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  1. You are a god! Wow ... that is amazing.
  2. Quite possibly. I was almost thinking a HoJos, but Marriott makes more sense in my memory. From the front parking lot I believe you could even see the Astrodome complex.
  3. Does anyone remember a hotel, possibly in the 70s and maybe into the early 80s that was on North Braeswood between Main Street and Greenbriar? It actually faced the Bayou.
  4. They never seemed to have shows I was interested in listening to. Also, the times I tuned in, I was kinda offended by the silliness of the show topics. Also, what are they doing to get their station on streaming radio. I listen to TuneIn on my mobile devices and they are nowhere to be found. They have to get with the times.
  5. I'm just saying don't count it out. Same as Sharpstown. In the long run, I think it (Sharpstown) will come back if for nothing else than its proximity to the Galleria which is growing like gangbusters. In 20 years Houston will look very different. Just look at Kirby and Uptown Park areas. Skyscrapers?!? Who whudda thunk.
  6. They do have a new digital movie theater at the mall. Also Greenspoint has access to three major freeways, Sysco Foods just built a major distribution center there, and they have immediate proximity to the airport. Sharpstown doesn't have this.
  7. Agreed. I think Houston is going to keep growing like gangbusters.
  8. There was a news channel awhile back when I lived in DC. It's premise was local news all the time. I think it was simply News Channel 8 and was kind of like CNN and Fox where they show news all day. It eventually got sickening to watch with stories just being repeated all day. I mean, how many times can you watch the same piece knowing that it's canned content.
  9. I hear you. But I will say the weather app (iPhone and prolly now on Android too..) has some great features. If you have a smart phone I would definitely check out their free app.
  10. I think there was also one at South Post Oak.
  11. I was riding down Almeda yesterday towards downtown and noticed a skyscraper in the distance with these really cool looking vertical windmills on top. Does anyone know what building this is, and the story behind it?
  12. I knew what I was clicking, but did so any how. That was something I really could have done without this morning.
  13. I looked at the clip again and it's possible that the houses are in Fifth Ward. They are on blocks and many houses out in that area are raised like that. Just a thought.
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