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If you've noticed an increase in pedestrian activity these last few days, thank Pokemon Go


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Haha.  My gf told me she downloaded it because her daughter wanted to play(uh huh) then I admitted had downloaded it too.  There aren't any Pokemon in the gulf of mexico but I'm sure I'll play with them when I get home.

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I finally caved and downloaded it. Went for a jog around the neighborhood last night. All the other introverts were out too. Amazing how many people stay home on a Friday night.


There's a ton of gyms in my area. Also caught 3 water types in my pool! Ha! Contemplated ubering a couple miles away, but decided it was best to go home and try again today.


edit: also interested in going to the ship channel to see if any of the nasty wheezing/coughing & electric types are there. 

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7 hours ago, BeerNut said:

I wonder if this will negatively affect programming at Discovery Green?



If DiscoGreen plays their cards right, it can boost programing attendance. Host specific days/events like "Trainer Tuesday/Thursday", and Battles or "Gym Takeover" events on the weekends. The grass will be completely destroyed with all the activity. Haha..

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4 hours ago, cspwal said:


Looks like Discovery green doesn't like the increased traffic.  I wonder how bad it is getting if they are requesting this - last time I was there it just seemed like a busy day at the park

Totally makes sense, right?  The park can host a concert every 3 hours and a bunch of corporate events -- both of which kill the grass for much of the summer and leave trash all over the place -- heck, the park can even CLOSE COMPLETELY for private events and concerts --- but, some nerds chasing mythic monsters is just intolerable.


yep, perfect sense.



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