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Lone Star Flight Museum At 11551 Aerospace Ave.


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The Lone Star Flight Museum starts a new era with today's unveiling of the master plan to build a 130,000-square-foot museum at Ellington Airport.

The museum has been located in Galveston for 20 years and was renovated after damage from Hurricane Ike. The new plan includes a spring 2015 groundbreaking on the project that will reopen in 2016 at Ellington.

On hand for today's event were Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who taxied in on a Stearman airplane, as well as museum president Larry Gregory, Houston Airport System director Mario Diaz, retired NASA astronaut Bonnie J. Dunbar, former U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige and museum vice-chair Scott Rozzell. Dunbar and Paige are also co-chairs of the museum's education committee.

Museum officials and patrons have already raised $25 million of the $35 million needed for the project that will include an enriched educational experience. The new museum will feature examples of historic aircraft, of course, but will include a hands-on interactive learning environment for students, focusing on science, technology, engineering and math.





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The Lone Star Flight Museum will break ground on its new $35 million facility at Ellington Airport on Monday.

The 130,000-square-foot museum will emphasize science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, as well as Texans' contributions to the history of aviation and aerospace.

"We felt like this was an opportunity for us to use our collection as something more than just a display of historic artifacts and aircraft," said Scott E. Rozzell, chair of the board for the Lone Star Flight Museum.

The museum has been in Galveston since the 1980s. After the museum and its collection were heavily damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008, the board decided to move farther from the coast and to higher ground.

The new facility places an emphasis on education because students visiting the museum have long been interested in the science around flight and how planes get off the ground.

Likewise, teachers enjoy showing students a real-world example for what they learned in class.

One of the museum's STEM exhibits will be an aircraft simulator. Students will use trigonometry and geometry to plan the flight, physics and engineering to understand the principles of flight, and climate science to understand the environment in which the flight will take place. Then, students sit in the simulator's cockpit or in front of computer screens to watch the flight they created.

"It is a very cool thing," Rozzell said.

The museum will continue to showcase historic aircraft and its Texas Aviation Hall of Fame. It's slated to open before Houston hosts the Super Bowl in 2017, which Rozzell said will help Houston put its best foot forward and help the museum capitalize on the visitors in town.

Being at Ellington Airport positions the museum near a variety of other aviation and aerospace facilities, including NASA'sJohnson Space Center and the planned Houston Spaceport.

"We're really excited about being part of the bigger Ellington family," Rozzell said.




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