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Center of Houston?

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I found out somewhere that the intersection of I-10 and Gessner is the appoximate geographical center of Houston. Is this correct? <_<

according to this article,that is where it supposedly is.

how they came across that information is beyond me. If they were talking population center, I'd more put it along Westhiemer @ Voss, but that's only a WAG on my end.

I'm sure someone around here will be able to find a link somewhere with the appropriate information.

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As always, Google as The Answer:

Google Maps

The center of Houston is bound by Louisiana, Milam, Congress, and Preston.

If that is the post office, I'm not sure that it's the geographic center of Houston. I remember Ken Hoffman writing about how the distances to cities that you see on highway signs are calculated, and he said that it's usually the distance to the post office or the courthouse. So that might just be what a site like Google Maps uses when you type in Houston, TX, not necessarily the actual center.

It says here that in the '90s, River Oaks was the geographic center of houston. I'm not sure if this has changed or not though. It seems like the Memorial Hermann people believe pretty strongly that it's at Gessner and I-10.

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According to Databook Houston:


Fort Bend 20.26%

Waller 0.94%

Suburban Harris (2/3) 13.41%


Liberty 1.94%

Chambers 0.70%

Galveston 9.73%

Suburban Harris (1/3) 6.70%

So that's 34.61% of growth identifiably west of the City and 19.07% identifiably east of the City. 46.32% are along the north/south axis or within the City limits and can't be easily split.

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