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Waterline: Mixed-Use Building to be Tallest Tower In Texas


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Two Austin developers are proposing a $500 million mixed-use project downtown that — if it happens — would change the skyline with three new towers, including a high-rise with condominiums and hotel rooms that could become Austin’s tallest building.


Mac Pike and Wally Scott, principals in the Sutton Co., a real estate investment and development company, told the American-Statesman they want to build their project — tentatively called Waller Center — on 3 acres near East Cesar Chavez and Red River streets, along the banks of Waller Creek.


Read More: http://www.statesman.com/news/business/proposed-project-3-downtown-towers-one-up-to-65-st/nXdk3/


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In that case, I wouldn't know.

Downtown Austin is currently the only area in the city that is zoned for major highrise towers though that will change once the remaining lots open for development are snatched up. There is a series of Capitol View Corridors that radiate from the State Capitol Building. In these areas, buildings are not allowed to be built over 15 floors.

However outside of the CVC's there are lots that have no height limit therefore a developer could build as tall as they deem feasible.

There are also some other specific height overlays such as the Riverfront Overlay which keeps highrises from being built right up to the Colorado River. It is mostly a step back requirement. There is a height limit within the Warehouse District as well.

I used to think these were limiters for tall buildings in Austin but they actually create an environment that requires development to build up rather than out. There CVC's are a great example of this as we have highrises such as the 360 and Spring Towers which part of their lots have are within a CVC. The result being the developers had to build up. Instead of 360 being a 26 floor residential building, it rises to 44 stories. Spring rises to 43 stories, it is actually wedged between two CVCs. There are a couple of CVC's that could be removed but overall they have been beneficial to the city.

The Warehouse District is one of the many entertainment districts within Downtown. The cool thing about the Overlay is it has created an island surrounded by highrises on all sides. You can go to the many rooftop clubs and restaurants and enjoy awesome views of the city.

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Almost fell out of my chair reading the slightly misleading title, anyways that's great for Austin! For some reason I prefer the second rendering of the complex as opposed to the newest or maybe I need new glasses...

Im half and half on the recent renderings. I really think there will be new ones released by summer. This is a huge project with a very prominent location. With this project and the Fairmont across the street, these towers will totally dominate over I-35 coming in from both north and south.

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Total of +/- 2,700,000 SF.

Building height of 1,021 FT.


Lincoln Property Company / Kairoi Residential are developing Waller Creek, a 74 story MIXED-USE project located near Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, Texas. The project consists of a parking structure with 3 levels below grade and 12 above, a 240 key 5 star hotel, 25 levels of office tower, and 34 levels/363 units of residential space.  


Kohn Pederson Fox Associates has been selected as the Design Architect along with HKS Architects as the architect of record.  WALLER CREEK will be  developed by a joint venture of LPC and Kairoi on approximately 3 acres of land at the Southwest corner of West Cesar Chavez Street and Red River Street. 

The current program consists of: 
a) +/- 2,582,413 GSF as defined by BOMA of mixed use, corporate office, hotel, and residential located in one (1) 74 story building.
b) The first and second floor of the seventy-four ( 74 ) story tower will include an office lobby, a hotel lobby, and retail space (fit out by others).
c) Levels 14 and 15 features an office amenity space.
d) Levels 41,42,43, and 74 features a residential amenity space.
e) +/- 1,780  space parking structure +/- 909,968 GSF as defined by BOMA on three  levels below grade and twelve levels above grade.
f) Levels 01 thru 16 podium include a 240 key 4 star hotel.
g) Parking structure features exterior screened walls and office/residential tower features.


Edit: Corrected building height












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Corrected building height
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@Paco Jones You're famous




"Plans for the western tract, also known by the address 98 Red River, were leaked along with some renderings earlier this week by a user named Paco Jones on development website Houston Architecture Info, showing a 74-story tower containing a total of 2.7 million square feet." 

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Posted by "The ATX" on https://skyscraperpage.com/forum/showthread.php?t=199012&page=278

Here's another rendering of 98 Red River with a nice view of the project's second tower 99 Red River. The third building is a rendering of Tower 1 in the approved Travis Towers project. Tower 1 ~600' and Tower 2 is ~700'.


Though people on that forum seem to believe @Paco Jones renderings are more recent.

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Posted by "CTroyMathis" on https://skyscraperpage.com/forum/showthread.php?t=199012&page=279

"Just a heads up for this thread also, the FAA received a request last week for 1025 FT for the 98 Red River site. If you were looking for it searching Austin, you probably wouldn't have found it. Someone submitted the wrong city, but, all else is correct including map, lat, long.



1025 FT means this will indeed be the tallest in Texas.


This was posted on the same page by "The ATX"








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The Austin Business Journal recently (28-Jan-21) posted a report with a summary of downtown high-rise activity, including planned and rumored projects.

There is no mention of this project, 98 Red River.

This is what the article says about the tallest building in Austin



19. Unnamed (321 W. Sixth St.)

Minneapolis-based Ryan Companies is moving forward with its plans to build what could be the second-tallest high-rise in Austin. The proposed 60-story apartment and office high-rise at the southeast corner of West Sixth and Guadalupe streets would be two stories higher than The Independent, but six stories shorter than 6 X Guadalupe (which would be built across the street). The most recent plans call for 390 luxury apartments – 27 more than previously reported – and 96,000 square feet of class A office space. Ryan Companies also recently confirmed that construction is expected to start in early fourth quarter of this year. The project is still in the design and permitting phase.


This project is the closest mentioned to the site of 98 Red River


20. The Travis/M2 project (80 Red River St.)
Towers have long been floated for this site. A new proposal emerged Jan. 27, when M2 Development Partners announced plans for a 64-story tower with a mix of apartments, condos and hotel rooms. The Austin-American Statesman reported groundbreaking is possible in April 2022, with completion possible in third quarter 2025. This is the same address where Genesis Real Estate Group has floated plans for multiple towers under the project name The Travis.

It is quite mind-boggling to have 43 projects in this report, although of course many are planned and some won't happen. This boom is mostly because it is difficult, expensive and/or impossible to build adequate new housing in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, so the tech industry has to overflow to someplace, and for the moment the preferred overflow location is Austin.

Most of the projects are in the 30-to-50 floor range, which is similar to what we see in Houston, so Austin is subject to the same height limits that apply to new Houston buildings.

I agree with Kbates2 that the rendering is a much more attractive building than Houston's JPMorganChase or Wells Fargo buildings.

Urbanizzer's 1/7 photo shows there is something going on at the site. It seems strange there is no mention by the ABJ.

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