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  1. ^^ Not even if that Fire Pit were lit?
  2. ^^ And Miss Carousel is beginning to look like it's grow house.
  3. Omelette those jokes go, for the sake of the day.
  4. Media Kit from Midway. Broad in concept. Short on details. Info on the Transplanted Trees. They are coming from the Post Oak, rework.
  5. I think it'll be classed as a Boutique Hotel. It looks like it will be quite elegant, a nice place to stay, eat and drink. It will likely be priced pretty high. But, a hotel of this size, in this market, simply will not be able support the staff and services that Four Seasons and St Regis do. This will be close to the JW Marriott in terms of experience but not on the service par with 4S and I see it.
  6. If the COH were to make a regulation/guideline for future development, than fine. Lord knows, the city could use more development guidelines. Developers could and would follow the regulations. But, to write a regulation, after a property owner/developer has submitted a development legal proposal, is most likely illegal and certainly unfair.
  7. To me, this seems to be pretty close the right use of this lot and the most efficient use of the property. It, also, matches the building which it shares a property line with, which steers a commonsense design. Otherwise, it'd be just a pad site or two, with an additional curb cut ...which would be worse, IMO.
  8. ...and the Mattrose Tower. Which, btw, looks like a mattress.
  9. The crown appears to be slightly transparent. Perhaps a soft material or fiberglass. Maybe it'll be lit.
  10. I don't think that span over I-10 could take another change in the placement of the support columns.
  11. I flew out of the new concourse last Friday. I was impressed. I expect that the same design theme will extend East towards the New Terminal D and West to new North concourses at Terminal B. Definitely great progress with a lot of good food options. Each gate has its own café, table seating in addition to a limited number of regular airport, tandem seats. Food and drinks can be ordered from and delivered to the gate areas. A far cry from LAX. Well done Houston Airport system.
  12. ...Charles Armstrong has said that it'll be another gay bar with a different concept. I also heard an unconfirmed comment that it'll still be named The Mining Company. But, Armstrong moves slow, and, nothing is really certain.
  13. ...and each little flower with its very own little flag. Thanks, Fitch.
  14. Definitely Dallas/Fannin looking WEST toward Main. See the Light Rail & Hilcorp.
  15. It's not Bad news by any means. And, I love to see more Hotel offerings. I was more looking forward to this being pure residential, however. Cambria Hotels are fine, Quality Inn/Comfort Inn Badge...which is ok...I just wouldn't put it in the same "High End" category as other downtown properties, like JW Marriott, or Four Seasons. It'll be More like the Aloft, Embassy Suite "High End" Category of Hotel. For Quality Hotels, yes, it's "High End". At least the building will remain.!