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Fulshear Developing Transit Plan


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The speed at which Fulshear has grown, particularly in the past decade, has led the community to work on developing a transit feasibility study. 

Fort Bend County page w/ comprehensive outline of the findings: https://www.fortbendcountytx.gov/government/departments/public-transportation/fulshear-transit-feasibility-study/overview-and-final-report

Recent article


Because I'm too lazy to summarize the finer points, here's a graphic from the article.


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It's the next area being developed just west of Cinco Ranch/Katy.  Once they complete the Bray's bayou trail all the way to Fiorenza park at hwy 6 you'll be able to bike a mostly protected route from Harrisburg Blvd near the ship channel to all the way to the edge of Fulshear.  I'm pumped about that because a connector to the trail runs along the edge of my subdivision.  Once it's complete, I'm thinking about doing a multiday bike tour of Houston, staying at hotels like the UH Hilton along the way (or maybe the ZaZa in the museum district if I decide I can part with the requisite cash.  😀)

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2 hours ago, Luminare said:

Fulshear is basically what Cypress was like 30-40 years ago. At least from looking at old Satellite images and talking with family members.

Fulshear is going to develop much faster in my opinion due to westpark tollway and expansion of I-10 again up to Columbus. I would say it's like 5-10 years behind current cypress. Infrastructure and subdivisions are being laid out pretty quickly along with lots of roundabouts etc .

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