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One-Forty: Office Building In Midtown


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i cant edit the post but heres the link that i first saw this proposal at.. its a fairly recent article, so i assume a new project? 

the criteria for "unbuilt: on the boards" category (from D.C.s chapter of AIA)


The awards program is divided into two categories:

• Theoretical Projects
Purely exploratory work without a client involved; e.g.  design competitions, student work, hypothetical projects and research-oriented projects.

• Unbuilt Commissioned Projects
Planning, public space, urban design, buildings, interiors, transportation infrastructure, monuments, public art, or any other project type.  There are no typological or geographical restrictions. Projects must not have begun construction by the submission deadline.

"Projects must not have begun construction by the submission deadline." so since its in this category and not the Theoretical category i assume its a new proposed project? i cant find much other information on it though.


"Likewise, three "on the boards" projects were honored — Rice University's Building Workshop's design for a new campus for Workshop Houston, Perkins + Will's One-Forty and Murphy Mears Architects' renovation of a home on Willowick."

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Ah, thanks for the info. I wonder if the proposal was serious enough for them to consider relocating it, though it wouldn't be "one acre of green space for forty acres of pavement" anymore.

Youd think they would of planned it for an available lot if it's a recent project, not one that's been sold since before the economy tanked ( mid- main)..

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  • The title was changed to One-Forty: Office Building In Midtown

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