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Resurrection Club At 711 West Gray St.


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Does anyone know what the funky little gothic club thing is on W. Gray before you get to Monstrose?

Is this a club?

It is black, and has grave-yards and other goth inspired art on it.

Are you talking about Resurrection - it's an after-hours club....

I drive by at 6:00 in the morning on the way to work and they are still in the parking lot "partying"....ah to be young again !!!

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Speaking of Goth-y things, what's the place between Leather Forever and Katz's on Westheimer, with the giant spider? Combination bar and tattoo parlor?

That place is called The Black Widow and it's a tattoo bar, I don't know...I've never been. I hear it's a bar with a couple of pool tables and apparently you can get tattoos there!? I don't know really know.

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I did a little research on Resurrection, and it sounds more club-kid than Goth.

Other than #s, where are the REAL Goths nowadays?

I don't think you'll find too many clubs like that, unless you would try the Engine Room. Alot of the goths tend to tie into the 80s/anime/metal crowds. I don't know of any goth-specific club, but Numbers is a good combo. The 80s music attracts an very interesting mix of a crowd. The Gays, straights, goths, people who miss their youth back in the 80s, ravers, I think its a fun crowd on a Friday Night. And some of the music brings back some memories!

But between when they open 9:00-9:30(ish) till about 10:30, its the empitome of goth music playing none-stop. Then the 80s club music comes out when they dim the lights (even more so then usual).


But for Serious Goth Clubs:

1) "Bone Church" (at the Black Widow) $5 Cover; 608 Westheimer

2) "HaVoK" $7 Cover (18-20) $5 (+21); 6305 Skyline Dr.

3)"Underworld" It "Runs Monthly" @ Number's (300 Westheimer) $5-$10 Cover depending on Event.

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  • The title was changed to Resurrection Club At 711 W. Gray St.
  • The title was changed to Resurrection Club At 711 West Gray St.

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