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  1. This looks really exciting and has "after 5PM/Weekend" potential. With new residents in the neighborhood, major Market Square and Hines (hopefully) mixed-use developments coming, a great strategic position between Market Square Park and a redeveloped Theater District, with it's own added amenities and residents, this could become a real draw. Markets like these in other cities do great morning, noon and night. Awesome concept and design.
  2. Opinion: Some Buildings don't need neon feature lighting. It gets a bit tacky, when its overdone.
  3. Anyone who can spin a Laura Petrie reference into this forum, is all right by me. And, she has impeccable taste. ;-)
  4. Super annoying. Happens to me every time I open the site, at least once.
  5. ATL sees HTX
  6. They mowed the bulldozer scraped two blocks here at the corner of Jensen and Sydnor last week. Not sure what exactly it indicates. But, it's the first heavy equipment spotted on the site since the soil remediation completed in 2013. Also, CenterPoint re-ran all the power lines and replaced all the power poles around the site recently. Not sure if that means anything either. One more interesting thing is that I cannot figure out... A residential trailer was placed in the middle of the property and someone is living in it. It's not a construction office either. Someone with their dog lives in it. Very curious. I figure it has something to do with tax status. There appears to be no other function. Anyone know what that could be about?
  7. I am sure that they had reptile counselors and a first-aid lily pad standing by.
  8. There have been pools like this for decades, actually. First one I saw was in Melbourne, Australia in 1996. So, it's not new. What may be new about this one is the height above the ground...and that someone filmed it in a creative manner and posted it.
  9. CNN has it too as well as the Marquis' pool.
  10. And, if there is to be a "Cap" Park, it will likely be right here, I think.
  11. Houston Museum of Natural Science. It's located in Houston. Museum District.
  12. Great news. Now if those African Flags would finally reveal themselves...
  13. I ordered the "Kansas City" Sandwich once at a café in Sicily, thinking it might be roast beef...or some kind of meat. It was a Fish sandwich. I should have been ordering a fish dish anyway...I was in Sicily! I was young.
  14. It's actually a billabong.
  15. Nice shout-out to Huynh. So good! Man, when I travel, it is always about finding new places, with delicious dishes to try. It's a big part of what I enjoy about being away from Houston. Maybe, it is due to Houston's food scene. I, know that you are right, in many cases, Sam. But, if Houston is getting a food destination reputation, then concentrating local flavors in the Convention District is a great idea. If GRB, was peppered the national/safe chains, it would feed people. Travelers would return home without an impression of any kind. Unfortunately, not many travelers will find Huynh...unless they are looking for it.