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St. Arnolds Expansion


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I just read on Bayou City History that Houston Arts and Media is having a fundraiser at the St. Arnold's Brewery this Thursday night.

Houston Arts and Media is involved in a number of local history projects, including:

- A documentary film about the history of stand-up comedy in Houston

- A series of books about the history of different Houston neighborhoods

- A photographic collection of historic Houston school buildings

- A documentary and book about "Houston's historic beer joints and saloons"

- A book about the history of Frostown

- A collection of oral histories recorded from long-time Houstonians

The fundraiser will feature a silent auction, plus (from their website):

"There will be live music, food, and, of course, complimentary St. Arnold beer. We will be displaying a new slideshow montage of collected interviews and photographs, and Donna Kacmar, a UH Architecture professor, will be displaying some of the results of her students' work on the architectural history of Houston's Ice Houses, Burger Joints and Taco Stands, a project that aligns with our pending documentary History of Houston Beer Joints and Saloons."

Tickets at the door are $20 - but it sounds like a good cause, and the beer is free. The event is from 6-9, and the brewery is here.

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This type of event is extremely important to our city.

Not only will it be a blast, but being able to meet and see the folks responsible for the undertaking of such a grand task is mere marvel.

and a kitty could get mighty plump with free beer! :lol:

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Added to the calendar.


Be sure to add your community announcements to the calendar for everyone to see.

Will do. Will try one now.

[update: For what it's worth, I tried adding the HAHC meeting today (re protected status for the historic theaters and shopping center) to the calendar. While the interface seems pretty intuitive, nothing came up either time I tried (once with a time posting, once without). I'll check back later to see if it just takes a long time to post.]

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Does anyone know how far from the old Northwest Mall this is???

I seldom ever go out there but if you are coming from downtown how more farther from the Mall is it?

also provide markers like example (next to a gas station/strip joint/store) :P

That helps for those of us that identify with physical markers...duh! :lol:

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Does anyone know how far from the old Northwest Mall this is???

hmm...can't be but a mile or so north(west) of the mall...

not too good with markers in that area (a bunch of nondescript warehouses and such), but if you're heading north on Hempstead, pass the Dacoma "V" split, then take a right on Fairway Park.

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I figure a few of my fellow HAIFers might like to join in on this, and you get FREE stuff at the end. BTW, I am in no way affliliated with St.Arnold's, I just got a message from them, and figured the rest of you lucky horde might want to know about this. OH, and you have to figure out where the Pubs are yourself in order to join in on the festivities. It will be a FESTIVUS, for the rest of us.



This will be our North Village Pub Crawl with a civilized 4 stops. We are sticking with our "open house" schedule for the first 3 stops. This means that we will be signing tickets at all three of the first three stops for three hours so people can split up between the establishments. You will get your ticket at whichever stop you decide to visit first. But, VERY IMPORTANT, we will only be handing out the tickets between 6 PM and 7 PM (or very shortly thereafter). Thus, you still need to start between 6 and 7. Then, at 9 PM, everybody will gather at one final stop and that is where we will award the glasses. The prize for making all four stops will be our St. Arnold pub crawl pint glass until supplies of these run out. Then it will be Christmas Ale pint glasses (new and improved for 2007!) We will have a large but limited supply of glasses. And as always, designated drivers are both eligible for the award and encouraged to attend! So here is the layout and our vague

directions, now with 100% more hints!

The first three locations (at which we will be simultaneously between 6 PM and 9 PM):

One will be somewhere on Dunstan between Kelvin and Morningside. Sounds like a Scottish pub.

One will be on Kirby between Robinhood and Quemby. Think of New Orleans nicknames.

One will be on Quemby between Kirby and Kelvin. Half of Hans and Franz.

At 9 PM, we will proceed from these three locations up Morningside to Bissonnet and look for someplace to congregate! There will be bratwurst with sauerkraut available here as well. Think: hot lava.

Now, for our annual tips for maximum enjoyment:

1. PRECOATING: Try to eat something before commencing the crawl.

2. PACING: Too many Christmas Ales at the first stop is a critical strategic mistake. This is known as "Sprinting Too Early" which is not advisable in this, a distance event. Can have negative repercussions later.

3. MANNERS: Be patient with bar staff. Remember, 700 or so people will be descending upon a poor crew. They will be working as fast as they can. Also, it is considered very good manners to tip well everywhere you go. This creates good "beerma".

4. CASH: Bring cash! This pleases the bar staff and the people standing behind you. Cash is fast. Credit cards are slow. They cannot run tabs for 700 people.

5. BUDDY SYSTEM: Make sure that you are always in contact with a couple of people you know. One of you is bound to notice that the pack is starting to move on to the next stop. This prevents the disoriented feeling of looking around an empty bar and realizing that the only three people still in there are guzzling some inferior malted beverage and may be related to the missing link.

6. MAKE NEW FRIENDS: As everyone on this crawl will be intelligent and good looking, this is an excellent place to meet new people. Also, you will note that some people become better looking as the crawl wears on. If this occurs, be sure to consult your Buddy System partner.

7. DESIGNATED DRIVER: Yes, we encourage this strongly. You never know when you might decide to run for president. And even the designated drivers on the crawl qualify for the prize. While pregnant wives are perfect for this role, it is known to be poor judgment for a husband to claim that this is the best part of her being pregnant. See "Mood Swings."

8. ENJOY ST. ARNOLD'S BEERS: It is in poor taste to be seen quaffing anything else. Ever. See "Curse of Saint Arnold."

This is the North Village Pub Crawl. There will also be a South Village Pub Crawl on December 7, so mark your calendars for that one as well.

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I love the St Arnold's pub crawls. I usually make this crawl, but I have a garage sale to run Sat morning. Pup crawls with Christmas Ale and Saturday mornings don't mix. I recommend attending if you haven't before.

I hope to make the December crawl. Luckily we scored a case of Christmas Ale earlier this week so I can still enjoy a one Friday night while everyone else is crawlin'.

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Need a reason to visit the St. Arnold brewery one last time before they move to their new downtown building in 2009?

The Houston Chowhounds present Houston's 2nd ever Miracle Berry Flavor Tripping Party!

St. Arnold Brewery

Friday, Nov 7th

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Check out the latest foodie craze -- flavor tripping! and all you can drink microbrew + berry induced tastebud tripping = the perfect combination for a raucously fun evening Willy Wonka style!

If you haven't heard of miracle berries yet, these fresh fruit native of West Africa when consumed will numb your tastebuds temporarily making all sour and bitter foods taste sweet. the fruit is safe and all natural and the effects last 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Lemons will taste like lemonade, vinegar like apple juice, goat cheese like cream cheese frosting, and stout beers like chocolate milk!

Your $35 ticket includes 1 miracle berry, a bacchanalian banquet of foods specially selected for the flavor tripping, and all-you-can-(safely)drink St. Arnold's beer! There will be 6 beers on tap including their seasonal Oktoberfest beer and delicious St. Arnold Root beer too!

A portion of the evening's proceeds will go to the Koonce Family Benefit Fund set up for James and Katherine Koonce who were critically injured in the Brennan's fire. Or give directly to the Koonce fund! http://www.brennanshouston.com/koonce/

Tickets are only available online as we expect the event to sell out before the event. There are a limited number of berries for this event as these fruit are extremely rare, highly perishable and hard to obtain in large volumes. Miracle berry tablets will also be available for purchase at the event for those looking for a more intensified berry trip. For more info on miracle berries or to buy tickets online, go to http://www.theberryfairy.com

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I've read about these miracle berries before.

The things people will do to get high nowadays! :D

I went to the last one in La Strada. After first reading up on flavor-tripping parties from the NY Times I was soooo psyched to finally get to try it. Ten of my friends came with me.... and 8 of us were slightly disappointed because we didn't experience a great deal of the "tripping" sensation. Tabasco tasted spicy and brussel sprouts tasted.... like brussel sprouts. We thought we had a malfunctioning berry! I think the experience varies person to person, but perhaps we also had high expectations.

The two friends who got a kick out of the event mentioned that it's important to not swallow whilst sucking on the berry seed. And the 8 of us also figured drinking alcohol beforehand might have been a problem.

Anyway, regardless, it was fun. We ate a helluva lot of limes & lemons and drank red vinegar like it was a cocktail.

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Tabasco tasted spicy and brussel sprouts tasted.... like brussel sprouts.

Funny. I ate brussel sprouts for the first time in a long time last weekend. Didn't like them until I put some Tabasco sauce on them. Now I've kind of been craving it.

I keep reading this topic as "michael berry"




That's what I thought when I first saw it!

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