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I know that doesn't answer a whole lot of questions for WTC7, but that at least is the physics behind the Twin Towers.


WTC 7 is the biggest smoking gun and to believe the false narrative that ordinary office fires resulted in a total, virtual free fall collapse (like we saw with the Houston Club building) of a steel frame building is the biggest joke of them all.


I'll repeat it again, the 1993 WTC attacks were planned and carried out with the help of the FBI!!!  The defense of the patsy terrorists were denied the evidence of the FBI's involvement!!!  And the FBI scum had the nerve to express remorse not because they killed 6 people, but because it was very few people!!!!  And they expressed the same sentiment after 9/11!!!  FBI officials were saying we need another 9/11!!!  Look at the video below to see what I mean. 



This is the mindset of some in the FBI and in other agencies, they understand that without a 9/11 or "Pearl Harbor" style attack were many people get killed, the things that they want will never get accomplished.  Because of this false flag, things like the unconstitutional Patriot Act got passed to fight terrorism.  Now it's used against the citizenry which was the intent all along!  They spy on everyone, they go beyond collecting metadata, they know everything about everyone, they can blackmail people if they wish, but I'm suppose to believe that it's all for our security. Ha ha ha!


We are less safe, we are less free, we're bankrupt, war is breaking out everywhere (as the military-industrial complex wanted) and terrorists are killing people all over.  Speaking of being bankrupt, the Federal Reserve won't even raise interest rates, and they won't even hint as to when they will.  Could it be that they never will and instead will impose negative interest rates?  Anyways, expect more deadlier attacks like a dirty bomb going off, I mean there's already drills practicing that scenario.  And when it happens, I predict another stand-down because like in 1993, you can't force intel agents to do the right thing and save lives!  Ha ha ha, this is just too damn funny! 


We already have terrorists in the country (yup, we know who they are but won't do anything to stop them), we have nukes going missing, and the northern & southern borders are wide open.  The war on terrorism is like the war on poverty (government policies reward poverty with the welfare state and punish productivity with taxes), or the war on drugs (government bring drugs into the country from places like Afghanistan, they profit from it, and lock people up for a long time just for using them).  It's a war where both sides are managed by the feds, and is a weapon used against us; enough already!  

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Yeah. If you were INSIDE the towers when the fires began, you might have died from lack of oxygen before being burned alive, but since everyone above perished and their bodies burned in the ensuing catastrophe, that's just a hypothesis. However, other fires have shown that to be the case (dying before burning).

For the fire itself, though, it did suck air out of the atmosphere to continue burning. The whole "oxygen/fuel/heat" triangle is the same reason a candle burns on a wick continually but stop once you put the lid back on (or put glass over it), or why it's best to leave the door closed when something in the toaster oven catches fire. Or why house fires will continue to burn until it gets put out by the fire department (or until the house reaches the foundation, that's when "fuel" disappears). This is another reason why the fires at 9/11 were more than any other tall building fire, there's a huge gaping hole for oxygen to be sucked into and make the fire even bigger. I know that doesn't answer a whole lot of questions for WTC7, but that at least is the physics behind the Twin Towers.


I don't know exactly what floor they were on, but some people who were trapped were alive up to the point of collapse. Below is probably the most infamous example because it's a man talking to an operator as the tower begins to collapse. Discretion advised, can be disturbing


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The FBI basically assisting people to commit crimes only to arrest them has been going on for a long time. Here is a great example



Then there is Operation Northwoods, which after hearing about it for the first several times, I didn't really research it, and I could not get through my mental wall that it could be true. Well, it was.


David Ray Griffin talks about most Americans having what he calls, "National Faith." A faith that our government could not commit treason or do things like this against us. Maybe we do in small things or in local instances like police. But elected officials at the federal level or agencies like the FBI/CIA, people cannot fathom it. They have too much faith in their govt. He even says people have more national faith than they do in their religious faith, which I'm sure in many instances is true.


Here is a ABC News article about Operation Northwoods:


In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities.

The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba's then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.

America's top military brass even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties, writing: "We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba," and, "casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation."




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Former CIA person in charge of finding bin Laden said the Clinton administration had 8-10 chances to capture or kill him. My question is, why didn't they? Once again, I'm not saying this is proof positive 9/11 was inside job, I haven't heard Mr. Scheuer say that so he probably doesn't believe it, but it still makes me wonder.


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Just pointing out, Fox News is run by a man with an agenda, who also authorized the secret illegal tapings of phones in Britain...


I won't deny that. But Michael Scheuer does not work for Fox and I've seen him say it multiple times in different interviews and speaking events. This just happened to be the shortest video with him making that statement. 

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Former CIA person in charge of finding bin Laden said the Clinton administration had 8-10 chances to capture or kill him. My question is, why didn't they? Once again, I'm not saying this is proof positive 9/11 was inside job, I haven't heard Mr. Scheuer say that so he probably doesn't believe it, but it still makes me wonder.

Personal anti-Clinton bias here, but I do believe that Clinton did blow his chance to prevent 9/11.

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Personal anti-Clinton bias here, but I do believe that Clinton did blow his chance to prevent 9/11.


Yep, I would say not doing anything about it ten times would qualify as blowing it. I would love to hear his answers why. I can't imagine any of them being legitimate though.


And I hope people realize this is not a partisan issue.

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As some of you may now know, Seymour Hersh has come out with a report that the way we found bin Laden according to what the White House said is false.


Of course he's being called a liar and his story a conspiracy theory all because it does not fit the official story.


Truth be told, I don't know the first thing about all of this, so maybe he is lying, but I seriously doubt it.


His story:



An interview of him defending his claim:



Also, I don't know much at all about the story of Jeffrey Sterling formerly of the CIA either, but he was apparently a whistleblower and as of yesterday he's going to prison.




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I don't know how many of you are aware of 28 pages that were not redacted, but actually removed from the official report that are stored in a sound proof room where if a congressman wants to read them they must write a letter to request to, are escorted in and have intelligence officers sit there with them while they're reading it and they're not allowed to take notes.


One congressman said it "challenges me to rethink everything" about 9/11.


Here are the comments only from congressman Thomas Massie:


The entire press conference that includes comments from two other congressman:


A website dedicated to spreading the word about the 28 pages:



Q: Who wrote the 28 pages and where are they found, exactly?  

A: The 28 pages are an entire section within the official report of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 (not the 9/11 Commission Report). The joint inquiry was a collaborative undertaking of the House and Senate intelligence committees, and its report was published in December 2002. The redacted section, titled “Part 4: Finding, Discussion and Narrative Regarding Certain Sensitive National Security Matters,” begins on page 395 of the report.

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Just the fact that AIA (American Institute of Architects) even considered this topic gives me concern, even if they eventually overwhelming voted against officially requesting a second investigation:





Each year our Chapter president attends the AIA convention including the Business meeting of our AIA national organization. This May I have the honor of representing our Chapter at the event in Philadelphia May 19-21, and casting the Chapter votes for the candidates for national office, and the various resolutions. I have recently spoken with two of the candidates up for election, and plan to learn more about the others before the event. I have also been reviewing the resolutions which are presented at the business meeting. As you might imagine some are simple resolutions of appreciation, honoring groups who have contributed their time and energy to organizing the event.

One of the resolutions that has been presented in past business meetings is on the agenda for consideration again this year. No, I don’t mean one of the appreciation resolutions, of which there are six. This is a resolution regarding a very serious matter relating to an event that many would like to forget. But there are quite a few inquisitive architects who feel it is a civic duty as registered design professionals to be a voice for leadership on an issue they believe remains to be adequately explained.

It has been almost 15 years since a 47-story high rise building known as WT 7 (World Trade Center Building 7) collapsed symmetrically in what some say was less than 7 seconds at 5:20 pm on the afternoon on September 11, 2001. This was many hours after the tragedy of that morning, when the twin towers came down. Many knowledgeable building experts have questioned the official explanation regarding Building 7, and some concerned professionals are still pursuing the mystery. At least 51 architects have sponsored this resolution and are asking the AIA Board of Directors to support the idea of a new investigation in an attempt to clear up contradictory and omitted information, using the highest standards of science-based investigation and analysis.

I thought it would be worthwhile to share the text of the initial paragraphs of the resolution in this month’s Forum. It is quite lengthy. (The entire text is in the AIA 2016 Delegate Information book, which can be accessed through the Resource page on the AIANH website: www.aianh.org/resources. It is Resolution 16-3.)

Title: Investigation of the Total Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. Sponsors: Daniel Barnum, FAIA and fifty members of the Institute intent to adopt a Position Statement in support of a new investigation into the total collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on September 11, 2001.

“WHEREAS, according to the AIA Public Policies and Position Statements, architects are professionally obligated to use their knowledge, skill, and experience to engage in civic life; and
WHEREAS, World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7), a 47-story, steel-framed high-rise building, suffered a total collapse at 5:20 PM on the afternoon of September 11, 2001; and
WHEREAS, the cause of the collapse of WTC 7 has become the subject of vigorous public debate, such that establishing the true cause of the collapse of WTC 7 is of great civic importance; and
WHEREAS, prior to and since September 11, 2001, no steel-framed high-rise building has ever suffered a total collapse, except buildings demolished through the procedure known as controlled demolition; and
WHEREAS, the collapse of WTC 7 exemplified many of the signature features of controlled demolition, including:
Sudden onset: The roofline of WTC 7 went from being stationary to being in free fall in approximately one half-second.
Rapidity: The roofline of WTC 7 fell to the ground in less than seven seconds.
Free fall: For 2.25 seconds, or a third of its descent, WTC 7 fell at the rate of gravity over a distance of eight stories, meaning that the lower structure of the building provided no resistance whatsoever.
Symmetry: WTC 7 fell directly downward through what had been the path of greatest resistance, with the debris deposited mostly inside the building’s footprint.
Explosions and window breakage: Video shows vertical sequences of explosions and window breakage running up the north face of WTC 7 as it began to collapse.
Dismemberment: The steel frame of WTC 7 was almost entirely dismembered.
Totality: The entire structure of WTC 7 collapsed to the ground, leaving no sections of the building standing; and…”
More paragraphs follow in the remaining text of the resolution (too long to print here)
And the final text of the resolution reads as follows: NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the AIA Board of Directors shall commence the process to adopt a Position Statement, to be published in the AIA Directory of Public Policies and Position Statements, stating both:The AIA’s belief that incidents involving the catastrophic failure of buildings and other structures must be investigated using the highest standards of science-based investigation and analysis; and The AIA’s support for a new investigation into the total collapse of WTC 7.”

I thought it was important to share this information with the AIANH membership because I am curious what some of you may think about whether the AIA national organization should support this resolution. Yes, it is much easier to let this matter go, than to support a new investigation. And I understand that has been the course of the AIA vote in previous years, and may likely be the result this year too. If you have thoughts you would like to share on the matter, please email me using the AIANH email address, office@ aianh.org.

Note: The Resolution failed at the AIA Convention



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