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Hartwood At Canal: Affordable Housing At 5601 Canal St.

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I think your link is corrupted. I’ve copied it below for anyone interested:




There are four proposed developments in close proximity to one another in the East End, including a 120 unit complex proposed for a lot next to Burnet Elementary.


These are mixed income developments, with a majority of units intended for those between 40% and 60% AMI (with the exception of the New Hope development on Avenue J). These are intended to take advantage of the 9% TIRZ program or the similar 4% program; if the application is not approved or they are otherwise unable to qualify, these likely would not get built. These are NOT Section 8 housing developments/projects.


There was a community meeting held regarding these projects last night, featuring a presentation and Q&A with representatives of the developers of two of the projects. Councilwoman Cisneros was also present.


General issues expressed by the community included:


•Increased crime/felons/sexual predators — developers stated that they perform criminal and financial/credit background checks for all residents; uncertainty about influx of unapproved residents and visitors contributing to any sort of criminal element. This was especially contentious regarding the development proposed for the lot next to Burnet Elementary.


•Impact on property values — some residents present were concerned about a negative impact on property values


•Developments being marketed to “outsiders” — residents were concerned that these would not be offered to those living in the community and would instead go to people being driven out of other nearby areas (namely Third Ward nearby). 


•Gentrification — others were concerned that this might speed up gentrification of the area (ironically, multi-tiered affordable housing of this nature is widely regarded as a mechanism to combat gentrification and give a housing option to those who may become displaced)


•Turnover in ownership — other residents expressed concern that the initial developers/builders would turn over ownership of the projects in the near future; both developers present stated that they own their projects long-term (20+ years)


•Increased traffic — developers noted that they are looking at access points on each respective lot to mitigate any increase in traffic


•Increase in loitering/semi-transient behavior — two of the proposed developments are close to the Green Line stop where the New Hope SRO housing was built on Sampson. People were concerned about a possible increase in people loitering and otherwise impeding traffic/sidewalk use, which is already happening since the New Hope housing opened


It’s a very contentious issue. Cisneros was supportive of the proposed projects, and the residents present were not too happy about it.


Personally, I’m not too crazy about my home being about five blocks from one of the proposed developments, and to the extent that affordable housing (versus market-rate apartment housing, new single-family construction, etc.) might discourage future growth or development in the immediate area, I would be against it. 

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