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38-Story Multifamily High-Rise & Office Building At 2811 Kirby Dr.

Highrise Tower

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There was discussion about this 1.87-acres of land in the Hanover River Oaks thread.

Fresh on Loopnet, listing created yesterday.


Approximately 4,500 SF building with three drive-thru lanes on 1.87 acres of land.In the highly desirable Upper Kirby District between Westheimer Rd and Richmond Ave. Available January 2021.

Will consider dividing building. Do not disturb occupant.






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The project, a five-story 100,000-SF building will have Class A medical office space and ground-level retail, according to the Newmark real estate firm, which is marketing the development to be built at 2801 Kirby Drive at Kipling Street.


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  • The title was changed to 5-Story Medical Office At 2801 Kirby Dr.

When we were looking at condos in 2018, we looked at 2727 Kirby. We weren't fans of the building, so it didn't matter, but one of the things our realtor warned us about was this little square of land. He said something will be built one day, and you may not like it next door to your condo.

Five stories isn't bad, I think the units start above that.

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I don't want to give anyone nightmares......but based off that LoopNet listing, it looks like the first picture is "north facing" meaning it faces the highrise, and the bottom picture is "south facing" meaning it faces Kipling St...........meaning..............the garage is facing Kirby.......do we call the police? 





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Well, the good news is, the building includes ground-floor retail and is supposed to have an "on-site full-service restaurant."  Hopefully, this rendering needs some tweaking.  (Personally, I wouldn't put too much weight and how they represent the siting in the rendering.  We've all seen renderings with the wrong city in the background.

That parking structure is bad enough behind the building (again, we need to adopt regulations on the appearance of parking structures, and yes, this is another case where eliminating the parking requirements would accomplish nothing with regard to the ugly parking structure - it proposes to offer 4 spaces for every 1,000 square feet, well above the current city parking requirements).  I am not believing anyone would propose to build this with the parking structure fronting on Kirby.  


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  • The title was changed to Medical Office At 2801 Kirby Dr.
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They only have the front portion of the lot fenced off which made me wonder if they don't own the back parking lot but HCAD shows they own the whole thing. The back lot is used daily by someone that seems to be the used by people living at and contractors doing work for the 2727 Kirby condos.







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  • The title was changed to 40-Story Apartment Tower At 2801 Kirby Dr.
  • The title was changed to 40+ Story Apartment Tower At 2801 Kirby Dr.
  • The title was changed to 40+ Story Mixed-Use Tower At 2801 Kirby Dr.
7 minutes ago, kennyc05 said:

That's gonna block 2727 views :(

Yeah, but 2727 Kirby already has unobstructed views to the north/ west/ east so I think they'll be fine. 

I'm sooo excited about this! This would be the tallest building in the area (I feel like it will eventually shrink to about 20-30 floors which is still fine IMO), it would have amazing 360 views of all of our skylines! Uptown/ Greenway to the west, TMC to the south east, Downtown/ Midtown to the north east, and Allen parkway to the north (considering they build tall enough). 

Wishful thinking, they build a mini observation deck at the top 😅

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