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Hello everyone.


Who rememberd when Ch. 13 used to do the Saturday Night Movie back in the old days ? Here's clips of several promos from Saturday, January 10, 1987: ABC 13 Elements-1987




Here's an Eyewitness News Update brief with Dave Ward on January 3, 1987 (subbed in for Van Hackett & Melanie Lawson)







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I also remembered that Ch. 13 used to have the "Late, Late Show" , showing old and new movies back in the mid 80s.

In 1981, they had the "All Night Movies": there was a video on YouTube about it from that year, but it's not on there now for some reason.

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I remember one movie in particular from 13's late Saturday night showing. I don't know the name of it, and haven't seen the movie since then, but it had two brothers involved, the bad brother was killed, so they sewed his head on the good brother's shoulder, which gave the bad brother partial control over the host body, and resulted in a two-headed guy running around killing people. I wish I could remember the name of it, the movie had 70s horror written all over it, lol.

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The Thief Who Came To Dinner was pretty cheesy (Ryan O'Neill probably wants to forget he was in it), Captain Harold is one of the few things I remember from that general period of time ( :ph34r: ), and we once actually had a family vacation to Alamo Village waaaaaay back when, before the Tourist Attraction that was supposed to be generated by the movie set promptly went broke.  Since we were a bunch of boy kids, we had a ton of fun re enacting what we imagined the war to have been, in between being bounced around the mesquites in a Jeep that was old even then.


Veering sorta back onto topic, who remembers that other Channel 13 movie fest, Dialing For Dollars?  


In the days before call waiting, any time they used the first few digits of our phone number a small riot would break out if Mom was at the kitchen sink, yakking away with the next door neighbor at her kitchen sink across the driveways.

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^  Egad.  Was that really 30 years ago?


very brief clip:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJtEVXKl1yU


Cadet Don was always clean shaven when I watched him before going to school.  The closing shot of him peeling out onto Bissonnet in his Corvette undoubtedly inspired an entire generation of Houston drivers.

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Mollusk, 30 years ago is pretty long ago.

What are you calling us, old?? Lol, I remember your video like it was yesterday. You'll see, BlueDogs. The older you get, the faster the years fly by. Memories from 30 years ago are more vivid to me than what I was doing 30 days ago. Thanks for posting these old videos, BD. Some of the stuff you've presented, I've never come across on YouTube. :)

Now, get off the lawn, you lil' whipper snapper!

Edit: Corrected misspelling.

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I not only remember the movie I once visited the original movie location in Brackettville. I don't think it's around any more. 


We visited there with a group of about 100 vintage automobiles in '07 or '08 and it was still there, complete with outbuildings and "restaurant" where we had hamburgers and trimmings.  The Alamo was looking kinda sad though.....


I don't know if the original owners are around now.


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