the Lancaster is now undergoing renovation. Again. Anyone able to peek behind the paywall?
  5. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    it's called engineering.
  6. So, while CAMBRIA and Choice Hotels in general do not have the brand recognition of other larger, upscale national brands, the Dallas Property doesn't look half bad. Better than I was expecting for this property. Check it...|Cambria|US|Texas|Exact|CPC|Desktop|EN|B_G&ag=US|TX|Dallas&pmf=GOOGLE&kw=cambria hotel dallas
  7. Memorial Hermann TMC Expansion (Master Plan)

    This building will be making a much larger impact on the Med Center's Skyline than I was expecting. Nice.
  8. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    Exactly cspawl. Easily accessible to Public Trans. If Some form of the University Line ever opens up, then it will be the most well connect place in the city, and directly accessible to almost all Major Colleges and Universities. Not to mention easily accessible to nightlife and entertainment options as well has a myriad of new housing options. These features will see to the demographic that the city is looking to entice and lure. The perfect spot.
  9. 19-Story High-Rise Proposed for W Gray

    This is one ugly (or at least disproportioned) building. Perhaps it could fit in towards the Midtown end of W. Gray, or possibly on the River Oaks end. But, please not in the Montrose Part of W. Gray.
  10. New HEB in Bellaire

    Looks like trellises to me.
  11. Stewart Beach Redevelopment

    Love That! And it's about time something is done. Thanks, Urb.
  12. Texas Wetlands at the Houston Zoo

    Hope that they don't mess with it too much. Always was one of the best architectural spots in the whole zoo...if not all of Hermann Park.
  13. East Village Mixed-Use Development at 1201 St. Emanuel

    We did too. The place is very large and I wonder how the interior is going to work. Anyway, we were Impressed by the burgers. Even more impressed by the view of the Truck Yard, next door.
  14. Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion Hilarious article in the Chicago Tribune. They are sounding very insecure...
  15. KLM Ends 747 Service to IAH

    I think that those are DOD/MAC Charters for the government.