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I noticed we didn't have a general thread to discuss the old architecture firm Caudill Rowlett Scott, or CRS.

Did one of the partners end up being involved with 3D/International? Thought I read an original Houston arch firm branched out into 3D/International. Was it Morris Architects or Morris*Aubry Architects?

CRS was a cool architect firm.  Their old headquarters at 1111 West Loop South still hasn't been redeveloped.  I went inside just once.

The 3-acre site has cool bayou, and wooded views.  Just too expensive to deal with the flooding bayou.


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Maybe it didn't flood this high this much before people paved Katy Prairie

CRS was influential in the age of schools built with windowless classrooms

If your school can't compete with the scene out the window you might need to reconsider what you're trying to ask people to learn

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+1 for the Katy Prairie line.

-1 for the ding against education.  Teachers are there to teach, not entertain.  Not everyone — especially smart people — is engaging.  It's incumbent upon the students to realize why they are where they are and to engage themselves appropriately.

When I was in elementary school, our classrooms were right against the gravel lot that was used for gym class, and we managed to keep our eyes on the board, and not the flailing limbs and careering balls hurled by the students outside.

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